The Jewellery Stand Tour

Pretty exited about this post;) can’t believe I didn’t think to do it before. I am a self-proclaimed obbsessor (obbsesser?) and my jewellery collection has slowly crept up over the years. I was lying in bed last night looking at my collection and thinking ‘woah, i’ve never worn half of this stuff’, so I decided that if I blog about everything, it might remind me to, yuno, STOP BUYING NEW STUFF AND WEAR WHAT I ALREADY HAVE. 


The actual stand is from Paperchase, but I’m not sure if they sell it any more. You can get really great jewellery holders at and It doesn’t look like much, does it? You were expecting something more spectacular. I’m sorry. But this is a lot for some one who’s at school five days a week, were wearing anything more than a watch is pretty much punishable by death. Honestly, it’s ridiculous. You’d think I’d bought a gun to school. I wear my ‘watch’ on a necklace chain;) Ha.

KK, starting with the bracelets:Image

Aren’t they pretty? I actually barely ever wear these, I can’t be bothered to spend three.freaking.hours. trying to put it on with one hand. Alrighty, so, the clunky looking brown one is actually a jesus bracelet, which everyone at my school went mad about, and I’m afraid to say, that in my year-7 moment of madness, I bought one of these in every single colour. This brown one is my favourite though. Did anyone else have one of these? Did yours leave colourful squares on your wrists for days too? Of course, it’s two years later, and I would never consider buying one thing in every colour anymore. Ahem. Moving on. The two silver bracelets on the left are actually real silver, both from my aunt over the years. I really love these, but i’ve only ever worn them a few times out of fear of losing them. The gold one with the driving-test charms is from Claires and the one with the Pandora style beads is from The Little Bag Company, which is a really small shop and literally everything is under £5. The chambella style one is a fake and it was about £15 from an online shop. It’s really heavy and too big. I’ve never worn it.

Next up- rings. Rings are a new one for me, I’ve never really worn rings before but I recently realised I love them.



The three camp-looking ones at the back are from Claire’s a while ago, and the four little one’s used to be my mum’s. Those are the one’s I wear whenever I can because they’re so pretty.

Necklaces- these are all either gifts, from Primark or from Claires. Most of them are from Primark actually, about a year ago they had a really good selection and I was just like ‘I HAVE TO HAVE THEM ALLLLLL’ and then I just stood there like a madman wrestling with tangled chains and shoving them in my basket. I also sent a pretty evil scowl to anyone who dared to even look at one of the necklaces I like. If you are one of those people, I am very, very sorry.




This ladybird (ladybug?) was a gift when I was a baby. I’ve never worn it, because I’m always worried the chain will snap. It’s a really beautiful necklace though.

And finally-earrings. If any of you have read my other posts, you’ll know that I love earrings (my latest Primark haul included 15 pairs of them) and I’ve got two sets of piercings and I’m hoping to get my thirds and cartlige done.





My cartoon-y pairs there from about three years ago;)

And that is my jewellery. Thanks for putting up with me and leave me comment;)



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