The Lush Post no.3

Solid Perfumes


I really don’t know how I feel about these, which is probably not what your looking for in a review-er, is it? On the one hand, they (mostly) smell lovely and when I wear them people are like ‘mmm, what’s that smell?!’ and on the other hand, I view them more as ‘scents’ than perfumes. That doesn’t even make a little bit of sense does it. Right. The Lush Solid Perfumes are scented exactly like Lush bath products (see Karma range) which means that when you wear it, people don’t think ‘ooh, what a nice perfume’ they think ‘ooh, she’s just had a bath and used Lush’.


If you don’t mind smelling like you’ve just had a bath (arguably not the best way to phrase that, because that isn’t really a bad thing) then these are pretty awesome. If you’re the sort of person who likes to have your perfume with you when you go out, these would be easier (and safer than a glass bottle) to transport. They only weigh 12g (which is good, because I’ve had mine for a year and I’ve barely dented them, they go a long way) and would easily fit in a makeup bag or pocket. The smell is really strong, I put a little bit of Imogen Rose (not my favourite, but more on that later) on my wrists before I started writing this and it’s practically choking me with it’s ros-ey-ness.


There are fourteen solid perfumes in the range and you can purchase them here. The prices range from £5-£10, which is actually a really huge difference for the same amount of product. Saying that, they’ll probably last a lot longer than £30 bottle of perfume if you like the smell enough for it to be your ‘everyday’ perfume.

I’ve just remembered I did a perfume post the other day, but I didn’t include these. Clearly I did that on purpose. Ahem. Moving on.

1. Karma. I rambled on about Karma in the last Lush Post I did, which you can read here, if you’re interested. I really like the earthy, hippy kind of smell it has. It’s really hard to describe, get yourself into a Lush store and see for yourself.


What I really like about these, is that if you can see the colour on your wrists, you’ve used to much. You basically swipe it across your pressure points, and it won’t leave you with an orange splodge, and there you go. It dries really quickly too, so you’re not going to get any on your clothes.

2. Love. This is actually my favourite one. It’s not too overpowering and it smells kind of sweet-but-strong, if you know what I mean. Man, how the hell do you describe a smell that doesn’t smell like anything else? That’s like asking someone to describe a colour.


This one reminds me of a soap that’s been discontinued, I think it was called Lovebirds, ironically (or not, if they did that on purpose). This would be a good one to try first if you’re not sure you’ll love the smell of solid perfumes, it’s quite mellow for a Lush product.

3. Imogen Rose. This actually does smell like roses. The shock. I normally can’t smell anything vaguely rose like in rose-scented things, but I can with this.


This is described as ‘a delicate floral’ on the website. DO DELICATE FLORALS CHOKE PEOPLE? DO THEY? Yeah, it’s not delicate. There’s a nice story behind it though, one of the Lush designers made it for his daughter. Have a look on the website.

Most of these Solid Perfumes are available in an actual perfume form from Lush as well, I’ve never tried them, but I think that kind of defeats the object of Lush’s unique selling point- it’s portable. I’m not overly thrilled with these perfumes, but they’re nice all the same, especially if they have you favourite Lush range in a perfume. If they had Honey I Washed The Kids, I might reconsider. Even years later, that soap still holds a special place in my heart for being my first Lush obsession.


13 responses to “The Lush Post no.3

  1. diagonali

    Guh these things are bad for my bank account! I bought Imogen Rose by accident thinking it was £5 like the rest of the range, whoops! But I grew to love it eventually, that is, once the senses in my nose had been singed to the point they couldn’t smell it anymore. I have to give Karma and Love a better sniff next time, I was bowled over by Lust when I last went in, but when I got it home and tried to take a photo of it, IT WOULD NOT GO BACK IN THE TUBE! It turned into mush and just… mushed everywhere. I smelt bloody gorgeous for the entire day but that’s not the point! It’s now just completely honey-like goo in the tube, regardless of how much I bung it in the freezer. Sad! Rant over, great post, thanks for liking my post because I’m already loving your blog! xxx

    • I know, the prices are mental aren’t they?! If you like Imogen Rose I’m pretty sure you’ll like Love too, they’re kinda similar exept I find it easier to breathe wearing Love rather than Imogen Rose;L
      &How annoying! Have you tried re-shaping the mush and putting that in the freezer? Or maybe you could put said mush in a sock with some nice smelling stuff and tie it to your tap when you have a bath. I’ve never tried that, but maybe your bath will smell nice:)?xxx

  2. Great post, I’ve never tried solid perfumes before…but I love the sound of ‘love’. And ‘karma’ sounds interesting too. 🙂

  3. My favorite solid perfume from LUSH is Dirty! 🙂

  4. I have never heard of these. These would be really fun to have!

    • I actually hadn’t heard of them until my nan got one for me;) she knew about my Lush obsessions and just thought they smelt nice:D They’re really nice, great for taking on holiday!x

  5. I love Lush. I’m going to have to check these out:)

  6. Hey chica! I absolutely ah-dore Lush products! They’re so great. I’ve never tried these before though, so I’ll definitely have to. (: Love the post!

    xoxo, Leesh

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