I promised you there’d be a part two, didn’t I;) There is actually one more item that was supposed to be on this post, but I couldn’t wait for it to be delivered any longer, so I’ll be doing a separate review on that. But anyway:) I did a post a while ago about my Superdrug Basket, which I ended up ordering, which is cool. And there’s a couple of other things I picked up too.


Oooh, pwetty:)

I’m going to start with the most disappointing products and work my way up to my favourite ones, because I like to keep the suspense going:)

So, first, Rimmel Apocolips. Now, I feel a bit mean saying this is my least favourite, but I was really pleased with this order, so even my least favourite is better than a lot of products I’ve used. But anyway, I have been so so psyched about trying the Apocolips range since they were first released, I think it was mainly the packaging which I lurve. I literally tried this the second I ripped open the big bubble-wrapped envelope, and I was really, really shocked. And not even in a good way. I really wanted to like these, so I am going to try the other colours, but Apocoliptic, I swear, is insane. It is so bright. Even putting a little dab of it on and then spreading it around leaves an insanely pigmented bright bright fuschia-red, and I just can’t wear it. Like I said, I am going to try a paler colour because I really don’t want to just give up on these, and for £5.99 each, that’s alright.



Second- Technic Whipped Blusher Mousse. There’s a couple of Technic products in this list, but I actually can’t link them because I can’t find anywhere to buy them online, but if you see them anywhere give them a go, they’re really cheap and surprisingly good. Anyway, this blusher, which is the little pink pot in my picture above, is kind of mediocre. It would be great, especially the idea, but the formula’s really not-smooth. I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s really difficult to use. It is use-able, it’s just not something I would use everyday. And, I’m not sure what I was thinking, but I bought shade 01, Candy Pink. Why. I’m trying to get away from pink-tones, because my skin’s so red anyway. But I bought pink. And I will probably only be using this when I do other people’s makeup.

Nivea Caramel Cream Lip Butter– this is another one I’ve heard sososo much about, particularly this flavour. It is honestly the best smelling lip butter Amazing. But it is definitely a bed-side-table lip balm. Yes, that’s right, I categorise my lip balms. There’s handbag ones, makeup drawer ones, and bedside table ones. Handbag ones are the ones that are easiest to apply, makeup drawer ones are generally tinted ones, and bedside table ones are the ridiculously moisturising ones. This is definitely one of those. It kind of shows up white on your lips, so it’s not very socially-acceptable, but it’s great as like a lip-mask.


Technic Twist Up Lipstick- OK, this is basically a rip-off of a Chubby Stick, and the colour payoff is actually better because it is definitely a lipstick rather than a lipbalm. It just looks pink until you apply it, but then it is literally completely iridescent and blue toned. It’s kind of incredible, but not really all that wearable. Love it, but it’s not top of my list.


Technic Eyeshadow Shimmer Stick- This is just another eye crayon, and every brand seems to have one of these at the moment, and this one is surprisingly good. It’s really pigmented and really creamy, which unfortunately means it doesn’t last all that way, especially without a primer. It’s just a really nice, basic shimmery silver, and I actually think I’ll use it quite a bit. This one and the lip crayon are twist up too, which is great.

Collection Illuminating Touch Brightening Concealer. So confusing, because this used to be Collection 2000, and now it’s just collection. But anyway, this is really great. It doesn’t really seem to ‘illuminate’, but it’s a great under-eye concealer. I’m using shade 1, Naked and it’s actually not too dark for me. The only thing I don’t like is the annoying brush thing, which I hate, because it just gets all messed up and dries and stuff-.- I wish it was just like a lipgloss type tube, but it’s really amazing all the same.


Maybelline Color Sensational Popsticks- I know. I know. You’re all sick of hearing me talk about how amazing these are, I can’t help it. My other one was running low, so I ordered 040 Crystal Pink, which I love. I actually think I prefer this colour to 060 Citrus Slice which is amazing. Crystal Pink looks a really dark red, but just leaves your lips dark pink. SO AMAZING. Little colour comparison for you-


Last- Maybelline Dream Touch Blush. I just love Maybelline at the moment. I’ve been using Apricot 01, every day since it arrived, I just love it. It’s the same kind of idea as the Technic one, just so much better. It’s just a cream brush, in the best colour ever, it’s just a slightly shimmery peach. Love it. I will completely definitely absolutely be repurchasing this. You should so try it. 


This is the picture on the Superdrug website, and I have no idea where they got that from. It makes it look like it’s really soft, but it’s not. It actually looks like this-


And, as you might have noticed from the first picture, there are two Urban Decay palettes there, which is very, very exiting:D I’m going to give them a post of their own, so look out for that, if you’re interested:)

O.P.I The Amazing Spiderman nail colours-*UPDATE*

In my post yesterday, I asked if anyone wanted to see what some of the colours in this collection look like when they’ve been applied, and a few people asked to see Just Spotted The Lizard and Your Web Or Mine? so here they are. I’ll continue to update this post with all the other colours, I think, so just leave me a comment letting me know which one you want to see next;)



Left to right-

My Boyfriend Scales Walls, Your Web Or Mine?, Call Me Quen-ever, Just Spotted The Lizard, Into The Night, Number One Nemesis, Shatter The Scales.



Your Web Or Mine?

Really cute frosted pink, can look streaky but that just adds to the pearlescent quality. Will highlight imperfections in your nails though. Applies quite nicely, this is two coats.


Just Spotted The Lizard

Amazing frosted colour, looks predominantly green with lots of gold, amber and blue tones. Again, can look streaky but that just helps all the colours stand out. Really beautiful, this is two coats.




I’ve done it again, I actually have a problem.

I’ve bought new nail polishes. And not just two or three either. Ten of them. And my mum officially gave me her Chanel one, because I love it and she never wears it. ELEVEN. What is wrong with me? On the bright side, it was a nice excuse to re-organise my nail polish collection. So yay:)



This is the The Amazing Spiderman collection by OPI, which I talked about in one of my ridiculously cringe-worthy first posts. Last Christmas, I got Your Web Or Mine (the pink, one which I’m wearing at the moment), Just Spotted The Lizard (green one), Into the Night (blue one) and Number One Nemesis (silver-grey one) and about two weeks ago I ordered My Boyfriend Scales Walls (white one), Call Me Gwen-ever (orange one) and Shatter The Scales (apply process of elimination here) from Lena White. It was the first time I’d ever ordered form there, so I was bit nervous, but it arrived to days later – :O -and in the best packaging EVER. I’m not sure how I was expecting them to be delivered to be honest, maybe individually packaged and hand delivered in a bullet proof fire proof box, but they way they were sent was good enough, I guess:)



See? It’s nice, isn’t it? I’ll have to do a post showing you all the colours in more detail, but basically:

My Boyfriend Scales Walls– really opaque, almost milky white. Great quality, easy application.

Your Web Or Mine?– two coats needed, but a really nice pearlescent pink, can look streaky but that just adds to the colour effect.

Call Me Gwen-ever– really vibrant medium-orange. Opaque in one fairly thick coat. Beautiful<3:P

Just Spotted The Lizard– green and gold and beautiful and perfect and amazing and beautiful.

Into The Night– probably the nicest blue I own. Really dark and a little bit pearlescent, like Lizard and Web:)

Number One Nemesis– grey/green, very sparkly but the most difficult of them all to apply. Gorgeous when applied correctly, though.

Shatter The Scales– great shatter polish, very dark green that’s almost black, sparkly, seems to mostly only ‘shatter’ vertically, but still great. 


P.I.A. Sneaky, yes? Let me just give you a quick packaging-comparison-


Hmm. I wonder what their inspiration was…

I picked up all three of these colours for £5, so they aren’t like O.P.I in all aspects:) Surprisingly, they are actually amazing nail polishes. I know. I was as shocked as you are. Let’s start with the purple-y pink shall we? OMG. Like seriously, it’s amazing. You might be reading more about this in another post soon, so I wont say any more about it, except OMG. Next, the turquoise-y green, which is like the blue version of Just Spotted The Lizard, is beautiful. Honestly, these nail polishes are all opaque in one coat and it’s amazing. Unfortunately, they don’t have names, just numbers stuck on the bottom chosen at random for no real organisational reason. I bought the blue one because I thought it looked like Barry M Blue Moon (don’t ask for the logic in this one. It wont get you anywhere).


Well, it’s not even close to similar, but it’s SO MUCH BETTER. With the Barry M one, you have to apply about four coats before you can even see it, and then it doesn’t dry, and then it chips and looks disgusting:( but one coat of this P.I.A one was completely opaque and beautiful. Honestly, I am just completely stunned that these polishes work, let alone work well. Wow. I actually haven’t been able to find anywhere you can buy them for any cheaper than about a fiver each, but honestly they’re worth it, so take a look here.


Maybelline Color Show-these are amazing. For a while I only had Solar Flare (orange) but I ordered Downtown Red and Urban Turquoise the other day and I love them just as much as a I loved my other one. They’re brilliant, and really cheap, and you should try them immediately.



I just don’t know what to say to express how much I love these. I just want every colour ever created, because they are beautiful. They’re easy to apply, the colours look vibrant and stunning, ofcoursetheyareopaqueinonecoat, and they’re just generally all round perfection. You can buy me the rest of the colours if you want to;)




Another Barry M- nail art pen! Woooohooo:) This literally only came out a couple of weeks ago, but I saw a great review for it and I was like MINE. I only ordered the black one just in case they turned out to be crap, but I could not have been more wrong. I should have ordered three in every colour, because I will use them. They are amazing. They’re nothing like the ridiculous nail art pens I own at the moment, this one is amazing. It’s pretty much a cross between a gel pen and a felt-tip pen for your nails. I LOVE IT. 



This is over the top of my Hi-Shine Gelly nail paints:) Ignore my crappy designs, just look at how well it works!


Thanks for reading Shiny New Things, Part 1! Part 2 and 3 coming up, so stay tuned:) Let me know if you want to see some swatches for any of the colours shown here, and as always, leave me some recommendations:)

April-Stuff I’ve Used:)

Alright, these sort of posts are normally reserved for youtubers who do ’empties’ videos, but I thought I’d do a blog-post version, because I like to live on the edge.


Not the prettiest of photos, but you get the idea:)



The boring one first, make-up wipes! Which, I know, they’re pretty bad for your skin, but they’re useful, and I normally get through just over one packet a month:) And my Maybelline Color Sensational Popstick. OMG. Unless this is like the first of my posts you’ve ever read, you’ll probably know that I completely love this. I’ve never used this much of a lipstick before, ever. And there’s even less of it than there was when I took this photo. It’s just amazing. Luckily, I’ve got a new one, which you’ll see in one of my posts pretty soon:)WOO. If you don’t have a Color Sensational Popstick, BUY ONE. Immediately. 



Yeah, so basically, Soap&Glory. You know how I love my Soap&Glory;)! These are all mini’s, which is how I’ve managed to finish them;) Hand Food, Scrub of Your Life and Clean On Me, all amazing:) It’s the first time I’ve used Scrub of Your Life, and I actually didn’t find it particularly ‘scrubby’. It was more like a body polish, if you know what I mean. 




This is the perfume my mum always used to wear, and she had like five bottles of it, so when she started wearing Daisy, she gave this bottle to me. It’s not my absolute favourite scent, but I still like it, and I’ve been wearing it quite a bit recently.



Herbal Essences Ignite My Colour Intensifying Mask, I lurve Herbal Essences:) It’ll be one of my next Shampoo Reviews, so more about that then. These Intensive Masks are lovely, I wouldn’t say they do a much better job than normal conditioner used as a mask, but I just love the smell and the packaging:) 


Glade Christmas Candle. For which I have lost the picture I took. Yes. Christmas Candle. Smells amazing, has made me addicted to candles, much to my mum’s fear:) Let me know what your favourite candle is, because I need to buy a new one and there’s just so much to choose from and I’m a little overwhelmed.

And as you might have noticed from the very first photo, there’s also L’oreal Casting Creme Gloss there, which I haven’t actually used yet, but I’ll be dying my hair on Saturday, and that’s still April, so it’s cool:)

So, this is what I’ve used this month. Not including boring stuff like shampoo and conditioner and deodorant and toothpaste, though:)

Leave me some recommendations, or let me know if there’s anything you want me to review, or if you’ve tried any of these:)



Alright, as much as I hate spending money on something that isn’t really make-up, brushes and tools are pretty useful. So I thought I’d put together a list of my favourite ones that are all pretty acceptable price-ranges, because youknow, I’m really bored and Cass from told me to;)

FASH Professional Brush Set, 18pc, £14.99

Before you look at that price and go ’18 brushes? For £15? Yeah, right,’, I’m going to mention that these are probably my favourite brushes ever. They’re so so soft, and the packaging is pretty cute and the metallic brushes are surprisingly great quality. If you’re new to make-up-ing, this set would be a great one to buy because it has everything. Seriously. You can buy some great brush sets on Amazon, actually. I wouldn’t risk Ebay though, if I’m honest;)

Front Cover Cosmetics Brushes

I’ve never bought these on their own, but I have a couple that came with a make-up set. They are amazing. Like really. I think they’re around £5-10 on there own, but I’d pay more for them. Again, they’re really soft, and the actual brush looks really professional and stuff.

Ecotools Bamboo 6 Piece Brush Set, £15.99

Ecotools are brilliant. They aren’t as soft as the other two, but the quality is a bit better. These just seem a bit more sturdy than the others. They come in loads of different sets, but the one I’ve hyperlinked above is a kind of all-round set. They also come with a really nice make-up bag to keep them in.

Real Techniques Core Collection 1403, £21.99

This is a set of 4 face brushes, which would be good if you only tend to do a very basic, natural make-up look. These are pretty much for foundation, concealer, blush and face-powder, and they’re a great quality set. They don’t look as pretty as some of the others, but don’t judge a brush by it’s…cover.

ELF Brushes, from £1.50 -£3.75 each

Yeah, OK, so I’ve never actually tried these, but I’m planning on ordering some soon, because they look pretty good and I’ve heard some great reviews for them. And the price is unbelievable.

No7 Brushes, from £7 -£17.50 each

Again, these aren’t in a set, but you could get a nice little make-up bag to put them all in;) No7 is a really great quality brand, and the prices aren’t ridiculous, like some make-up brushes (seriously guys. If you pay more that £100 for a piece brush, then you may have a serious problem. I’m sure they’re lovely brushes, but I’m also sure you can get equally lovely brushes with a slightly smaller price tag).

Barry M Brushes, from £2.99 -£7.99 each

I’ve read some amazing reviews for these, and they’re definitely near the top of my to-buy list. They’re all neon colours and look really pretty. Again, they aren’t in a set, but if you can make a more personalised selection of brushes this way;)

Hope this was useful;) Let me know if they’re are any others I should try, and what you thought of some of these;)



Because this is what I do when I’m bored. I stalk, putting loads of stuff in my basket and hoping my mom will decide I can prder it;) 

There’s so pretty amazing make-up kicking around at the moment, so I thought I do a quick post before the WiFi dies again letting you know what’s currently on my Make-Up Wishlisht:) You can read my last make-up wishlist post here, if you want;)


That, right there, my friends, is some talented printscreening. 

I’m particularly exited about the new Barry M nail art pens, that I’ve seen a cool review for on –check it out, it’s a great blog:)

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these things&what you thought of them, and, as always, recommendations welcome;)

I really sorry that my last few posts have been so useless, I’m going home today, so tomorrow I’ll try to get a good post up for you;)


The Versatile Blogger Award!:)

The lovely&wonderful (check out her blog! It’s brilliant) has nominated me the Versatile Blogger Award! I read the comment she left me on my last post, and I was just like ‘omg,omgomgomgomgwowow.’ Seriously though, wow.

I just totally completely cannot believe I have a blog badge!:) That’s amazing, like reallyreally amazing.

Aren’t I good with words?

My nominations areee:

There are only ten nominations here when there are supposed to be fifteen, but my laptop won’t let me open a new tab, so I can’t decide on another five blogs, but I’ll upload the ASAP. By the way, bananarockets is Cass’s blog, who you might have seen in my make-up tutorial. Check her blog out!:) 


1) I can quote every episode of Friends, having watched each episode at least 8 times.

2) I can’t accept being wrong. But that’s OK, because I’m always right.

3) I’m a vegetarian, who used to eat fish, but no longer eats fish because it’s gross:S

4) I hate cats.

5) I blatantly refuse to go on pirate ship-esque rides at theme parks. NOT FUN.

6) I love Disney movies:)

7) My Mii is much more attractive than I am.

The Rules of The Versatile Blogger:

If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award.

  •  Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.
  •  Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy — if you can figure out how to do it.
  •  Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
  •  Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award — you might include a link to this site.
  •  Finally, 7 things about yourself.

The Lush Post no.4- SOAP:)


When I decided to do a ‘Lush Post’ series, I had already kind of decided that soap would be last. Lush soap, it’s just perfect. It’s beautiful. Bath bombs and bubble bars, for all their loveliness, last one, maybe two baths- soap is bloody immortal. As you can see in my talented photography above, I went through a phase of having to chop my soap into smaller pieces so it lasted longer. Needless to say, this was before I realised Lush soap is immortal.

I can’t believe I’m actually writing the last in a series of posts! So weird:) Kind of like an almost-two- months-of-blogging anniversary, I guess:) Well, it’s the last Lush Post for now, one day if I have more than two shower gels and I try the face masks and makeup, maybe they’ll be another one. Let me know if there are any of the above I should try!


Here are my top-8 Lush soaps (Yup. Eight. I couldn’t narrow it down)-

1)      OK, number one Lush soap is and always will be Honey I Washed the Kids. Always. Alwaysalwaysalways.

Honey I Washed the Kids

I’ve rambled about it in practically every Lush/ Soap and Glory post I’ve ever written, as you may have noticed;) It smells bloody amazing, it’s really sweet without being overpowering and it’s almost kind of got an earthy undertone. I really can’t describe smells, meh. And it totally looks beautiful, if you’re lucky, you get a piece with an exfoliating honey comb side on it.

2)      Ice Blue.

I totally completely love the smell of mint. I’m really varied with this sort of stuff, most people only like sweet or minty or earthy or whatever, but I just love anything:) Anyway, this smells amazing. It’s really refreshing and I used to love using it in Summer, you know, when we used to have Summer in England. This one is one of my favourite colours too, which is actually what made me want it in the first place:)

3)      Porridge.


If you have a quick look at the picture above, you might be able to see the neatly wrapped up cube labelled ‘Porridge’. I know this sounds so weird, because it’s really a love/hate smell, but I love the smell of porridge. Hate eating it, but LOVELOVELOVE the smell. Is that weird? Let me know:) But anyway, this one has little exfoliating grains in it, and it can be a bit too scrubby, but I love it anyway. It smells really sweet- It’s a bit like Honey I Washed the Kids actually. I love using this soap with Think Pink bath bomb, they go together so well. Is it weird to melt soap into your bath to make it smell nice?

4)      Sea Vegetable.

Sea Vegetable

Hell yes. Seaweed in a soap. I did warn you that my sense of smell is very varied. We can add salty to the list now, woohooooo:) But seriously, this soap. OMG. It smells gorgeous and it looks gorgeous and there are two huge, still wrapped pieces of it in my picture.

5)      Sultana of Soap.

Sultana of Soap

Yeah, I know, it creeped me out too. Fruit? Actual, real fruit, rather than the flavour of? REAL FRUIT IN A SOAP. DANGER. DANGER. But no, it smells lovely:) the consistency and texture and look of it actually reminds me a lot of Porridge, but I’m not sure if that’s because I got them at around the same time. Anyway, still smells, pardon the pun, lush.

6)      Miranda.

And not just because series 1 and 2 or Miranda are bloody brilliant (although I was slightly let down by series 3, there was one episode which was hilarious). I was talking Miranda Hart the sitcom, not Miranda the soap just them. AND NOW I AM BACK TO MIRANDA THE SOAP. Sorry about that short burst of insanity just there, I just had four desserts. It’s a buffet. In case you’re wondering, I generally type my posts in the evening, and then post them in the morning. GOD, ANYWAY. This soap looks proper gorgeous. It’s so pretty! And it smells all fruity and stuff:) I love all the coloured chunks in it. There’s a wrapped piece of it in my picture.

7)      The Godmother- Smells ridiculously yummy.

The Godmother

Like strawberry laces, but a bit more grown up, kind of. UGH, CAN’T DESCRIBE SCENTS. It’s dark pink and lovely, and covered in gold glitter. So pretty:) I always thought this was a Christmas soap, but clearly not.

8)      Karma-


because I’ve talked about it so many times, and it’s so fundamentally ‘Lush’ to me, that it can’t not be included. It smells really earthy and cinnamony, which isn’t the best smell in the world, but I still like it. If you like Karma soap, try Karma solid perfume, which I talked about in The Lush Post 3.

And that’s my top 8 soaps! Let me know what yours are, especially if it’s one of these:

Figs and Leaves, Snowglobe, Dirty, Mud Flats or Sexy Peel:) which are, of course, the ones I still want to try:)

If there are any other Lush products you think I should try and do a Lush Post about, prettyplease let me know, I love having a reason to go shopping!:)

More soapy stuff:


The Lush Post no.3

Thursday Things(:  The Lush Post 2.
hell yeah it’s friday. The Lush Post 1.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream&MY FIRST REAL REVIEW.

Before I get into all the review-y stuff (real word) I just want to apologise to any of you who tried to get onto my blog yesterday or the day before but couldn’t, I’ve got a really bad internet connection at the moment and my blog spazzed out for a bit:) So if I don’t blog or reply to a comment or anything for the next week, I’m really sorry, but I’m not, cause it’s not my fault:)


Good start- I can’t even upload a bloody picture.

Sorry, I’ll upload one ASAP-.-

If you’ve read some of my other posts then you’ll know it’s taken a lot of will power for me to leave my Bobbi Brown Foundation in my make-up bag at home while I’m on holiday and bring a BB Cream with me. A lot of willpower- not just because I bloody love my foundation, but because I’ve always been very suspicious of BB Creams. They advertise themselves as pretty much the most perfect stuff you will ever want to slap on your face-for example, Dream Fresh promises to:

  1. Create a natural glow
  2. Compliment skin tone
  3. Have spf30 UV protection
  4. Hydrate all day
  5. Blur imperfections
  6. Stay oil free and non greasy
  7. Look visibly smooth
  8. Feel fresh

And that’s not including the very persuasive caption on the back of the very pretty, lightweight bottle, which says ‘INSTANT FRESH-FACED GLOW WITHOUT LOOKING ALL MADE UP. OUR GEL-BASED FORMULA ENHANCES SKIN WITH 8 BENEFITS IN 1.’

Yes. In block capitals. I kid you not.

Another reason I was hesitant to try a BB Cream is the fact that I very closely resemble Casper. I am pale, incredibly so, with hundreds of freckles, the occasional teenage spot and pretty constant red skin. So for obvious reasons, I was worried about the fact that most affordable BB Creams seem to only be available in Light, Medium or Dark. In case you don’t have these problems, and these reasons are not obvious, I was worrying that their idea of Light would be too dark for me.

I decided to face my no-foundation fears here, on holiday, where the temperature is, no exaggeration, ten times hotter than the lovely English climate (assuming the lovely English climate is currently around 2.6 to 2.8 degrees) in the hope that I would at least tan enough to be dark enough to wear the lightest shade, with the added benefit of spf30.

So onto the actual product, because I can sense you all getting bored of me telling you about my skin. When I first opened the lid (which is twist off, which I don’t really like, particularly if I already have moisturiser on my hands) I completely freaked out. It looks so dark. Like twice as dark as my foundation. I decided to give it a go anyway, and, somehow, it blended into my skin and actually, shock horror, matched?

I know, I know, shocking isn’t it?

I’m going to go into the pro’s and con’s list now- that’s right isn’t it? I’ve seen other blog posts where they do pro and con lists. I’ll give it a go.


  • Matches the skin tones of even Casper-related humans
  • Has spf30, has so far prevented me from breaking out in freckles in sun (keep your fingers crossed people)
  • Has very cute packaging
  • Weighs nothing, yet has 30ml of product
  • Would fit in even the most pathetic of handbag sizes
  • Will take away some redness from spots
  • Seems pretty resilient to the effects of sitting near a pool inhabited with small children
  • If you’re looking at the last point thinking ‘…what?’- it’s pretty waterproof
  • Dewey (which shall reside in both columns, as I am unsure of evil-ness of said look)
  • Less than £10


  • Squeezy tube- many a time have I taken the cap of to find an explosion of BB Cream
  • Very thick and doesn’t like to move around face
  • A lot has to be used (see earlier point)
  • Does not hydrate, separate moisturiser recommended- despite this resulting in difficulty taking cap of BB Cream
  • I don’t know what the hell they’re talking about by ‘feels fresh’. Never have I felt my skin and though ‘Yes. I feel positively newborn today.’
  • Dewey. Looks shiny. Not attractive unless you can really pull that sort of thing off (in case you’re wondering, I can’t).
  • Doesn’t do an amazing job of covering spots
  • Doesn’t do an amazing job of covering redness caused by previously mentioned spots

So, with the pro and con list in mind, lets annotate the 8-in-1 list, shall we?!

1)      Creates a natural glow- embrace looking like you’ve just done a ten mile run at the gym!

2)      Compliments skin tone- yes, even for us ghost girls, it’ll work.

3)      Spf30 UV protection- for the sun-safety-suspicious of you out there, mix with sun cream to maintain your pale complexion!

4)      Hydrates all day! (when used with a separate moisturiser-not included)

5)      Blurs imperfections- blur? Not a fantastic choice of word.

6)      Oil free, non greasy. Yeah, it’s just shiny.

7)      Looks visibly smooth. Not in a Voldemort-esque way though, you will still be able to see your nose.

8)      Feels fresh. See ‘Con’ list. Apples are fresh. Strawberries are fresh. Skin is not fresh. Skin is dead.


I really think that Maybelline should consider using me to advertise their products. I just make it sound so much more buy-able, don’t I?

Alright, I know I’ve been pretty mean about this product during this review, but honestly, I do like it. Whether that’s out of shock that it matches my skin tone, or because it’s actually a good product, I’m not 100% sure.

If your skin is pretty perfect and you don’t need much coverage, go and buy yourself this BB Cream. ‘Aaaah’ at the cute packaging, be amazed that there is somehow 30 ml of product inside the weightless tube, and try out the ‘dewy’ look.

It works. It’s not the best product in the make-up world- not by a long shot- but it’s pretty damn good for something that I’m pretty sure was £7.99.

Thanks for reading! Leave me a comment if you have any questions or you can recommend me another BB Cream to challenge this one, or just recommend me something cool you’ve tried:) &if you have tried Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream, tell me what you thought of it, or leave me a link to your review:) 

Nail Polish Colour Crush- Coral(:

I probably shouldn’t be starting another series of posts when I’m already halfway through *The Shampoo Review* and *The Lush Post*’s, but my new nail varnish is too beautiful not to be celebrated in some fancy new series kind of a way.


Revlon Nail Enamel in One Perfect Coral. It truly is. Perfect. Sorry about the awful pictures, I had to use my webcam to take them-.-

If you read my last post (ironically, it was the second in The Shampoo Review series) you’ll know that I’m currently on holiday in Turkey, which is pretty cool and I’ll probably get round to doing some sort of post about that soon. When we got to the airport the day before yesterday to get here, I remembered I’d oh-so-conveniently forgotten my nail varnish, despite my obsessive packing, but luckily there was oh-so-conveniently a Boots at the airport. I honestly do pack like a madman normally. I was actually lying in bed the night before we left thinking ‘don’t forget nail varnish, don’t forget nail varnish’ in the hope that that would somehow leave a neon post –it –note in my brain, but no such luck. I forgot my nail varnish. I was planning on buying another Maybelline Colour Show nail varnish in Boots because I looove the one I’ve got (*which you can read a little bit about here*, if you’re interested) and they’re really cheap, but they didn’t have a great selection of colours in. There was one peachy coloured one that was kinda cute, but I came to the conclusion that that wouldn’t look good until I had a bit of a tan (ha).Then I looked at the Barry M Hi Shine Gelly ones, because you all know how much I reallyreally want one of those, it was included in my *Spring Wishlist*, which did have some beautiful colours in, and I was just about to buy one of those when I noticed the Revlon stand. I’ve never tried the Revlon nail varnishes before, and I have no idea why, because the packaging is really nice and expensive-looking (even though the nail varnish £6.49), the selection of colours is pretty good and the bottle is huuuuuuuge- 14.7 ml, to be precise, which is only 0.3 ml less than a bottle of OPI, and about £5 cheaper. So anyway:-), I noticed this gorgeous coral colour, and I just absolutely had to have it.


One Perfect Coral-

Honestly, this is one of the most beautiful colours I’ve ever had on my nails. Ever. And I lovelovelovelove nail varnish. It’s like a neon pink-orange colour that would be beautiful in a ombre-sunset-nail-art design with yellow and purple. It’s a really solid colour, I’m wearing one coat of it on my nails and it’s absolutely opaque. It’s really easy to apply too, you know that lovely moment when your new nail varnish is the perfect consistency? That’s what this is like. The formula’s also really glossy, I’m not wearing a top or base coat because I don’t have either with me and it’s still really shiny:-). I know I should be wearing a base coat, I feel like this colour is probably going to stain my nails,  but ohwell:-), totally worth it. It hasn’t chipped so far, which is great, but at the very edges it is starting the look a bit thinner, which isn’t the best sign. Hopefully it will last!

I really want to add a few more of these polishes to my collection- let me know if you have any Revlon Nail Enamels in an amazing colour, and as always, leave me a comment with questions or recommendations:-). If any of you have a nice cornflower blue colour, let me know, because that’s what I’m currently looking for. I’d also love to know what your favourite coral nail varnish is:-)

Just to let you know: This series of posts is going to be my favourite nail varnish in every colour. I think I’m even going to have to do light/ dark/ metallic of every colour as well, so leave me a comment if there are any particular colours you want me to hunt down and talk about:-) Hopefully it’ll be a good series! I’m looking forward to it:-)



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