The Shampoo Review no#2- ALBERTO BALSAM

Here it is! The long awaited second shampoo review. And when I say long awaited, I mean it’s taken me a long time to get around to writing it, not that you’ve been looking forward to reading it.


As the more intelligent of you may have noticed, the shampoo (and conditioner. Feeling a bit sorry for the conditioner now, I keep forgetting to mention it. The Shampoo and Conditioner Review isn’t as catchy though, is it?) I’m using at the moment is Alberto Balsam in Blueberry.  This is one of my go-to shampoo/ conditioners, because it does what it says on the not-all-that-interesting-bottle.

I’m gona dive right into this and say that these are probably the best smelling shampoo’s and conditioners in the world. The Blueberry one, I swear, has Shloer in it, because that is exactly what it smells like. There are loads of different scents of Alberto Balsam. Loads, and they each promise to do a different thing- strengthen, protect, add shine, add volume- but honestly? They just smell different. I’ve tried Tea Tree, Coconut and Lychee, Apple and Blueberry (which I’m using at the moment) and probably a load more that I can’t remember.

The Shampoo-


Sorry about the half empty (or half full, depending on how you look at life, apparently) bottles, like I said, it’s taken me a while to get round to doing this post. Actually, they aren’t even half empty, there’s nothing left. OH WELL. So basically, the shampoo: It will clean your hair and make it smell nice. And the smell actually lasts, which I love. My hair doesn’t tend to feel particularly soft or shiny or strong or anything after using it, but it will do a damn good job of shampoo-ing your hair. The packaging is nothing special- it’s simple and it gets to the point, and I think the only unique selling point is the colour of the actual product inside- particularly with the shampoo, which is a gel like consistency and I guess that makes it easier to colour.  One thing that this has got that the previous shampoo I reviewed hadn’t, is that the shampoo and conditioner actually look different, as shampoo and conditioner should, and most or the time, do.  7/10. Read my last post about shampoo and conditioner for a better explanation of what I’m rambling on about here.

The Conditioner-


This conditioner isn’t amazing. It’s pretty much bog-standard, absolutely nothing fancy – it will make your hair tangle-free and soft, and that’s that. It’s also a really thin consistency, which can be pretty tricky, but once it’s on your hair it’s fine. Just make sure you don’t get any water inside the bottle! One good thing about this being a not so great conditioner., though, is that I use it as a leave in conditioner and it doesn’t make my hair oily- just smooth and shiny. It has a great colour, for a conditioner, and again, smells absolutely bloody lovely. 6/10.

Alright, probably not the most amazing product I’ve ever used, but it’s staying firmly in my top-5 because it’s so practical. It does what it says on the not-all –that-interesting-bottle, to quote myself.  And my hair seems to smell nice for days afterwards (I only wash my hair once every three or four days. Don’t cringe, it doesn’t need anymore and it’s bad for your hair to wash it every day). Definitely one to try- really cheap and available form most supermarkets and cosmetic/ toiletry shops.

Thanks for reading, leave me comment if you have any questions!

Sorry I’ve neglected my blog for a couple of days, but I’ve just arrived in Turkey on my holiday:) But more about that in the next few posts;) if any of you are at all interested:L


6 responses to “The Shampoo Review no#2- ALBERTO BALSAM

  1. Yeah you see I hate waiting around… so I very rarely do hair masks etc You’re lucky to have nice thick hair, because mine is so fine I have to look after it conditioner wise… or it turns into a birds nest. The raspberry one is the best smelling one I think imho 🙂

    • Haha! I sometimes put conditioner in my hair before I go to bed and then just wash it out in the morning. Makes your pillow smell nice too;)
      I’d rather have thinner hair! It always looks so much neater! Mine’s a nightmare if it gets tangled-.-
      I definitely need to try the raspberry one…:-P

      • Ha it’s such a girl thing, you always want the opposite if what you have! Yeah I do that the odd time myself, because the conditioners been in overnight your hair is suuuuuper silky the next day! Let me know how you get on with the raspberry versions 😄 x

      • Haha, I know:)
        I love leaving condioner in overnight, the only problem is the mad rush to get my hair dry in the morning:)
        I will do, thanks for recommending it:)x

  2. I have to agree with you, these shampoos smell DIVINE!!! I loooove the smell of the sunkissed raspberry shampoo & conditioner! What type of hair do you have, as I have very fine hair and I found that the conditioner didn’t balance out the shampoo and my hair was difficult to comb after… it smelt AMAZING though 😛

    • Ooooh, don’t think I’ve ever tried the raspberry one, I’ll have to give it a go!
      My hair’s really thick, like annoyingly thick, so it seems to work pretty well for me. I agree with you though, it’s not a very ‘conditioning’ conditioner, you could try putting it on dry hair, wrapping your hair in a towel and leaving it for an hour before you wash it? Might de-tangle it a bit;)
      Haha, I know, I basically use them just for the smell!:)

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