Nail Polish Colour Crush- Coral(:

I probably shouldn’t be starting another series of posts when I’m already halfway through *The Shampoo Review* and *The Lush Post*’s, but my new nail varnish is too beautiful not to be celebrated in some fancy new series kind of a way.


Revlon Nail Enamel in One Perfect Coral. It truly is. Perfect. Sorry about the awful pictures, I had to use my webcam to take them-.-

If you read my last post (ironically, it was the second in The Shampoo Review series) you’ll know that I’m currently on holiday in Turkey, which is pretty cool and I’ll probably get round to doing some sort of post about that soon. When we got to the airport the day before yesterday to get here, I remembered I’d oh-so-conveniently forgotten my nail varnish, despite my obsessive packing, but luckily there was oh-so-conveniently a Boots at the airport. I honestly do pack like a madman normally. I was actually lying in bed the night before we left thinking ‘don’t forget nail varnish, don’t forget nail varnish’ in the hope that that would somehow leave a neon post –it –note in my brain, but no such luck. I forgot my nail varnish. I was planning on buying another Maybelline Colour Show nail varnish in Boots because I looove the one I’ve got (*which you can read a little bit about here*, if you’re interested) and they’re really cheap, but they didn’t have a great selection of colours in. There was one peachy coloured one that was kinda cute, but I came to the conclusion that that wouldn’t look good until I had a bit of a tan (ha).Then I looked at the Barry M Hi Shine Gelly ones, because you all know how much I reallyreally want one of those, it was included in my *Spring Wishlist*, which did have some beautiful colours in, and I was just about to buy one of those when I noticed the Revlon stand. I’ve never tried the Revlon nail varnishes before, and I have no idea why, because the packaging is really nice and expensive-looking (even though the nail varnish £6.49), the selection of colours is pretty good and the bottle is huuuuuuuge- 14.7 ml, to be precise, which is only 0.3 ml less than a bottle of OPI, and about £5 cheaper. So anyway:-), I noticed this gorgeous coral colour, and I just absolutely had to have it.


One Perfect Coral-

Honestly, this is one of the most beautiful colours I’ve ever had on my nails. Ever. And I lovelovelovelove nail varnish. It’s like a neon pink-orange colour that would be beautiful in a ombre-sunset-nail-art design with yellow and purple. It’s a really solid colour, I’m wearing one coat of it on my nails and it’s absolutely opaque. It’s really easy to apply too, you know that lovely moment when your new nail varnish is the perfect consistency? That’s what this is like. The formula’s also really glossy, I’m not wearing a top or base coat because I don’t have either with me and it’s still really shiny:-). I know I should be wearing a base coat, I feel like this colour is probably going to stain my nails,  but ohwell:-), totally worth it. It hasn’t chipped so far, which is great, but at the very edges it is starting the look a bit thinner, which isn’t the best sign. Hopefully it will last!

I really want to add a few more of these polishes to my collection- let me know if you have any Revlon Nail Enamels in an amazing colour, and as always, leave me a comment with questions or recommendations:-). If any of you have a nice cornflower blue colour, let me know, because that’s what I’m currently looking for. I’d also love to know what your favourite coral nail varnish is:-)

Just to let you know: This series of posts is going to be my favourite nail varnish in every colour. I think I’m even going to have to do light/ dark/ metallic of every colour as well, so leave me a comment if there are any particular colours you want me to hunt down and talk about:-) Hopefully it’ll be a good series! I’m looking forward to it:-)




6 responses to “Nail Polish Colour Crush- Coral(:

  1. Damn, they need to do a private message kinda thing on here-.- if they already do then that’s kinda awkward, but anyway.. She’s writing another series! TLH – The Last/Lost Heirloom is the closest guess so far to the title OMG:D

    • Ugh, I know, it’s bloody annoying:) You can just comment on icab instead, because we’re the only ones who’ve read that:)
      &OMG I KNOW. It’s bloody amazing. It’s about TID’s kids apparently, and she’s apparently working on another ‘secret’ trilogy as wellllll:) You got any further with CA?

  2. strawberryglow

    Love the colour and the biscuit 😀 Hope you’re having a fab’ holiday!

  3. Coral is the perfect holiday colour 🙂 Hope you’re having a blast! x

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