Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream&MY FIRST REAL REVIEW.

Before I get into all the review-y stuff (real word) I just want to apologise to any of you who tried to get onto my blog yesterday or the day before but couldn’t, I’ve got a really bad internet connection at the moment and my blog spazzed out for a bit:) So if I don’t blog or reply to a comment or anything for the next week, I’m really sorry, but I’m not, cause it’s not my fault:)


Good start- I can’t even upload a bloody picture.

Sorry, I’ll upload one ASAP-.-

If you’ve read some of my other posts then you’ll know it’s taken a lot of will power for me to leave my Bobbi Brown Foundation in my make-up bag at home while I’m on holiday and bring a BB Cream with me. A lot of willpower- not just because I bloody love my foundation, but because I’ve always been very suspicious of BB Creams. They advertise themselves as pretty much the most perfect stuff you will ever want to slap on your face-for example, Dream Fresh promises to:

  1. Create a natural glow
  2. Compliment skin tone
  3. Have spf30 UV protection
  4. Hydrate all day
  5. Blur imperfections
  6. Stay oil free and non greasy
  7. Look visibly smooth
  8. Feel fresh

And that’s not including the very persuasive caption on the back of the very pretty, lightweight bottle, which says ‘INSTANT FRESH-FACED GLOW WITHOUT LOOKING ALL MADE UP. OUR GEL-BASED FORMULA ENHANCES SKIN WITH 8 BENEFITS IN 1.’

Yes. In block capitals. I kid you not.

Another reason I was hesitant to try a BB Cream is the fact that I very closely resemble Casper. I am pale, incredibly so, with hundreds of freckles, the occasional teenage spot and pretty constant red skin. So for obvious reasons, I was worried about the fact that most affordable BB Creams seem to only be available in Light, Medium or Dark. In case you don’t have these problems, and these reasons are not obvious, I was worrying that their idea of Light would be too dark for me.

I decided to face my no-foundation fears here, on holiday, where the temperature is, no exaggeration, ten times hotter than the lovely English climate (assuming the lovely English climate is currently around 2.6 to 2.8 degrees) in the hope that I would at least tan enough to be dark enough to wear the lightest shade, with the added benefit of spf30.

So onto the actual product, because I can sense you all getting bored of me telling you about my skin. When I first opened the lid (which is twist off, which I don’t really like, particularly if I already have moisturiser on my hands) I completely freaked out. It looks so dark. Like twice as dark as my foundation. I decided to give it a go anyway, and, somehow, it blended into my skin and actually, shock horror, matched?

I know, I know, shocking isn’t it?

I’m going to go into the pro’s and con’s list now- that’s right isn’t it? I’ve seen other blog posts where they do pro and con lists. I’ll give it a go.


  • Matches the skin tones of even Casper-related humans
  • Has spf30, has so far prevented me from breaking out in freckles in sun (keep your fingers crossed people)
  • Has very cute packaging
  • Weighs nothing, yet has 30ml of product
  • Would fit in even the most pathetic of handbag sizes
  • Will take away some redness from spots
  • Seems pretty resilient to the effects of sitting near a pool inhabited with small children
  • If you’re looking at the last point thinking ‘…what?’- it’s pretty waterproof
  • Dewey (which shall reside in both columns, as I am unsure of evil-ness of said look)
  • Less than £10


  • Squeezy tube- many a time have I taken the cap of to find an explosion of BB Cream
  • Very thick and doesn’t like to move around face
  • A lot has to be used (see earlier point)
  • Does not hydrate, separate moisturiser recommended- despite this resulting in difficulty taking cap of BB Cream
  • I don’t know what the hell they’re talking about by ‘feels fresh’. Never have I felt my skin and though ‘Yes. I feel positively newborn today.’
  • Dewey. Looks shiny. Not attractive unless you can really pull that sort of thing off (in case you’re wondering, I can’t).
  • Doesn’t do an amazing job of covering spots
  • Doesn’t do an amazing job of covering redness caused by previously mentioned spots

So, with the pro and con list in mind, lets annotate the 8-in-1 list, shall we?!

1)      Creates a natural glow- embrace looking like you’ve just done a ten mile run at the gym!

2)      Compliments skin tone- yes, even for us ghost girls, it’ll work.

3)      Spf30 UV protection- for the sun-safety-suspicious of you out there, mix with sun cream to maintain your pale complexion!

4)      Hydrates all day! (when used with a separate moisturiser-not included)

5)      Blurs imperfections- blur? Not a fantastic choice of word.

6)      Oil free, non greasy. Yeah, it’s just shiny.

7)      Looks visibly smooth. Not in a Voldemort-esque way though, you will still be able to see your nose.

8)      Feels fresh. See ‘Con’ list. Apples are fresh. Strawberries are fresh. Skin is not fresh. Skin is dead.


I really think that Maybelline should consider using me to advertise their products. I just make it sound so much more buy-able, don’t I?

Alright, I know I’ve been pretty mean about this product during this review, but honestly, I do like it. Whether that’s out of shock that it matches my skin tone, or because it’s actually a good product, I’m not 100% sure.

If your skin is pretty perfect and you don’t need much coverage, go and buy yourself this BB Cream. ‘Aaaah’ at the cute packaging, be amazed that there is somehow 30 ml of product inside the weightless tube, and try out the ‘dewy’ look.

It works. It’s not the best product in the make-up world- not by a long shot- but it’s pretty damn good for something that I’m pretty sure was £7.99.

Thanks for reading! Leave me a comment if you have any questions or you can recommend me another BB Cream to challenge this one, or just recommend me something cool you’ve tried:) &if you have tried Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream, tell me what you thought of it, or leave me a link to your review:) 


9 responses to “Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream&MY FIRST REAL REVIEW.

  1. I use the Garnier BB cream and, as a Casperesque human, was horrified when I saw how dark their “light” shade was. But it blends. I don’t know if I would buy it again…but I do appreciate the foundation look without the foundation. And from the sounds of thing, I don’t think I would buy the Maybelline either!

  2. Haha I totally agree my face never feels fresh unless I just exfoliated it! That only lasts until my face is dry haha.

  3. Oh my god, “never have I felt my skin and thought “Yes I feel like a new born today.”That’s probably the best thing I’ve read all day!

  4. Great detailed review! I bought this BB cream a lot of time ago, but..sadly it doesn’t match my super fair skin tone. I recently bought a white foundation (the face&body by MAC) and I’m planning to mix the two together to have the right match! I don’t want to trash this product because I love what promises! 😉 (Especially the SPF!)

    • You could try mixing it with your moisturiser? That’s what I’m going to do when I get back to England and don’t have even a hint of a tan anymore, it would be too dark for me otherwise:)
      Want to try that MAC foundation, let me know if it’s any good:)!
      Don’t get rid if it, it is pretty good, I just wish a lighter shade would be released. The spf is actually why I bought it!:)

      • Adding it to a moisturizer doesn’t cover anything at all..not that used alone it’s a miracle, but still!
        I’ll post a review as soon as I tested it entirely! 🙂

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