The Lush Post no.4- SOAP:)


When I decided to do a ‘Lush Post’ series, I had already kind of decided that soap would be last. Lush soap, it’s just perfect. It’s beautiful. Bath bombs and bubble bars, for all their loveliness, last one, maybe two baths- soap is bloody immortal. As you can see in my talented photography above, I went through a phase of having to chop my soap into smaller pieces so it lasted longer. Needless to say, this was before I realised Lush soap is immortal.

I can’t believe I’m actually writing the last in a series of posts! So weird:) Kind of like an almost-two- months-of-blogging anniversary, I guess:) Well, it’s the last Lush Post for now, one day if I have more than two shower gels and I try the face masks and makeup, maybe they’ll be another one. Let me know if there are any of the above I should try!


Here are my top-8 Lush soaps (Yup. Eight. I couldn’t narrow it down)-

1)      OK, number one Lush soap is and always will be Honey I Washed the Kids. Always. Alwaysalwaysalways.

Honey I Washed the Kids

I’ve rambled about it in practically every Lush/ Soap and Glory post I’ve ever written, as you may have noticed;) It smells bloody amazing, it’s really sweet without being overpowering and it’s almost kind of got an earthy undertone. I really can’t describe smells, meh. And it totally looks beautiful, if you’re lucky, you get a piece with an exfoliating honey comb side on it.

2)      Ice Blue.

I totally completely love the smell of mint. I’m really varied with this sort of stuff, most people only like sweet or minty or earthy or whatever, but I just love anything:) Anyway, this smells amazing. It’s really refreshing and I used to love using it in Summer, you know, when we used to have Summer in England. This one is one of my favourite colours too, which is actually what made me want it in the first place:)

3)      Porridge.


If you have a quick look at the picture above, you might be able to see the neatly wrapped up cube labelled ‘Porridge’. I know this sounds so weird, because it’s really a love/hate smell, but I love the smell of porridge. Hate eating it, but LOVELOVELOVE the smell. Is that weird? Let me know:) But anyway, this one has little exfoliating grains in it, and it can be a bit too scrubby, but I love it anyway. It smells really sweet- It’s a bit like Honey I Washed the Kids actually. I love using this soap with Think Pink bath bomb, they go together so well. Is it weird to melt soap into your bath to make it smell nice?

4)      Sea Vegetable.

Sea Vegetable

Hell yes. Seaweed in a soap. I did warn you that my sense of smell is very varied. We can add salty to the list now, woohooooo:) But seriously, this soap. OMG. It smells gorgeous and it looks gorgeous and there are two huge, still wrapped pieces of it in my picture.

5)      Sultana of Soap.

Sultana of Soap

Yeah, I know, it creeped me out too. Fruit? Actual, real fruit, rather than the flavour of? REAL FRUIT IN A SOAP. DANGER. DANGER. But no, it smells lovely:) the consistency and texture and look of it actually reminds me a lot of Porridge, but I’m not sure if that’s because I got them at around the same time. Anyway, still smells, pardon the pun, lush.

6)      Miranda.

And not just because series 1 and 2 or Miranda are bloody brilliant (although I was slightly let down by series 3, there was one episode which was hilarious). I was talking Miranda Hart the sitcom, not Miranda the soap just them. AND NOW I AM BACK TO MIRANDA THE SOAP. Sorry about that short burst of insanity just there, I just had four desserts. It’s a buffet. In case you’re wondering, I generally type my posts in the evening, and then post them in the morning. GOD, ANYWAY. This soap looks proper gorgeous. It’s so pretty! And it smells all fruity and stuff:) I love all the coloured chunks in it. There’s a wrapped piece of it in my picture.

7)      The Godmother- Smells ridiculously yummy.

The Godmother

Like strawberry laces, but a bit more grown up, kind of. UGH, CAN’T DESCRIBE SCENTS. It’s dark pink and lovely, and covered in gold glitter. So pretty:) I always thought this was a Christmas soap, but clearly not.

8)      Karma-


because I’ve talked about it so many times, and it’s so fundamentally ‘Lush’ to me, that it can’t not be included. It smells really earthy and cinnamony, which isn’t the best smell in the world, but I still like it. If you like Karma soap, try Karma solid perfume, which I talked about in The Lush Post 3.

And that’s my top 8 soaps! Let me know what yours are, especially if it’s one of these:

Figs and Leaves, Snowglobe, Dirty, Mud Flats or Sexy Peel:) which are, of course, the ones I still want to try:)

If there are any other Lush products you think I should try and do a Lush Post about, prettyplease let me know, I love having a reason to go shopping!:)

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28 responses to “The Lush Post no.4- SOAP:)

  1. ICE BLUE!! Your top two are the same as mine 😀 I wish they’d bring it back. I’ve been trying the various minty things, and I liked the white North Pole and I do like Dirty, but they’re just not quite as perfect… I collected tons just after they discontinued it, and now I’m hoarding it 😛

    • Haha! Argh, I wish I’d known they were discontinuing it, I’m down to about two little pieces! So sad! I’m hoping they’ll bring it back as a retro on the website. Is Dirty an ok replacement? I’m trying to decide if I’m emotionally ready to try it:D

      • It’s really nice, but it’s not quite Ice Blue – it’s not as clean? Fresh? I’m not really sure what I mean, but it’s almost dustier… I’ve heard that Freeze shower gel in the Retro collection online is the same scent as Ice Blue, but there’s a couple of reviews of people saying they were disappointed… Still, it’s worth going to sniff Dirty in the shop, you might still like it! It won’t replace IB in your heart, but it’s a nice mint 🙂

        • Scarily, I know exactly what you mean. Ahh, Lush, messing with our hearts, heads and vocabulary;) I’ll definitely give it a go, if nothing else it can live in my I-will-get-around-to-using-it-I-swear basket. Of course, if Ice Blue doesn’t make some sort of comeback, I’ll be sending an angry letter to Lush, so this shouldn’t be a problem for too long;)

          • Haha, there should definitely be a place to petition for discontinued soaps to come back! I miss Sakura bath bomb and the Enchanter too 😦

            • Ooh, I tried the Enchanter once and it was lurvely! Never even got to try Sakura though;( I agree with you on the petition thing though!:)

              • They discontinued it about three years ago, I think – it was white, with petals in like Dragon’s Egg, and the scent of Rub Rub Rub, mimosa and jasmine and orange blossom 🙂
                Enchanter was so lovely, they made it permanent for a little while after Halloween, but there was something wrong with the formula and it stained loads of people’s baths so they’ve withdrawn it to redo the formula, apparently!

                • It sounds lovely! Wish I’d tried it;(
                  That sounds promising! Hopefully we’ll get to stock up on Enchanter again soon. I never had a problem with it staining my bath, I think…

  2. Hello you have a interesting site. I wanna thank you for publishing this interesting articles with us. Keep up this good job.

  3. Honey I Washed the Kids = best soap EVER.

  4. Oh my gosh, so right after this post, I went to Lush’s website and purchased a chunk of Porridge (I’m obsessed with scent of oatmeal too) and the Love solid perfume and I am VERY excited to try it! I’ll let you know how it goes!

  5. Oh my god I love Lush! So good brought a beer shampoo from there the other day its so damn good! Really love your blog its so colourful! And I have nominated you for The Versatile Bloggers Award! 🙂 -

    • Wow, never tried the beer shampoo, but I’ve heard flat beer is really good for your hair!:)
      Ohmygosh, thankyou sosososo much, that really means a lot to me!:)

      • Yeah I’ve always heard Beer is good for your hair makes it all shiny but always been worried that the beer smell would linger lol but the shampoo is so good! Definitely recommend it! Aww that’s alright, you’ve got a great blog 🙂

  6. My favorites are Northern Lights from last year’s holiday collection, and Karma! 🙂

  7. AGHHHHHHHHHHHHH LUSHHH! I have periods of being obsessed, at one point I could name every bath bomb there was! There hair products and cleansers are da bomb!

  8. Thanks for the post, lovely!!! I recently bought Honey I Washed the Kids but I still have to try it! Any thoughts about the most hydrating soap of them all? 🙂

    • OMGosh, try it, it’s lovely:)
      From Lush, I think the most hydrating soaps would have to be Honey I Washed The Kids, Rock Star and Porridge. You can kinda see by looking at them that they’re a creamier formula than say Karma or The Godmother which are more translucent.
      Soap&Glory are fantastic for hydrating/moisturising products, Clean Girls and Clean On Me shower gels both have a built in moisturiser that actually works:)
      There’s also Original Source Shea Butter and Honey that I love for hydrating aswell:)
      I tend to think that the more opaque it is, the more moisturiser it has in it:)
      Hope this was a little bit helpful-let me know if it’s not because I could ramble on forever about bath products!

  9. I lovvvvvvve Lush, so jealous of all your products!!!! I walk in there just to smell products 😛

    • Haha, I do that too! It’s awkward though, because the shops quite small and the people that work there always talk to me and stuff, so I feel bad not buying anything:) Honestly, my guilt is enough to keep most shops running:)

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