Because this is what I do when I’m bored. I stalk http://www.superdrug.com, putting loads of stuff in my basket and hoping my mom will decide I can prder it;) 

There’s so pretty amazing make-up kicking around at the moment, so I thought I do a quick post before the WiFi dies again letting you know what’s currently on my Make-Up Wishlisht:) You can read my last make-up wishlist post here, if you want;)


That, right there, my friends, is some talented printscreening. 

I’m particularly exited about the new Barry M nail art pens, that I’ve seen a cool review for on http://www.pollypolish.com –check it out, it’s a great blog:)

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these things&what you thought of them, and, as always, recommendations welcome;)

I really sorry that my last few posts have been so useless, I’m going home today, so tomorrow I’ll try to get a good post up for you;)




  1. Btw, that Maybelline nail polish is amazing! It goes on really well and it only takes one coat!

  2. I love Superdrug and Barry M 🙂 I have the Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in Pomegranate and I adore it with a passion! Opaque in one coat, and a lovely, vivid colour to cheer you up 🙂 Hope you like it too!

  3. I am so getting that Maybelline nail polish… Nice cart, wish we could get Barry M over here!

  4. I just bought that same lip butter! 😛 lol

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