Alright, as much as I hate spending money on something that isn’t really make-up, brushes and tools are pretty useful. So I thought I’d put together a list of my favourite ones that are all pretty acceptable price-ranges, because youknow, I’m really bored and Cass from told me to;)

FASH Professional Brush Set, 18pc, £14.99

Before you look at that price and go ’18 brushes? For £15? Yeah, right,’, I’m going to mention that these are probably my favourite brushes ever. They’re so so soft, and the packaging is pretty cute and the metallic brushes are surprisingly great quality. If you’re new to make-up-ing, this set would be a great one to buy because it has everything. Seriously. You can buy some great brush sets on Amazon, actually. I wouldn’t risk Ebay though, if I’m honest;)

Front Cover Cosmetics Brushes

I’ve never bought these on their own, but I have a couple that came with a make-up set. They are amazing. Like really. I think they’re around £5-10 on there own, but I’d pay more for them. Again, they’re really soft, and the actual brush looks really professional and stuff.

Ecotools Bamboo 6 Piece Brush Set, £15.99

Ecotools are brilliant. They aren’t as soft as the other two, but the quality is a bit better. These just seem a bit more sturdy than the others. They come in loads of different sets, but the one I’ve hyperlinked above is a kind of all-round set. They also come with a really nice make-up bag to keep them in.

Real Techniques Core Collection 1403, £21.99

This is a set of 4 face brushes, which would be good if you only tend to do a very basic, natural make-up look. These are pretty much for foundation, concealer, blush and face-powder, and they’re a great quality set. They don’t look as pretty as some of the others, but don’t judge a brush by it’s…cover.

ELF Brushes, from £1.50 -£3.75 each

Yeah, OK, so I’ve never actually tried these, but I’m planning on ordering some soon, because they look pretty good and I’ve heard some great reviews for them. And the price is unbelievable.

No7 Brushes, from £7 -£17.50 each

Again, these aren’t in a set, but you could get a nice little make-up bag to put them all in;) No7 is a really great quality brand, and the prices aren’t ridiculous, like some make-up brushes (seriously guys. If you pay more that £100 for a piece brush, then you may have a serious problem. I’m sure they’re lovely brushes, but I’m also sure you can get equally lovely brushes with a slightly smaller price tag).

Barry M Brushes, from £2.99 -£7.99 each

I’ve read some amazing reviews for these, and they’re definitely near the top of my to-buy list. They’re all neon colours and look really pretty. Again, they aren’t in a set, but if you can make a more personalised selection of brushes this way;)

Hope this was useful;) Let me know if they’re are any others I should try, and what you thought of some of these;)



25 responses to “MAKE-UP BRUSHES.

  1. I love the E.l.f studio brushes!! I loved the mineral brushes too, but they no longer carry those in the US.

  2. HI! I nominated you for an award:

    The WordPress Family Award.
    Have a nice night.

  3. thanks lovey;D do one on you’re new naked palette please?! and also you’re new nail polishes you were telling me about;)

  4. Check out Crown Brushes aswell. They are fabulous and dirt cheap. They sell for $1-2 each at times and I’ve never seen one sell for more than $10 but they are phenomenal. When MAC was getting off the ground they had Crown manufacture all their brushes (and I suspect they still might) but of coarse everyone I know from MAC denies it. But I know people who would know and they say its true. Only catch is you have to order at least $25 per order but it is well worth it!

  5. The e.l.f. studio brushes are pretty decent. My favorite brushes are the Too Faced Teddy Bear Hair ones, they are super soft!

  6. I have the Elf studio brushes, a Sonia Kashuk, Real Techniques and Urban Decay. The only main difference I see in the more expensive brushes is the texture of the bristles. I’ve never had a problem with Elf brushes but now that I’ve used the Real Techniques it doesn’t even compare.

  7. I have most of the e.l.f. Studio ones and I think they are really good! 🙂 here is my review actually:

    I am planning on getting the purple and the gold sets by real techniques! 🙂

  8. Reblogged this on Beautiful Maturity and commented:
    For my peeps ‘over the pond’, this is very useful!

  9. I use the Elf brushes and one thing I will say is the essential brushes (which are $1.00 here in the States) tend to separate and shed. I still buy these for eyeshadow brushes because I have about 30 of them. But the Studio brushes (sold by Elf for $3.00) are a much better buy! They’re brilliant!

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