April-Stuff I’ve Used:)

Alright, these sort of posts are normally reserved for youtubers who do ’empties’ videos, but I thought I’d do a blog-post version, because I like to live on the edge.


Not the prettiest of photos, but you get the idea:)



The boring one first, make-up wipes! Which, I know, they’re pretty bad for your skin, but they’re useful, and I normally get through just over one packet a month:) And my Maybelline Color Sensational Popstick. OMG. Unless this is like the first of my posts you’ve ever read, you’ll probably know that I completely love this. I’ve never used this much of a lipstick before, ever. And there’s even less of it than there was when I took this photo. It’s just amazing. Luckily, I’ve got a new one, which you’ll see in one of my posts pretty soon:)WOO. If you don’t have a Color Sensational Popstick, BUY ONE. Immediately. 



Yeah, so basically, Soap&Glory. You know how I love my Soap&Glory;)! These are all mini’s, which is how I’ve managed to finish them;) Hand Food, Scrub of Your Life and Clean On Me, all amazing:) It’s the first time I’ve used Scrub of Your Life, and I actually didn’t find it particularly ‘scrubby’. It was more like a body polish, if you know what I mean. 




This is the perfume my mum always used to wear, and she had like five bottles of it, so when she started wearing Daisy, she gave this bottle to me. It’s not my absolute favourite scent, but I still like it, and I’ve been wearing it quite a bit recently.



Herbal Essences Ignite My Colour Intensifying Mask, I lurve Herbal Essences:) It’ll be one of my next Shampoo Reviews, so more about that then. These Intensive Masks are lovely, I wouldn’t say they do a much better job than normal conditioner used as a mask, but I just love the smell and the packaging:) 


Glade Christmas Candle. For which I have lost the picture I took. Yes. Christmas Candle. Smells amazing, has made me addicted to candles, much to my mum’s fear:) Let me know what your favourite candle is, because I need to buy a new one and there’s just so much to choose from and I’m a little overwhelmed.

And as you might have noticed from the very first photo, there’s also L’oreal Casting Creme Gloss there, which I haven’t actually used yet, but I’ll be dying my hair on Saturday, and that’s still April, so it’s cool:)

So, this is what I’ve used this month. Not including boring stuff like shampoo and conditioner and deodorant and toothpaste, though:)

Leave me some recommendations, or let me know if there’s anything you want me to review, or if you’ve tried any of these:)



9 responses to “April-Stuff I’ve Used:)

  1. glamourousagelessbeauty

    I am so glad you did this blog on things you have used up. I was going to do the same on my blog too, but thought it was mainly a “You Tube” thing. But no way! Why shouldn’t we bloggers do it too? It was great seeing the things you have enjoyed using. x

  2. Love Cerruti 1881!

    I wish Soap and Glory was more widely available!

  3. I haven’t tried Soap and Glory but people are always raving about them. Do they have them in stores anywhere? I’ve never tried a hair mask before do you find it is better than normal conditioning? I’ve used deep conditioners and repairing conditioners but never a mask. Lovely post!

    • Soap&Glory’s brilliant, you really should try it. I take it you don’t live in the UK? It’s sold at http://www.boots.com and you can view the products and other retailers at http://www.soapandglory.com. It’s definitely worth the price of delivery!;)
      When it says ‘hair mask’, I’m not exactly sure what defines ‘mask’. I sometimes put normal conditioner through my hair an hour before washing it, and I generally find this does a similar job to the hair masks I use. Hair masks are just a bit more convenient, I think, because the formula’s thicker and easier to put onto dry hair. Which deep conditioners do you use? I’d love to try one:)
      Thanks for your comment, I glad you liked the post:)

      • You guess correctly :), I remember at one point seeing them in my Sephora I guess they just don’t sell it in mine anymore. I will definitely check out their website, thank you!

        I used one that Sally Beauty Supply made and it made my hair silky smooth it was just too much though. It was like a ten minute mask and I never thought to put it on before the shower haha. Ill have to try just using a basic conditioner that way.

  4. I’m in love with soap and glory products too. I have the big bottle of clean on me and I have over half left and I don’t even remember how long ago I bought it!! I really like pulp friction body scrub as it’s more of a scrub 🙂

    • Love both of those! I agree, the huge bottles last forever, it’s insane. I use like a handful at a time, and one bottle will still last me about a month.
      Glad I’m not the only Soap&Glory obsessive out there!:)

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