I’ve done it again, I actually have a problem.

I’ve bought new nail polishes. And not just two or three either. Ten of them. And my mum officially gave me her Chanel one, because I love it and she never wears it. ELEVEN. What is wrong with me? On the bright side, it was a nice excuse to re-organise my nail polish collection. So yay:)



This is the The Amazing Spiderman collection by OPI, which I talked about in one of my ridiculously cringe-worthy first posts. Last Christmas, I got Your Web Or Mine (the pink, one which I’m wearing at the moment), Just Spotted The Lizard (green one), Into the Night (blue one) and Number One Nemesis (silver-grey one) and about two weeks ago I ordered My Boyfriend Scales Walls (white one), Call Me Gwen-ever (orange one) and Shatter The Scales (apply process of elimination here) from Lena White. It was the first time I’d ever ordered form there, so I was bit nervous, but it arrived to days later – :O -and in the best packaging EVER. I’m not sure how I was expecting them to be delivered to be honest, maybe individually packaged and hand delivered in a bullet proof fire proof box, but they way they were sent was good enough, I guess:)



See? It’s nice, isn’t it? I’ll have to do a post showing you all the colours in more detail, but basically:

My Boyfriend Scales Walls– really opaque, almost milky white. Great quality, easy application.

Your Web Or Mine?– two coats needed, but a really nice pearlescent pink, can look streaky but that just adds to the colour effect.

Call Me Gwen-ever– really vibrant medium-orange. Opaque in one fairly thick coat. Beautiful<3:P

Just Spotted The Lizard– green and gold and beautiful and perfect and amazing and beautiful.

Into The Night– probably the nicest blue I own. Really dark and a little bit pearlescent, like Lizard and Web:)

Number One Nemesis– grey/green, very sparkly but the most difficult of them all to apply. Gorgeous when applied correctly, though.

Shatter The Scales– great shatter polish, very dark green that’s almost black, sparkly, seems to mostly only ‘shatter’ vertically, but still great. 


P.I.A. Sneaky, yes? Let me just give you a quick packaging-comparison-


Hmm. I wonder what their inspiration was…

I picked up all three of these colours for £5, so they aren’t like O.P.I in all aspects:) Surprisingly, they are actually amazing nail polishes. I know. I was as shocked as you are. Let’s start with the purple-y pink shall we? OMG. Like seriously, it’s amazing. You might be reading more about this in another post soon, so I wont say any more about it, except OMG. Next, the turquoise-y green, which is like the blue version of Just Spotted The Lizard, is beautiful. Honestly, these nail polishes are all opaque in one coat and it’s amazing. Unfortunately, they don’t have names, just numbers stuck on the bottom chosen at random for no real organisational reason. I bought the blue one because I thought it looked like Barry M Blue Moon (don’t ask for the logic in this one. It wont get you anywhere).


Well, it’s not even close to similar, but it’s SO MUCH BETTER. With the Barry M one, you have to apply about four coats before you can even see it, and then it doesn’t dry, and then it chips and looks disgusting:( but one coat of this P.I.A one was completely opaque and beautiful. Honestly, I am just completely stunned that these polishes work, let alone work well. Wow. I actually haven’t been able to find anywhere you can buy them for any cheaper than about a fiver each, but honestly they’re worth it, so take a look here.


Maybelline Color Show-these are amazing. For a while I only had Solar Flare (orange) but I ordered Downtown Red and Urban Turquoise the other day and I love them just as much as a I loved my other one. They’re brilliant, and really cheap, and you should try them immediately.



I just don’t know what to say to express how much I love these. I just want every colour ever created, because they are beautiful. They’re easy to apply, the colours look vibrant and stunning, ofcoursetheyareopaqueinonecoat, and they’re just generally all round perfection. You can buy me the rest of the colours if you want to;)




Another Barry M- nail art pen! Woooohooo:) This literally only came out a couple of weeks ago, but I saw a great review for it and I was like MINE. I only ordered the black one just in case they turned out to be crap, but I could not have been more wrong. I should have ordered three in every colour, because I will use them. They are amazing. They’re nothing like the ridiculous nail art pens I own at the moment, this one is amazing. It’s pretty much a cross between a gel pen and a felt-tip pen for your nails. I LOVE IT. 



This is over the top of my Hi-Shine Gelly nail paints:) Ignore my crappy designs, just look at how well it works!


Thanks for reading Shiny New Things, Part 1! Part 2 and 3 coming up, so stay tuned:) Let me know if you want to see some swatches for any of the colours shown here, and as always, leave me some recommendations:)


18 responses to “SHINY NEW THINGS, PART 1

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  2. justabbie

    I’m very tempted by the Barry M nail art pen, it would make interesting nails so much easier!

  3. All of the names are so wonderful, they go right along with the movie (I get excited about the small things). That nail art pen is so cool! I always wonder how people get creative designs on their nails and I’m starting to understand the trend.

  4. The O.P.I Just Spotted The Lizard looks amazing. I’d love to see what that looks like worn! Great purchases, that’s a serious nail polish habit. 🙂

    • It’s beautiful, it’s probably my favourite in the collection;)
      I’ll put a swatch post up soon, or I’ll put an update on this post:)
      Haha, I know:)but they’re so pretty, I can’t help it;)

  5. haha, I feel your pain. Love the purple background 🙂

  6. 10 is as good number, round! 11 is also a good number, pretty looking 😉

    Huh, those PIA bottles looks EXACTLY like OPI. I mean, forget inspiration, it looks like they’re making them on the same factory, from same molds! I’ve never heard of PIA, must look into it.

    • Haha, couldn’t agree more!:)
      And I know, it’s completely insane! The only difference I’ve been able to find is that that P.I.A lids are slightly closer that the bottle, and on the bottom of the bottle there is a slightly raised pattern-y thing:)
      They are worth buying though, all O.P.I similarities aside:)

  7. OHMIGOSH! How many nail polishes do you own! Hahaha! But I have to admit, they are awesome!! But seriously, wow!

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