Urban Decay: Naked and Naked 2

I mentioned this review in yesterdays post, and it’s majorly exciting because I have wanted these palettes for so long. I ordered Naked 2 first, and I was actually only thinking about wanting one, and then I realised how much only having the second in a series stressed me out, so I ordered the first one as soon as Naked 2 arrived. It’s probably the most expensive order I have ever placed. 

You can buy the palettes here, for £36 each. Eek:O


Lets do this in chronological order shall we;) OK, the Naked palette. 



From bottom to top:

Virgin- an almost peachy-cream. Very sheer, works well as a base.

Sin- a kind of rose-gold glitter, that’s the best way I can think of two describe it. Really well pigmented.

Naked- really nice basic taupe colour, really gorgeous for a brown toned smokey eye. Matte.

Sidecar- one of my favourite colours in this palette, really beautiful glittery brown.

Buck- medium brown with an almost red tone. Matte.

Half Baked- amazing gold glitter. Beautiful used just on it’s own. This is actually in both palettes;)

Smog- glittery brown. Another favourite.

Darkhouse- shimmery dark brown- not nice on it’s own, but in a smokey eye it’s great.

Toasted- mauve-y shimmer. Really pretty:)

Hustle- almost plum coloured shimmer. Reallyreally gorgeous but not as wearable as some of the other shades.

Creep- sparkly black, quite powdery but really pretty.

Gunmetal- gorgeous sparkly grey, totally love it.

This whole palette has a really nice warm tone to it. The colours are generally really wearable, and, obviously, really great quality. 


Onto the packaging- this is the cardboard that came around the palette’s outer packaging, which is what holds the primer sample (amazing). It’s more flimsy that Naked 2’s outer packaging, but this is just the card with the colour swatches on, so that’s not a problem. The casing the palette came is purple velvet and really flimsy, but again, not much of a problem. The palette is brown velvet with ‘NAKED’ written in gold across the front. It snaps shut magnetically, and the mirrors quite small inside, but still big enough to do eye makeup. It’s really gorgeous packaging, and maybe not as damagable, although flimsy-er, than Naked 2.


This^ is the outer packaging.

Naked 2-


Lovely camera reflection there;)



From bottom to top:

Foxy- yellow-ish cream. Matte. Great base.

Half Baked- see review above.

Bootycall- pretty similar to Virgin, but more yellowy. Slightly shimmery.

Chopper- probably my absolute favourite, gorgeous rose-gold copper. Glitter.

Tease- a purpley mauve- matte.

Snakebite- a glittery brown, really pretty as an eyeliner.

Suspect- very pale shimmery bronzey gold.

Pistol- shimmery dark grey, another favee:)

Verve- slightly bronze silver, shimmery.

YDK- glittery mauve ish purple. Very, very pigmented. Love it. What does YDK stand for, by the way?

Busted- dark shimmery purple. Love it!:)

Blackout- matte black, which is amazing as an eyeliner or an eyeshadow, I’ve never come across a black matte before.

I think I actually prefer these shades to Naked:) they’re absolutely lovely, and I love the selection of matte and glitters. Even though I love these, I think I will use the slightly warmer tones or Naked more…maybe:) 



The outer packaging of this one is so much more sturdy. These colour swatches are on the back of the box (not the palette) rather than a flimsy piece of card tucked around the back of the box.


You can tell just but looking that the packaging on this is wayyy more sturdy. The actual palette snaps shut, rather than relying on magnets, but it is metallic, so if you’re throwing it in your handbag, it’d gona get scratched and probably a bit dented. Also, the lipgloss, which a lot of people have said is kinda so-so, I actual LOVE. I will actually be repurchasing this as soon as my sample runs out, mainly because it smells amazing. Minty and vanillery, mmm(: 

To the comparison!:

Colours: I prefer the colours in Naked 2, but I think I’ll be wearing Naked more often.

Packaging: Naked looks prettier, but Naked 2 is so much better.

Samples: LOVE them both and will be re-purchasing.

Brushes: I’ve read a lot of ‘Naked brush is better!’ posts, but I actually prefer Naked 2’s brush. It’s softer, and more useful, and double ended.


Price- they’re obviously the same price, mine were £36 each, which is insane and you can get cheaper versions and dupes of a lot of these shadows which I’ll be looking out for.

Overall: I am completely in love with both of these palettes. I think I’m edging slightly more towards Naked 2, but I think you can do pretty similar looks with either palette. In each palette there’s a colour that’s similar, so you can work with just one. 

So, yeah. I love these. Completely. And when they run out, I will be buying replacements. Let me know what you think of them, and what colours you like and don’t like and stuff:) I’d love Urban Decay to make a Naked 3 palette and include some olive and silver tones, which I kinda think are lacking. I know they aren’t really the ‘naked’ look, but if I’m honest, a lot of them don’t look at all natural;)


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  3. natasa

    where should we find naked 2 palette now that it’s sold out everywhere?

  4. Reblogged this on River For Life 101 and commented:
    Urban Decay: Naked

  5. I so badly want to get these, but they are not available in South Korea. Do you know of a site that ships internationally? Really enjoyed your blog. It makes me want to buy both of them asap.

  6. Thanks for the post and for the swatches!!! I’ve always wanted to get the Naked 2 and some time soon I’ll give in and just buy it! 🙂

  7. I love love love Naked 2, I was like you and was only going to get the Naked 2 palette but I couldn’t have one and not the other. The colors are amazing, the packaging is divine and the brush is to die for. I cannot say enough good things about that brush.

  8. The Urban Decay matte shadows in these palettes are my favourites – I wish they’d do a darker version of the matte basics palette (the teeny tiny one) because the quality of UD shadows is so good. I don’t like the fall out on the sparkly shadows, but that is negated by the overall quality of the shadows in general. Such good purchases 🙂

    • And me, I love them! Matte shadows are so rare, and I have no idea why because they’re amazing. I know what you mean about the fallout, when I wear the sparkly ones I end up carrying makeup wipes around with me:)

  9. flo

    Omg! I envy you! 😉 I have wanted them for so long… but I am still struggling because I have a ton of eye shadows, and they are not that pricy :/ still can’t decide! but I guess I will have to get at least one soon!!!

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