Essie First Impressions | Lapiz of Luxury

I went shopping again today and picked up some new stuff, including, finally, a couple of Essie polishes! I thought that because I’ve been wanting to try Essie for so long, I’d do some mini reviews rather than a big post about the stuff I bought:) The rest of non-Essie stuff will have it’s own post too, so don’t worry;)





Lapiz of Luxury

Colour- I am absolutely completely loving this colour. It’s so beautiful, it’s like a dark cornflower blue, and it’s gorgeous. It’s just become one of my favourite nail polish colour, and it would be gorgeous as a background for the dandelion nail art I keep seeing everywhere and still want to try.

Price- £7.99 from Boots or Superdrug, well worth the price.

Quality&Application- The quality is brilliant, I have two coats on in the pictures above, and looks surprisingly shiny. It dries fairly quickly too. The application was really easy, the brush is brilliant and really wide, so you only have to do two strokes across your nail.

Packaging- I love it! It’s a really gorgeous 13.5ml bottle, I like the white polish top, most of mine are black so it really stands out.

Lasts for- I only tend to wear nail polishes for a day and then I change the colour. I know that’s really weird;) but I only get two days a week to be able to wear nail polish, so I like to use as many colours as possible. It’s looking good so far though:)

Overall- Totally loving Essie, and this colour. Will definitely be trying more Essie polishes, but I’ve got another two parts to this post so you’ll be able to see some more of these soon!:) Recommend me some colours to try k?;)


4 responses to “Essie First Impressions | Lapiz of Luxury

  1. That color is ravishing! I am such a fan of these types of blues and that color is just perfect. I haven’t tried Essie but it is on my must have list for spring and summer.

  2. I see why you’re liking it so much – it’s s t u n n i n g!!! 🙂 I love Essie polishes me too, I recently discovered them, acutally!!!

    • I know, it’s beautiful! I’ve been looking for a colour like this for ages:) Me too! I can’t believe I haven’t tried them before now, the colour range is gorgeous, I can’t wait to go and buy more!:)

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