Essie First Impressions | Tart Deco

Another little mini-review today:) I like doing mini reviews. I’ve got a few new things to blog about, and I’m thinking about doing mini-reviews rather than one big post? Let me know what you’d rather read:)





Essie Tart Deco

Colour- It’s actually not as orange as it looks in these pictures, k? The fourth picture is probably the most accurate representation. It’s an almost florescent orange-y peach colour (yes. Another one. I know. I have a problem), which is beautiful. It would look absolutely amazing with a tan, which unfortunately I will never have, but it’s lovely all the same.

Price– £7.99 from Boots or Superdrug, well worth the price.

Quality&Application- The quality is brilliant, I have two coats on in the pictures above, and looks surprisingly shiny. It dries fairly quickly too. The application was really easy, the brush is brilliant and really wide, so you only have to do two strokes across your nail. The only drawback is that it will highlight imperfections on your nail, but I think that has more to do with the colour than the quality of the polish.

Packaging- I love it! It’s a really gorgeous 13.5ml bottle, I like the white polish top, most of mine are black so it really stands out. Love:)

Lasts for- I normally only wear nail polish for a day, I only get two days a week to wear nail polish and I aim to use as many colours as possible!:) From what I’ve read on other blogs and seen so far on my nails though, it seems pretty chip resistant.

Overall- I am loving this polish, another Essie in my top 20!:) I’ve only got one more colour to try, sadly, which will be posted tomorrow. You can have a look at the first polish I tried here.

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