Essie First Impressions | Cute as a Button

Sadly, I’m down to the last of my new Essie polishes now;( but never mind, because I love this one.






Essie Cute As A Button

Colour- This pink is so beautiful. I wasn’t actually expecting to love it, I just bought it because I’ve heard so much hype about Cute As A Button. It’s so popular it’s almost a chiche. The colour’s really beautiful fluorescent pinky-coral, the only drawback is that in the pictures above, I’m wearing three coats and I still think it’s not completely opaque. I’m a one-coat-of-nail-polish kinda girl, so this isn’t great. But the colour is great, and I will still use it. The formula actually seems a lot thinner than the other two I’ve tried. Those two look almost shellac-like, a lot like the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine range with only two coats, but this one is three coats and still really thin. 

Price– £7.99 from Boots or Superdrug, well worth the price.

Quality&Application- As I mentioned in the Colour section, it is really thin. But it doesn’t highlight imperfections as much as the other two I’ve tried, and it’s still gorgeous.

Packaging- I love it! It’s a really gorgeous 13.5ml bottle, I like the white polish top, most of mine are black so it really stands out. Love:)

Lasts for- I normally only wear nail polish for a day, I only get two days a week to wear nail polish and I aim to use as many colours as possible!:) From what I’ve read on other blogs and seen so far on my nails though, it seems pretty chip resistant.

Overall- I love this polish just as much as I’ve loved the other two. The colour is stunning, and I’ll definitely get a lot of wear out of it. Take a look at the blue and orange I tried!:)

I’m actually really sad I’ve run out of shades to try, but I’ll definitely be getting more. Let me know what your favourite shades are! I’ve been looking at Mint Candy Apple because that looks lovely too.


7 responses to “Essie First Impressions | Cute as a Button

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  2. love the color! so cute and the name of the naipolish: cute as a button! haha i like the name of it!

  3. I’ve seen so many YouTubers with this nail polish and I cannot get enough of it. This color has to be my favorite of all of the ones you have posted so far. I am going to the grocery store today so maybe I can sneak some colors into my cart haha.

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