Nail Polish Colour Crush- Purple(:

I’m starting to really love writing these posts! It’s nice to just talk about one amazing nail polish, rather than doing a post with five different items in it:)

I thought that for nail polish colour crush no#3, I tell you about one of the P.I.A polishes I have. You might remember from a post I did about a month ago where I talked about these, kind of briefly, but promised a more detailed review. Well, this is it:D Kind of. OK, so it’s not that detailed. But there are a few pretty pictures!! You can have a look at said post here.


This is P.I.A polish in 12. No, it doesn’t have a name. Yes, that does drive me mad. But I’ll get over it, because look at this colour! It’s a gorgeous mix of pink and purple, the colour is really orchid-y. I’ve never really looked for this colour in a nail polish before, but I know Revlon and Essie have a pretty nice one, but they’re both a lot more expensive than this one.



The pictures above are all one coat, which is AMAZING. The only slightly strange think I found with this shade, is that it dries to an almost matte finish. It kind of looks cloudy, if you know what I mean…? It probably just needs a top coat, but I think I’ll just stick to using it without, I kinda like it:) Also, it takes forever to chip, which is great:) In these photos, I’ve already been wearing it for three days. THREE DAYS, WITH ONE COAT, AND NO TOP COAT, FOR *approximately* £1.67?

In case you are now wondering, I got three of these nail polishes for £5. Smiley face:D

I just spent about ten minutes digging round the internet, but it turns out P.I.A don’t have a website ugh but I have found them on Amazon, where they’re about a £5 each. MINE WERE 3 FOR £5, AMAZON, BUT WHATEVER.

They are definitely worth the price. Seriously. LOVE THEM, and will be getting more.

Let me know what you think of this purple, or if you have a better one I should try, or a different colour all together:D I love suggestions and comments and stuff, they give me an excuse to try more things:)


6 responses to “Nail Polish Colour Crush- Purple(:

  1. That is an absolutely gorgeous shade. I have one pretty similar, but from a different brand.

  2. That is really impressive for one coat! For me to get that much coverage with other polishes it takes a ton of coats.

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