NEW THINGS! Part 1 +almost summer cheerfulness;D

This blog has been a blog for almost five months now.

Say hey to my 70th post!


I’ve been blogging for almost five months, and already I’ve broken my new-post-every-other-day promise, I’m a horrible person;( Anyway, I just thought it was about time that I said a huge thank you to all 377 of you, whether you’ve been following for a day or five months, I love you;) It is seriously crazy how quickly my little corner or the internet has grown, the last time I checked, I had 3,348 views, which is just INCREDIBLE. So, yeah, I love you all, and I’m sorry my posts have become much more *coughs nervously* ‘spaced out’, but anyway, I just wanted you  to know that every time you visit my blog, you can imagine me sending you a virtual cupcake. That, my friends, is love.

So anyway, onto the new things and general summer cheerfulness:D The summery-ness has infected my blog colour, yeah, I know, it’s a bit loud and really slightly painful to look at. And the official start of Summer isn’t for about fifteen days, but hey, here, it will be Summer when I say it will be Summer. Enough said.

NEW THINGS! I’m going to split this post into two (possibly three) because I don’t want to bore you with a 5000 word post;) This ‘mini-series’ will be everything make-up related I’ve picked up in the past few weeks;)

By the time I get around to doing the next few posts, there will probably be more stuff than is already in this picture, too.


Let’s start with nail polish for Part 1, because I think we all know and have accepted my nail polish addiction;)


O.P.I. Of course.

OK, so, the story behind these is that at school, we’ve got a whole ‘let us wear nail polish!’ campaign going, and we’re *this* close to being allowed to wear neutral colours. So generous of them. But anyway, I decided to order a few nice neutrals, because I don’t have many, and these are what I ordered;) From the left:

My Vampire Is Buff, Glints of Glinda (yep, need the rest of the collection now) and Don’t Pretzel My Buttons.

Vampire is a really nice, creamy off-white-beige, which is much nicer than it sounds. I haven’t used it yet so I don’t have any swatch pictures, but I’ll try and get some up asap. Glints of Glinda (part of the Oz collection- crap film, great selections of makeup/nail polish) is a really sheer beige. Like, really sheer. One coat was literally clear, but I was like, OK, be cool, because it’s quite nice with, ahem, five or six coats. Yeah. That’s a lot. And, finally, Don’t Pretzel My Buttons, which is hands down my favourite, and I actually LOVE it. Like, it might be in my top-ten nail polishes. I didn’t think I’d like wearing a neutral, but this one’s really sophisticated and pretty;) It’s like a slightly rosey-toned beige, so it’s a really nice warm toned nail polish. LOVE, LOOK AT IT.


Not sure what’s going on with my incredibly red hands.


Seche Vite Fast-Dry Top Coat

OK, I have heard so much hype about this stuff, so I ordered it (on Amazon, for less than £5) decided to try it out. First impressions were great- the bottle is brilliant for getting loads of the product, and the packaging is nice enough, not to fancy but not cheap looking. So far, great. I then painted my nails (with Glints of Glinda, because I can never just be trying one product at a time) and then used this as a top coat. Looks shiny? Check. Dries quickly? Check. Prevents chipping? NOPE.


Erm, are you kidding? I applied this, and then about an hour later, I noticed three chips in my nail polish. Now, at this point, I’m thinking ‘OK, so I applied it quickly, I’ll give it a second chance’. So I did. I applied it again that evening, and it was fine in the morning, but then by about lunchtime, the top coat and my nail polish underneath had starting peeling off. Really badly. I then noticed, that if I pressed down on my nail in the corner, the nail polish would peel away like sellotape, and I could remove the whole nail from that one corner. IS THIS STUFF GLUE-BASED, OR SOMETHING?

Because I’m nice, I’m now wearing Seche over Don’t Pretzel My Buttons, thinking that maybe it doesn’t react well with Glints of Glinda. So far it’s OK, but I’ll be doing an update;)


Maybelline Color Show

I’ve rambled on before about how much I love these. They’re amazing, especially when you consider the price (I think they’re £2.99) and they have an AMAZING range of colours. From the left: Sugar Crystals, Peach Smoothie, Blackout.

Sugar Crystals makes a really pretty topcoat that goes with pretty much anything. I think it looks particularly nice over the two other shades mentioned here;)

Peach Smoothie is really nice cream pink- I’m not sure about peaches, but it’s what I think of when I think ‘smoothie’:) It’s pretty much opaque with three coats (which I can’t show you, because I’m an idiot and accidentally deleted the photo) but it’s a really nice better-than-neutral colour.

Blackout is…black;) I picked it up because I realised, that considering black is one of my favourite nail polish colours, I don’t have one that isn’t textured or glittery. I haven’t used this yet, but if it’s as good as the others in this range it’ll be fantastic.


Revlon Nail Enamel

I have talked about these before (the coral one in the background is One Perfect Coral, which I talked about around a month or so ago, and I’ll link the post below) because I bought the coral colour (which isn’t as red as it looks here) and loved it. Sorry, that’s a really complicated sentence. Anyway, I loved the coral, so I bought Posh, which is a really fantastic forest green colour.


Photo is awful, and one of my nails is chipped, but this just shows you the colour, which I’m loving because I’ve not seen many real green nail polishes before.


Could not get a good photo of this. Mergh.

OK, storytime.

I’ve been wanting to give Nails Inc. a go for a while now, because I’ve seen so many bloggers talk about them, but I’ve never bought a bottle and tried it for myself because I hate the packaging. Hate it. Now, I could get past that if it was a cheap nail polish, but for £11, I want it to be perfect. Which I don’t think this is. I think the packaging looks cheap and horrible and plastic-y. But anyway, when I saw their collab with InStyle, I picked up a copy (for like £3) so I could see what the formula of Nails Inc. was like, and whether it was worth getting over my hatrid of the packaging. The colour I got seems alright, a bit of a generic red, but that’s OK. I haven’t tried it out yet, but I will do asap and I’ll do a little review;)

And that’s it for part 1! And all in under 1300 words, woohoo;) Thankyou so much for reading, and blogging, and following and liking and commenting and generally being wonderful for the past five months:D

Let me know if you’ve tried any of the products here, or if you want to see some swatches, and as always, recommend me some makeup/nail polish. I’m looking for a topcoat and basecoat (seperate), and ideas?

Other nail polish things…

Nail Polish Colour Crush, Coral

Nail Polish Colour Crush, Turquoise

Nail Polish Colour Crush, Purple

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine

OPI Spiderman Collection

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11 responses to “NEW THINGS! Part 1 +almost summer cheerfulness;D

  1. beautybelle42

    Loving this blog so much. This post is super cute and helpful! Thanks for the heads up!, Michelle

  2. Nail polish \o/ They became my new obsession this year. Surprised with how much I love the pic of the OPI, because neutrals usually are not my thing, but that Don’t Pretzel my Buttons looks pretty rad. I admit I’m uber curious about that green lipstick.

    • I felt exactly the same! I’m LOVING don’t pretzel my buttons- I didn’t think I would, but it just looks really posh and sophisticated;)
      Haha! Can’t wait to write about that one;)!

  3. i love the colours! but i cant understand why this happened to you with seche vite. it is so so great :/ I love it, I use it over striping tape and it lasts over 5 days and the tape won’t lift. is it possible you put a very tick layer or topcoat or of polish underneath?

    marija from

    • I know, I was so upset! I really wanted to love it as much as everyone else does;(
      &possibly, I’ll have to try with a really thin layer;) Saying that, I’m wearing it over a more opaque nail polish today, and it’s not to bad but it’s already chipped on three nails!;(
      I think I’m just not a top-coat kinda girl;)

  4. Awesome products!!! Can’t wait to hear from you about that green lipstick and on the Revlon lipbutters! 😉

  5. Just so you know, I find the quality of the magazine freebie Nails Inc polishes to be far worse than the ones you can buy in the shops. Not sure why…

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