MAC Lipstick- First Impressions part1

Back to blogging with a reallyreallyreally good post!:) I mean, the actual post isn’t going to be that great. I mean the product because it’s beautiful;)


This is (confession) my first ever MAC product. Ever. Which is really weird when you consider what an obsessive freak I am, but I’ve always been hesitant to buy one lipstick for (wait for it) £15, when I could get possibly three ‘normal’ lipsticks for that. I’m not saying I’m against high-end-ish products because I’m absolutely not and I love them, but I’m still building up my makeup collection, and I guess I’d prefer to do that with loads (accurate description) of slightly cheaper items, than one or two more expensive items. Rambling now, so I’ll get into the review.


As you might of guessed from my oh-so-clever photo editing^, this lipstick is called On Hold. I have no idea why, but that’s not really important;) It’s basically a raspberry toned pink/red, which does look like it has the slightest hint of gold sparkle in it. Luckily, this doesn’t show up as glitter per se, it just makes the lipstick a little bit brighter and more light-reflective, I think.


It isn’t completely opaque in one coat, the top colour in this^ picture is one coat, but then you layer it up and you get it to the point of almost being red. That’s not really showing up in this picture, but you get my idea.


On Hold is a cremesheen, and to be honest I haven’t tried enough other MAC lipsticks to really know what that means, but it looks really moisturised, I guess. I mean, it’s not glossy, it’s not even shiny, it kind of looks like a matte lipstick with a lip balm over the top. But even though it looks moisturising, I find it does end up feeling a little heavy on the lips after a while, but it does seem to stay looking the same.


I haven’t worn it a lot, to be honest, but from what I can tell it lasts really nicely. It doesn’t do that REALLY REALLY ANNOYING thing that some lipsticks do, which is fade from the centre of the lips but leave a beautifully attractive lip-liner-esque look. It all fades equally, after maybe three or four hours without eating. And that’s not even with proper application, if you used a lipliner, a lipbrush and did the blotting thing, you could probably get it to last a lot longer.


The packaging is, basically, really nice and professional. I like the slightly sparkly black tube, and the fact that it comes in a box* and everything. Apparently, one picture isn’t enough:





Apparently 2 or 3 photos isn’t enough either. I’ll stop now, because I’m boring you;)

*Does anyone else have this problem with makeup that comes in boxes, where the very pretty expensive looking box is taking up too much room, but you can’t bear to part with it or even store it somewhere else because then your product won’t be ‘complete’? That isn’t just me, is it?


OK, this is the deal-breaker. This lipstick was £15, which, like I mentioned before, is a ridiculous amount of money for one product. When I used to stalk MAC products when I was, like, 10, I swear these were little over £10. Saying that, they must be worth it because I am planning on buying more. I might be insane?


Loving this. I’ve got a really lip product obsession going on at the moment (you’ll see). Love the colour, love the finish, love the packaging, just lovelovelovelove. And there’s a part 2! Yay! That probably won’t be up for a while though, but I’ll explain that soon;) If you want to see another review/ first impressions post on a MAC lipstick, check out Cassidy’s post about Creme D’Nude and like and follow while you’re there!:)

I hope you liked this post! Please recommend me some MAC products to try, too- the website is so overwhelming but I really want to build up my collection;D

I’m going to try and post more often, too. The past week or so I just haven’t been able to think of anything to post, but I’ve been on a little (‘little’ being the operative word) spending spree, to celebrate the fact that my ‘spending ban’ is over. I know. I’m an idiot. I’ve also been feeling a bit ill, because *hot* weather (even though I love it) always makes me really down and hulk-esque. It’s like the opposite of SAD.

I really haven’t come across well in this post have I?!



13 responses to “MAC Lipstick- First Impressions part1

  1. Got my first one in London when I was there for IMATS, it’s expensive but I love it! The name is Jist, if you want to check it out 🙂 Great review by the way!

    Marija from

  2. LOL I do that with boxes! I never throw them away immediately. But then I get annoyed at all that useless stash and get rid of it all in one go.

    I still own one single MAC lipstick, for like 3 years now I think? Not too big of a fan of the scent.

    Price wise, I think MAC is in its own category. It’s not a drugstore brand that everyone buys, but it’s not high end “luxury” brand either.

    • Haha! I really need to do that…;)
      I know what you mean about the scent, I think at first it can be pretty overpowering, but I find it does fade.
      Amd you’re totally right about the price! That’s why it was such a good brand for me to start out with, because I do consider them to be ‘high end’ products, compared to the items I normally buy. It’s kind of medium-high end, I think, similar to Bobbi Brown and Clinique, but not like Chanel or something;)

  3. MAC lipsticks are a bit pricey, but they’re such a great buy. Some lipsticks wouldn’t be worth the price, but MAC’s definitely are! I love the variety of colors they offer.

    Michele 🙂

  4. Wow lovely review ! You have a great blog 🙂 Do check mine

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