MAC Lipstick- First Impressions part2


Ok, I ordered these two lipsticks from MAC a few weeks ago, and everything was fine, and they arrived about two days later which is awesome. ‘On Hold’ was great, and then I opened the other one (Plumful) and it was broken and looked used. I emailed MAC twice, saying that this wasn’t acceptable and I want a replacement, etc, and got no reply. So, we called them, they asked us to send them a photo of the broken lipstick, and then they were really nice and exchanged it. So, all is good, but I thought I’d let you know why it’s taken me so long to review this:)

I didn’t say it was going to be a good story, ok?


Isn’t that just the most beautiful colour ever? I’m really obsessed with purple lip colours, because I find it’s one of the few shades I can wear that looks ‘natural’. I don’t mean my natural lip colour is purple, I mean it doesn’t make me look washed out or fake or anything.


Like I mentioned, it’s beautiful. It’s a plum-coloured purple (Plumful- a name that actually makes sense?!? SHOCK.), which doesn’t have any shimmer or anything which I’m really glad about. There’s not much I can say about it other than the fact that it is my favourite lipstick now, ever, because it’s beautiful.


This is what the colour looks like when it’s just been applied, built up, and should you happen to draw a heart with it.


Plumful is a lustre. I have no idea how that’s supposed to be different, but I just find it’s less opaque than the cremesheen, but it’s more buildable and wearable and feels less like you’re wearing lipstick. I really like it, but I’m not sure if all lustre-finish lipsticks from MAC are the same, or if I just love the colour of this one so much that I’m willing to overlook any faults it has;)


I’d say it lasts a couple of hours when, like I mentioned last time, you just throw it on, but with a lipliner and blotting and all that boring crap it would probably last about four or five hours. It all fades really nicely, too, so it’s not going to leave you with blotchy lips, particularly if you’re lips are naturally dark like mine.


See previous post. Pretty;)




See last post. I just can’t even talk about this again, because the price has annoyed me so much;)


Oooh, new category. Only because I’ve just remembered it smells like vanilla, which is a bit strong at first but it does fade and smell nice.


Love it love it love it love it. I just love the colour so much that I can’t not love it:)

Let me know if you’ve tried this one! And let me know what your favourite MAC lip colour is, I had a couple of really great recommendations on my last post;)


7 responses to “MAC Lipstick- First Impressions part2

  1. Oh no, not another post about Plumful! Bloggers are such enablers! Haha. I really must pick this up soon. I’m getting a bit obsessed with my plum lipsticks. 😀

  2. Could you please do a swatch or a lip image. I’m so curious. My favourite is Russian Red. 🙂

  3. kflowermaquillage

    Your making me really want this! I already have a lot of MAC lipsticks though -_- hehe.

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