The Nail Polish Quiz! New tag?

I thought I’d go a bit crazy and make a tag-type question thing:) I have no idea if any one is even a little bit interested in the answers and everything, but they’re all questions I’d love to know the answers to, so if anybody wants to do the tag as well, that’d be so awesome and I’d love to read it!

Also, let me know if there are any other questions you want me to add, because mine probably aren’t going to be that great:)

1. What nail polish are you wearing right now?

Essie, Lapiz of Luxury

2. What’s your favourite nail polish colour?

Anything orange/coral/peach or blue

3. How many nail polishes do you have in your collection that you’ve never used?


4. How often do you buy nail polish?

I’ll probably buy three or four bottles a month? Sometime a lot more:)

5. Name a nail polish you love, but you don’t wear?

Revlon Nail Enamel in Posh. Such an interesting colour, but doesn’t suit me.

6. Any nail polishes you always take off after an hour?

O.P.I Into The Night. It’s one of the most beautiful colours ever, I just can’t wear it.

7. How often do you change your nail polish?

Every day, because I’m weird and I get bored.

8. Favourite nail polish brands?

Essie, Barry M, O.P.I

9. Most disappointing nail polish you’ve tried?

Any crackle nail polish. When it’s done properly, I love it, but most of the time it looks disgusting;|

10. Most expensive nail polish you own?

Chanel Nail Colour in 509 Paradoxal. I actually hate it, the brush is ridiculously thin.

11. Cheapest nail polish you own?

My P.I.A polishes. I got them on 3 for £5 😀

12. Have you got a whole nail polish collection?

The O.P.I Spiderman collection, and I pride myself on owning every single Barry M Gelly Hi Shine 🙂

13. Do you/ can you do nail art?

Occasionally I’ll do something really simple (very messy NOTD pic!) but most of the time I don’t bother because I change my nail polish so often.


14. How do you store your nail polish?

In three perfume boxes, organised by a) ‘high end’, b) favourites and c) can’t-bring-myself-to-throw-them-away-but-I-don’t-wear-them.

15. How many nail polishes do you own?

Too many to count, but not as many as I’d like:)

16. Nail polish brands you want to try?

Sally Hansen, Jessica, A England and more Zoya’s!

17. Do you use a base coat/ top coat?

When I remember! If I’m wearing a colour that’s going to stain my nails, I normally make more of an effort:)

18. Nude, black, or French manicure?

Black. Always, goes with everything:D

19. Currently at the top of my nail-polish-wishlist…?

Essie Mesmerized, O.P.I Gargantuan Green Grape and O.P.I Cajun Shrimp.

20. All time favourite nail polish(es)?

O.P.I Just Spotted The Lizard was my first ever O.P.I so it’s special:) But also Barry M Greenberry and Revlon One Perfect Coral.

Feel free to leave out some of the questions if you decide to do the tag, 20 is quite a lot!:D Hope you liked this, it was really fun and remember to leave a link to your tag!:D


12 responses to “The Nail Polish Quiz! New tag?

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  2. I did this, it was quite fun 🙂

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  4. glamourousagelessbeauty

    I’ve never done a “tag” before, I think I shall have a go at this one! Great post! xx

  5. I might do this one too, thanks for the idea!

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  7. Ooh, nice!! I can never be bothered with tags, but you’ve got great questions here and easy to answer! 😀 I’ll do this one!

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