Maybelline Baby Lips :)

These have been all over the internet forever now, so when I got an email from Boots the other day saying they’d been released in the UK, I freaked, ran out straight away and bought all six.




Even if I’d seen a hundred bad reviews for these, I would have bought them for the packaging, which is absolutely adorable. You can tell they’re American, because they’re individually packaged. When does that ever happen in the UK?! NEVER.

The clear lip balms



I thought I’d start with the less impressive of the bunch. Not that this isn’t a great, adorable, pretty little lip balm, but that’s all it is. It’s a lip balm, which is about as hydrating as any other. But it smells nice, and kind of fruity, so I like it:)


Intense Care

This one is the reason it’s taken me so long to do this post. I’ve been wearing this every day to try and see what’s so ‘caring’ about it, but I can’t see all that much difference from any other lip balm. So yeah, it’s nice, but it’s not amazing. I can’t think what this smells like, it’s alright though, not as nice as the others but not offensive either.


Mint Fresh

This is the last of the clear lip balms, and it’s definitely my favourite of the bunch. It smells amazing. It’s really sweet and minty, like After 8’s and Mint Aero. It’s just delicious. I’m actually thinking of buying another one of these to carry around with me. The formula seems exactly the same as Intensive Care and Hydrate, which is fine.

The tinted lip balms



This picture shows the lip balms all really built up. They’re still not opaque, but I like them.


Peach Kiss

This one isn’t peach as much as it is a kind of brown-pink colour. It’s got a really gorgeous iridescent blue shimmer in it, which is really pretty. It actually transfers onto the lips really well, but the colour doesn’t look fantastic on me so I can’t imagine wearing it often. 


Pink Punch

This one, in the bullet, is insanely bright, Barbie-pink. It’s more colour than balm, I think. I’ve only used this once, because it kin of tints the colour almost opaque on the outside of your lips, but only looks slightly tinted on the rest everywhere else. It smells like starbursts which is really delicious, though, so I’ll probably use it just for that.

Cherry Me


This is definitely the best of the colours. It’s a really slightly sheer dark pink, and I’ve been wearing it almost every day. I normally hate the smell of cherries, but this isn’t too bad. It smells ever so slightly like marzipan too, and I actually like it. This one is 50/50 lip balm and colour, so it’s perfect.





You get a load of product with these, which is great, and they’ll last a while because you don’t  need to wear too much. The colour lasts, the scent fades quickly, and they really are nice on your lips. I’m really loving these, and I’ll definitely repurchase Cherry Me and Mint Fresh, if not all of them. I’m actually really glad I like these, after all the hype about them.

Are you thinking about getting any of these, or have you already? What’s your favourite?



9 responses to “Maybelline Baby Lips :)

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  3. Ohh I have one that isn’t included in the Uk collection I guess, called something to do with grape. And it’s a purple that looks fab on me and smells like artificial grape, which i love haha. Also, I’ve been thinking this for a long time, but now I’m finally in a place where I could do it – do you want to do a minor UK/US swap for like little things we’ve each been dying to get and can’t?

    You crack me up for getting all six out of excitement. 😉


    • I’ve seen people review that one, it looks amazing, I love purple!! I’m still hoping they’ll bring the rest of the collection over here, not that that would be very cost effective for me:)!
      That’s such a great idea. I’ve actually been talking about doing a swap with someone else recently, but I’d love to talk about a swap in a few months maybe;)?
      Haha:) Have you noticed I’m a little obsessive?:L

  4. Ahhh, I looked for them the other day but couldn’t find them!:( I’m also thinking about getting all 6;) Lovely post:)xoxo

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