Etsy- LittleDistractions jewellery

This is the first thing I’ve ever bought from Etsy, I didn’t even really know about it until about two months ago. Cass told me about these (have a look at what she ordered here) and I thought they looked so pretty I had to order something:)

I ordered these from the US about two months ago, so they arrived the other week and I have no idea why I haven’t reviewed them until now. They arrived in the most adorable packaging ever.




The little envelope on the front was filled with cute little cards with discounts and information and stuff. It’s so cute!


I ended up ordering four rings and a bracelet. I am totally in love with all of them! I don’t wear them all at the same time, but this is what they look like…


I’ve been wearing one of the above-knuckle heart rings on my middle finger, and the ‘love’ ring on my index finger on my left hand, and then some of my mom’s old rings on my right hand.




This jewellery is made with thin craft wire, so it does bend but it will pretty much stay in place. They aren’t going to last forever, especially if you’re wearing them often, but at the price I would definitely re-purchase them. Pretty much all the items she sells are available in copper, gold and silver and you can personalize them with names and stuff. There’s even a really cool quote bracelet that I can’t wait to get my hands on! There’s loads more jewellery on LittleDistractions Etsy shop, and I’d definitely order from there again. The one teeny-tiny bad point I’ve found with these, is that my skin is quite sensitive to the metal, so if I try and wear them for too long it makes my skin a little itchy. But apart from that, everything’s gorgeous and amazing quality!

Let me know if you decide try some of this jewellery!

Some of the links-



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