Natural Collection Lipsticks- Updated Review/Swatches&upcoming giveaway?

I did a post about these really recently, but I looked at it the other day and realised the swatches were virtually non existent, so I decided that because I’ve picked up a few more anyway, I might as well re-do the whole post with real swatches and everything:)!



Quick review before the swatches- if you read the last post, feel free to skip this part because it’ll basically be the same thing:)

First of all, I just want to mention the packaging. I’ve seen reviews for these lipsticks saying that the packaging is too cheap-feeling, and looks breakable. I completely disagree- it’s a £1.99 lipstick! I’m glad that Natural Collection choose to spend their money on the product not the packaging. It’s not the prettiest looking lipstick, but it’s far from the worst packaging I’ve seen and it does the job. When I was 8, I had one of these lipsticks (long since lost) and I kept it for years before I threw it away and it never broke. And I love the little flower logo!

The colour range for these lipsticks is pretty great, too. It’s definitely much better than you’d expect it to be for such a cheap brand. I own nine of these, and there are still two or three more I’d consider buying. The rest of the collection is mainly baby-pinks,  deep browns, and the occasional tacky-glittery one. I can’t wear pale pinks or nudes because my natural lip colour is very dark, browns look awful against my skin tone and the glittery ones are pretty crappy, to be honest. My sister has one called Pink Orchid, which is bright, sparkly, and has barely any pigment. I think she uses it on her barbie dolls or something:) I’d love them to attempt a bright purple or orange like some of the other high street brands. I also love that the names actually make sense to the colour! I’m looking at you, Revlon Lip Butters.

The quality of these lipsticks is incredible for the £1.99 price tag. They come in two ranges- Moisture Shine, pretty self explanatory, and Sheer Natural. Sheer Natural is obviously less pigmented, but you can still build it to a fairly good colour. The Moisture Shine’s can be almost opaque, particularly the darker shades, but they still stay shiny and pretty.

The one thing that isn’t amazing about these lipsticks is that they don’t last very long. I don’t know if that’s because they’re shiny, but they do fade to nothing after maybe two hours, maximum. But they fade nicely, not in that disgusting lip-liner way, and most of the colours are natural enough that you can re-apply them without thinking (or even using a mirror).

The swatches!



Removing^ these swatches proved very difficult. I now look like someone’s hurting me.



Cherry Red, Crimson, Cranberry, Raspberry, Berry Blush, Rose Bud, Pink Mallow, Coral Shimmer, Sorbet.

Most wearable: Cranberry, Raspberry, Rose Bud

Prettiest colour: Sorbet, Berry Blush

Most pigmented: Cherry Red, Crimson, Cranberry

Favourites: Raspberry, Crimson, Berry Blush, Rose Bud

Shades I want to buy: Caramel (I lost mine…)

I hope this was helpful! Natural Collection is available at Boots, and unfortunately you can’t stalk them over the internet. But if you do see these, pick one up and let me know what you think of it! Which colours do you like?

Also, I just wanted to mention that I’m planning on doing a giveaway, possibly including one or two of these;) It’ll either be 500-follower thing (currently on 407 so tell your friends) or maybe a views one? Currently on 5,997 views so it could be soon:)



10 responses to “Natural Collection Lipsticks- Updated Review/Swatches&upcoming giveaway?

  1. I had been looking for these and could not find them on the boots website…this review has been a great help n the swatches are just love!! thanx loads, xoxo

  2. Frankie

    I have just purchased the cranberry lipstick. I too have a very deep natural lip colour and I previously bought a nude from MAC. I do like it and it goes well with my skin colour (pale but tan well) however I always found I needed such a coverage to keep it up. I love the cranberry moisture shine because it goes on without the need for a million layers.

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  5. These swatches are really nice – lots of these look like my kind of colours! 🙂
    How many times did you go over each swatch? Is that really how pigmented they are, or what you can build them to?

    • The swatches for Crimson, Cherry Red, Raspberry, Cranberry and Rose Bud and kind fof just swatched two or three times so they show up on camera, but the rest are pretty built up. I really like them for that though, because you can get a nice tint from them;)

  6. Oh my, these are gorgeous!!!! amazing for a 2£ lipstick!!!

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