Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo

There must be millions of reviews for these already on the internet, but I thought I’d add one more:D I bought some of these for my mom over a year ago, and I didn’t really think much of them at the time, but the other day I caved under the pressure of the blogospere, and I now have three.  So…great.







The packaging of these products is one of the main things I love about them. It feels so much more expensive than it is! I think it’s made of glass, which is clever because it magnifies the 4g’s of product so it feels like you’re getting a lot more. The glass jar has ‘Color Tattoo 24HR’ printed on it, and it’s all shiny, but then on the lid it has a little description and the shade name and stuff. I actually store mine upside-down, because the glass side is prettier;)

The shade range for these isn’t bad either, I believe there are 11 shades available in the UK? There are 11 at Superdrug, anyway, but only 9 at Boots. I have On and On Bronze, Pink Gold and Permanent Taupe but there are more I definitely want to get my hands on. The colours all look pretty good- there are a few neutrals, a couple of wearable colours and a few very loud, very bright shades that I would so love to be able to pull off! Metallic Pomegranate and Turquoise Forever (the one used for the ad’s) look so beautiful, and I think we all know I’ll probably end up buying them:) I think the next ones I pick up will probably be Timeless Black, Immortal Charcoal and Light in Purple.

The price of these is absolutely brilliant, £4.99! And they’re currently 3-for-2 at Boots and Superdrug. I was actually expecting them to be more around the £7/8 mark, so that was a nice surprise at the counter:)

I guess that in a review I should talk about the product:) These, obviously, claim to be 24 hour wear, though why anyone would need to wear eye make-up for 24 hours is totally beyond me. I can safely say that these last me from eight in the morning to eight at night, without moving around too much. I do find that if I put it above the socket line, though, it wears off quicker. I’m not entirely sure why, but on my eye lid it doesn’t budge. I’ve used these as base for the Naked eyeshadows (which crease terribly) and it did help them stay put, too. I prefer the look of them on their own, though.

The main selling point of these ‘Gel-Cream Eyeshadows’, I think, is how ridiculously easy they are to apply.  They just glide straight on, and then you blend them, for, like, two seconds, and you’re done! And it looks like you’ve spent way more time on your makeup than you’ve actually bothered too. They make me feel better about not being able to apply eye-shadow the way all the incredible beauty Youtubers do;) 

These are just so versatile. You can use them as a base, build them up, make it natural or mix-and-match colours for a fool-proof smokey-eye-thing. I am totally loving them:)


Permanent Taupe: This one is pretty dark, but still wearable. You could even get a small angled brush and wear this as an eyeliner. It’s probably the most difficult to blend out of the ones I’ve tried, I think that’s because it’s a more matte shade.

On and On Bronze: This has been my go-to, every day colour. It’s so pretty! It’s so shimmery, but in a really nice way. It blends really brilliantly, too. When this runs out- because it will- I’ll definitely pick up another one.

Pink Gold: The least creatively-cringe-named one is the newest edition to my teeny tiny collection, because I bought it this morning. But I’m wearing at the moment, and when I apply it really lightly, I really, really love it. It looks so natural (my eyes but better- very underused term) that I could probably even get away with it at school. I won’t, because school is disgusting, but I could;) 

I hope this was helpful! Probably wasn’t, you’ve all seen reviews for these:) Which shades do you have/want?



15 responses to “Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo

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  5. I loooove these. I own three, two from the regular line (tenacious teal and painted purple) and one from the Metal line (silver strike). The formula for the silver one can be a bit of a pain, but I love all three of them so much! I wonder if they change the names for different country distribution. :O

  6. I have the pink and the taupe one! 😉 In Italy they have different names, but they are amazing as well!!! 😀
    Iìd love to get bad to the bronze, but this shade isn’t available here!

    • I lurvee Permanent Taupe!:) They have different names everywhere, it’s so annoying-.- &oh no! Maybe they’ll bring that colour to Italy, there are a few shades in America that I really want:(

  7. I havent had much success with cream shadows. They crease too much!

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