New Limited Edition Revlon Lip Butters!


Just had to get that out there:D I checked the Boots website the other day, and I saw these. At first I thought it was some sort of cruel editing joke, but no, they are real, and they are in my make-up collection:)

I think that the last time I talked about the Lip Butters I had four of five of them? I now have twelve (er…) because I love them so, so much. There are about four more that I’d love to get my hands on (especially while they’re 2 for £10, which is a huge saving) and when I have those, I’m going to go swatch-crazy and do some sort of collection post:) I know you’ve seen them all, but I need to celebrate these:D

The new shades are called Provacative (purple in the silver packaging) and Invite Only (the teal/ turquoise/ blue beautifullness). Very different from the cute and fruity and calorific names of the rest of the butters. Maybe these two ‘limited edition’ (yeah, right) shades are teasers for a new, sheerer collection? That would be both fabulous and expensive.




Revlon are sticking to their super cute packaging with there new shades, with a little added sparkle. No complaints:D I don’t quite understand why Provacative is in a silver case, though. I know they already have purple packaging, but they could have done a really pale purple, like the blue, couldn’t they? Maybe not. Anyway, I like it:)

Ok, before I get into the psycho-babble about how much I love these- I’ve got to get this out there- I think these are going to get a lot of hate. They are very, very sheer- these are literally lip butters because they aren’t tinted on the lips at all. If you have very very pale lips, you might see a hint of lilac with Provocative, but it’s going to be light. So if you’re looking for a tinted balm, try some of the other shades. If, however, you need lip butters like drugs, then you’ll probably see the wonderful in these:)

Right, ok, I’ll actually talk about them now:)

These, being fairly new, have the newer formula of the lip butters, obviously. So they’re not as ‘buttery’ (for lack of a better term) in the tube and you can apply them without smushing them. Which is awesome. I also don’t think these are as melty as the colourful ones. I could be really, horrifically wrong, but they seem more like a real lip balm. The feel nice on the lips, too. They aren’t gritty- at all- they’re really smooth and lightweight. I have found that one or two of the glittery lip butters feel kind of gross, but these don’t. The glitter particles in these are tiny, so it looks more like shimmer which I’m loving, especially when they catch the light. 

And this is the best bit- they’re iridescent and they kind of shimmer in blue and purple. So, when you put these on the lips, it makes them look really healthy and natural and glowing- almost like a very faint highlight for the lips. It’s so different to anything else I’ve tried. I might just be fangirling because they are Revlon Lip Butters, but honestly, I love these. They’re just beautiful, natural, shimmery, shiny, sparkly balms and I am seriously considering picking up another ‘Invite Only’ to take with me to school. 





I took the next few photos with flash under really harsh lighting to try and show you the shimmer. I didn’t work as well as I hoped, but I think you’ll get the idea:)





Revlon Lip butters are normally £7.99, but at the moment you can pick them up on 2-for-£10 at Boots and Superdrug. Honestly, even at £5, these two, because there’s no colour, are pretty overpriced. But I’m happy I have them because I’ll definitely get a lot of wear out of them. Let me know what you think of these! Or we can just chat about how beautiful they look. 

Thanks for reading!



23 responses to “New Limited Edition Revlon Lip Butters!

  1. Hi! I very much love both of these lip butters. I bought two and then two more! I have pale skin, kinda light pinky lips(I guess?) but I can def see color from both. LIght, sheer purple and green and very sparkly. They both seem to make my lips look a bit plumper too. These are hard to find now and seem sold out at stores but I’ll continue to stock up if I find them. Love the post-have also been reading a lot of hate for these products but I absolutely adore them! They’re PERFECT for daytime or night time in winter.

    • I totally agree! They don’t really show up on me, but they just make my lips look really healthy, if that makes any sense..?:) It’s a shame they were limited edition. Glad you liked the post!:)

      • Completely makes sense…my lips just seem plumper & moisturized overall. If the lipsticks came w/out the glitter I’d still buy them, probably even more. It’s the perfect thickness and gloss. I think part of the healthy look comes from a natural dewiness it gives. I must sound psychotic but I’m just really into this product!

  2. Sweetp1

    Hello – When were these released???? I have been searching all stores looking for these. No luck what so ever.

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  4. hey i love your blog i was woundering if you could do a post on how you store your makeup as i am stuk for ideas and where do you take your photos caus i have no idea where to take them for my blog i would be delited if you checked it out

    • Aw, thankyou:) I’m actually planning on doing a make-up storage post, so helpfully you’ll find that pretty helpful soon:)
      &I just take mine in my room against a light background. I think any photo looks great as long as you put a little effort into them though:)
      I’ll have a look at your blog!

  5. amandabambii

    Soooooo pretty!!!

  6. Oh I love these and need them in my life! lol I have not seen them around drug stores in Toronto. I really hope they come around.

  7. kflowermaquillage

    I love Revlon Lip butters! Not sure I’d be interested in ones with no colour payoff though, but they look gorgeous!I’m a makeup artist & I’d love it if you could check out my beauty blog & follow if you like it 🙂

  8. I really wanted the purple until you said it was untinted! But ill probably still buy it anyway lol! Xx

  9. Awwww, Revlon lip butters are awesome!
    Yeah, pricey for what you get, I know! 😥

  10. £5 is a lot for a clear lip balm, but oh my gosh do I want that green one!

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