Sleek Lagoon Palette!

I can’t believe my last post was week ago:O I use to do a blog post every day, I’ve just been watching too many Disney movies recently;) But school starts again tomorrow (die) so I’ll probably be blogging more often because I can talk about make-up instead of doing homework! YAY!

I’ve bought quite a bit of make-up recently, and I can’t be bothered to take a million photos and do one big post, because I’m thinking about possibly doing a makeup collection/storage post soon? But I thought that since this is my first Sleek product ever, I’d do a little review:) So, Sleek Lagoon-



The packaging is probably my favourite thing about this product. I love the ‘Aqua Collection Limited Edition’ box because it’s so so pretty! It irritates me that Sleek have used an adjective for their brand name though, because that just makes bloggers sound ridiculous. The packaging is, essentially, sleek. The mirror inside the palette is awesome, too. It takes up the whole top half of the packaging, and it’s actually big enough to do your make-up in. 



It’s so difficult to take photos of products with mirrors;)

Since this is part of Sleek’s Aqua Collection, all of the eye shadows are kind of sea-themed and have really cute names. I literally bought this because I love The Little Mermaid.  The colours of these eyeshadows are all really pretty:) Some of them are almost everyday-wearable (almost) and the rest are really shimmery sparkly bright blues, greens, pinks and purples. And a yellow and a fluorescent coral. 





Top, left to right: EMERALD, OYSTER, BLACK PEARL

Bottom, left to right: SEA SHELL, NIGHT SKY, ARIEL


The formula for these eye shadows is really interesting, they aren’t like any other shadows I’ve tried- they’re almost like a cream-to-powder sort of thing, which is weird and pretty cool. Because they aren’t powders, the swatches on my arm weren’t brilliant, they’re fairly built up in the picture above- but on the plus side, you don’t get any fall out at all. Also, it only took about three seconds to remove the swatches. I’m not entirely sure whether that’s good or bad. But anyway, I like them, and the colours are stunning and more than make up for slightly lacking pigmentation.

Sassea- bright shimmery teal

Pink Jewel- bright shimmery pink

Deep Water- dark matte purple

Sand Dollar- bright shimmery yellow

Reflection- shimmery pale lilac

Underworld- bright shimmery blue

Emerald- bright shimmery green

Sea Shell- very shimmery bronze

Oyster- shimmery white highlight

Night Sky- medium matte purple

Black Pearl- matte black

Ariel- bright matte coral (beautiful)

I’ll probably end up doing an update on this post later with some better pictures of the colours in an actual eye-make-up look:) Or possibly a video soon with Cass, but either way I can’t wait to use these!:)



6 responses to “Sleek Lagoon Palette!

  1. I love this review! :))))) Thank you for sharing! I’ve always wanted to try this brand; glad you posted one up from Sleek! xox

  2. kflowermaquillage

    This palette looks great! I have a few sleek palettes & they are pretty great for the price! And I agree sleek blushes are great! I actually have a haul & swatches on my blog 🙂
    I’m a makeup artist & I’d love it if you could check out my beauty blog & follow if you like it 🙂

  3. Oh my god, ‘Ariel’looks like such a pretty shade. I love sleek so much, especially their blushes. Maybe you should do a tutorial with the palette? 🙂 x

    • It’s beautiful, I’ve actually worn it as a lip colour and it’s so cute:) I really want to try the blushes! Rose Gold looks pretty;)&I’m definitely planning on doing a tutorial, I just have to find a willing model!:D x

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