Lip Colours | Autumn Favourites

I was going to do this post a month ago- I swear. The official start of Autumn was the 22nd ish of September…wasn’t it? I don’t know, but that’s when this post was supposed to be up. But apparently, I had to buy another seven purple lip products since then- online shopping- argh! This, for me, is definitely the best time of year for lipstick. I love the pretty berry tones and socially-acceptable reds, and I think that Autumn is great for the warm shades. You know, how Winter is like, bright reds and stuff, Spring is baby pink, Summer is bright orange, and Autumn is berry purple. That’s literally my annual lipstick code. So…yeah. Intro done (ish).


1. Clinique Chubby Stick Intense- Grandest Grape


 This is a really nice one to start with, because Grandest Grape is the most perfect, pure Autumn purple. It’s a beautiful shade, whether it’s worn to it’s full opacity or as a sheer, glossy stain. I really love the Intense range of the Chubby Sticks- I’m planning on buying Mightiest Maraschino very soon.

 2. Soap&Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick- Plum Jam


   The Soap&Glory lip crayons are one of my favourite lip products ever- particularly this shade. I’m not one to wear lip gloss, I totally hate the stuff and even have trouble with the lovely Rimmel Apocalips, but these have that lovely lip-glossy look, without being sticky or heavy. This is a really pretty, purple/ dark pink and it’s a perfect warm, everyday autumn colour. Also, it smells like vanilla. Yummy.

 3. Mac Lipstick- Plumful (Lustre)


   I only brought my first Mac lipstick about three months ago- I chose Plumful and now I am so, so glad I did. At the time, I didn’t really feel like wearing a purple lip colour (purple lips scream Autumn, oversized sweaters and hot chocolate to me) but now it’s absolutely perfect. You can read my full review of it here, but basically, it’s a lovely medium purple which can be worn as almost-sheer to almost-opaque.

 4. Revlon Lip Butter- Red Velvet


    The first of the red toned lip colours in this post is absolutely gorgeous. Red Velvet is a deep red wine colour –almost burgundy actually- which always makes me think of Christmas. I know, I know, it’s October. BUT CHRISTMAS! As this is one of the darker lip butter shades, it has lovely pigmentation and the sheen of a lip balm.

5. Revlon Lip Butter- Sugar Plum


This lip butter is another purple shade (I might have a problem) but this one looks more like a dark pink with a kind of purple warmth to it. Does that make sense? I feel like this is a more pigmented, less glossy version of Plum Jam. It’s very pretty- another everyday, daytime lip colour.

 6. Revlon Lip Butter- Tutti Frutti


 This isn’t exactly the sort of colour that comes to mind when I think of Autumn, but Tutti Frutti is an awesome Halloween- pumpkin shade. It’s very bright, but I guess I need to get out of the berry-lips-for-Autumn mindset. This is definitely orange, so it’s not going to look too peachy and Summery. It would be a nice pick-me-up for a particularly miserable, cold day, too.

7. Maybelline Baby Lips- Cherry Me


    The name says it all- Cherry. This is a really gorgeous colour, my favourite of the Baby Lips range. If you haven’t tried these yet, go and pick this one up for £2.99. You can’t go wrong- it’s a great everyday, throw-it-in-your-handbag lip balm.

 8. Vaseline- Paint the Town Red


   Speaking of lip balm- the new Vaseline! *And still, I haven’t picked up that bloody pink and black one, argh*. I saw this in Boots a few days ago, and I was like, woah- a red tinted lip balm? Favourite thing ever. As it turns out, this is just very slightly pink, but it’s lovely all the same for those days where you really can’t be bothered (most days for me). And it smells like Ribena, which is awesome.

9. Rimmel Colour Rush Balm- Keep Mauving


 One of the newer additions to my ever-growing collecction of lip crayons (yes, it is getting out of hand, thanks for asking)  are a couple of these Colour Rush Balms. They smell like vanilla, and this one, Keep Mauving, is lovely. It’s a very dark plum, which has slight brown tones to it. It’s kind of vampy, in a neutral way. It would like pretty awesome with gold eyeliner, I think.

 10. Mua Power Pout- Crazy in Love


   Don’t be fooled by the purple packaging and actual lipstick bullet- this is definitely what I would classify as a red. It’s dark, but it’s definitely red. It’s very pretty, has a minty scent and for only £3, it’s a great affordable lip colour. It’s really shiny too, which I love, and it definitely feels like a balm with the pigmentation of lipstick. Just as a side note- don’t leave one of these in your car or handbag, it’s very melt-y, and the packaging isn’t fantastic.

So that is my top-10 list of lip colours for Autumn! As I’ve been writing this, I’ve realised there are another fifteen lip products I could have put into this post, so I think I’ll have to do a Winter-Top-10 too.

Thanks for reading, what are your favourite lip products for this time of year? Have you tried any on my list?



11 responses to “Lip Colours | Autumn Favourites

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  2. Great picks!!! Plumful is on my wishlist for ages!!!! 😀
    I love Cherry Me, gorgeous!!!

  3. I really love your lippie autumn faves! I can’t pick just one. I do really like Revlon’s Red Velvet and Clinique’ Grandest Grape!

  4. Vaseline is like clear slim. It looks okay but feels gross. C’mon. You’ve got yo agree! Just wandering what natural eye-shadow colour would look best on me?? 😉

    • That’s just a weird opinion.&er, you can’t really just use one shade of eyeshadow. You could use one cream eyeshadow or eyeshadow crayon or something, but if you want natural eye shadows go for Soap&Glory lid stuff or something similar.

  5. MAC Plumful is my absolute favourite lipstick right now! Also my first MAC lipstick!!

  6. The ‘cherry me’ is the ultimate best lip balm out of the Baby lips collection, in my opinion! I am now obsessed with baby lips! Its 100% your fault!
    Whenever I go to boots I end up buying the shop even though I wont wear 99.9% of it!
    Urg, Vaseline. Its like the most disgusting thing ever. I hate the feeling when you put it on your lips. Urguck! No. Just no. 😉
    p.s I like the new la belle. Its had a make-over. HA! – get it.. because you do make up etc…
    … sorry…
    I will go stand in a corner now. 😀

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