Nail Polish | Autumn Favourites

I really loved talking about my favourite autumn lip colours the other day, and as it’s been way too long since I last talked about nail polish, I thought I’d do another Top-10! And it’s only been three days since my last post- look at me sticking to a schedule. 


1. Seventeen Rock Hard Nail Effects- Black


Black is definitely my favourite nail polish colour, particularly at this time of year, and I think this textured one is really pretty and interesting.

2. Barry M Matte Nail Paint- Espresso


Black nail polish again! This one dries to an almost matte finish- it’s almost impossible to apply it neatly but when you do it looks gorgeous.

3. Barry M Matte Nail Paint- Crush


This is probably one of my favourite nail polishes ever, and I only bought it about a week ago. Such a beautiful, matte-finish, deep-red-wine-burgundy shade.

4. Barry M Hi Shine Gelly- Blackberry


I had get one of my lovely Hi Shine Gelly nail polishes in this post! This super-dark, super-shiney blue is lovely.

5. Collection 2000 Hot Looks- Hidden


Khaki green isn’t the kind of nail polish shade I would usually go for, but with a gold glitter top coat I think this one looks awesome.

6. OPI- Just Spotted The Lizard


This is my all time favourite nail polish, and even though I wear it all year round, I think it’s a particularly beautiful Autumnal, leafy shade.

7. Zoya- Carly


This shade was from a Summer collection, but it’s dark, glittery and purple so it’s definitely in my Autumn nail polish wardrobe.

8. OPI- Number One Nemesis


Dark, glittery grey- this nail polish is absolutely perfect. I love this one and it’s majorly under-hyped on the internet.

9. OPI Don’t Pretzel My Buttons



This one really doesn’t look like much, but it’s my absolute favourite nude nail polish and I’ve been wearing it pretty much every day at the moment.

10. OPI- Call Me Gwen-ever


Bright pumpkin orange because why the hell not?


So they are my current favourite nail polishes. I think they’re all really pretty colours, some of the formulas (Barry M Matte) aren’t my favourite, but I only normally wear one nail polish colour for a day or two so that doesn’t really matter. Do you like the look of- or have any- of these?



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