Barry M | Flawless Matte Foundation

This foundation is quite a new addition to Boots and Superdrug, I think it was released in October, at the same time as their Shadow and Blush Palettes? It’s also one of Barry M’s first foundations (aside from their foundation creme which doesn’t seem to exist on the internet) which is really exciting because I’m such a huge fan of their nail polishes.


 This foundation is a matte-liquid, and I’m not sure that any other high street brand has made one of these. It’s definitely the first I’ve ever tried, and I have to say I’m pretty impressed. It isn’t completely matte, especially if you have oily/ combination skin, but it’s definitely not full-on shiny after a full day of wear like some foundations I’ve tried. Now I’ve written this, I’m kind of thinking that I wouldn’t call it a matte foundation, I’d call it oil free. It doesn’t add shine to your face but it doesn’t take any away either- I’ve been using translucent powder just on my nose and it’s lasted amazingly. I’ve found that the best way to apply it is with fingers, because it’s fairly thick and I prefer a very low coverage finish (I use half a pump), however you can definitely build it up with a buffing brush. The only thing to bear in mind though is that I wear the palest shade, and if I build it up it does become a little too dark for my very pale skin. I also think that the more you wear, the more it oxidises. It’s not awful, but even the tiny amount I wear does get the teeniest bit orange after a while. It smells quite nice too, it’s kind of soap-y but not at all offensive.


The packaging is pretty cute too- it’s matte, with bright pink lettering (which is in a font dangerously similar to Comic Sans, at least that’s what it reminds me of). I love the pump which lets you see how much of the 30-ml of foundation is left. That is awesome, it’s definitely something that’s missing from even my more expensive foundations.

This foundation is currently only available in five shades (Ivory, Nude, Beige, Sand and Tan) but they cater really well for very pale skin which is a nice change.All the shades, as far as I can tell, are very neutral toned too, none are too pink or too yellow so hopefully you’ll be able to find a shade that’s a good match for you.

This foundation is only £5.99 and definitely worth a try. Even though it’s ‘matte’, I think it would work great for any skin type because it’s not drying, apparently it contains a moisturiser which helps heal the skin. That’s particularly great for this time of year, I find that when it’s cold, I have very oily and very dry skin at the same time so this has been utterly perfect.

Let me know if you’ve tried this, or if it’s on your wishlist! Are there any other matte liquid foundations available on the high street, by the way? I’d love to try them out.

Barry M Flawless Matte Foundation is available at Boots and Superdrug.


NOTD | Essie Wicked






Available for £7.99 at Boots and Superdrug

Sorry these photos look awful- I’ve had this nail polish on for three days so it’s starting to look a little chipped and worn down. It really is a beautiful colour though, and you can easily get away with one coat.

Essie Sole Mate

Sleek Blush Trio- Lace

This is my last Sleek post for now, I promise!

The Blush Trio in Lace is something I’ve been debating buying for ages. I go through phases of not  wanting to leave the house without a pretty blush shade on my face, and then absolutely hating the stuff and swearing to never use it again. You can see why the £9.99 blush palette was a slight problem. But the colours look absolutely gorgeous, all peachy and summery and lovely. Summery. I’m so good with timing.


I’ve got to say, when this arrived at my house the other day, I was kind of horrified at how bright the colours looked. I was expecting pale pastels but instead I had these shocking, vivid blushes and that scared me. I’m very pale and my skin can be horrifically red, so when I do wear blush I normally go for something like Bourjois Volute de Peche or Maybelline Dream Touch in Peach.


I started out by trying Guipure, which is a rosey pink with gold shimmer, because it looks the least scary. The shimmer isn’t really the most flattering, it highlights imperfections and can look a little iffy, but the colour is pretty and it genuinely lasted all day. It might have even out-lasted my foundation, which is crazy! I might be more tempted to reach for it when the weather gets warmer on days where my skin looks okay, but for now I think it will get a little neglected.

I then decided to try out Crochet- prettiest name ever! It’s a bright, matte orange which is a little alarming, but when it’s applied and blended out I think it looks absolutely gorgeous. It becomes a kind of vibrant peach shade which is lovely and, again, very Spring-y. It lasted just as well as Guipure, and was even more pigmented so you could probably wear it every day and never run out.

Finally, I decided I kind of had to at least try Chantilly. I really genuinely didn’t want to, It’s a very violently bright, matte orange-pink-red and even though it looks beautiful in the pan, I just thought it would look awful on my super pale skin. Anyway, I had to try it, so I literally barely used any product and still put most of it on the back of my hand before applying it. It turns out I was being really over dramatic with my fear though, because it’s so pretty! It looked kind of dark pink, sort of naturally blushed but still noticeably wearing makeup. If my skin would stay pale without going bright red whenever it’s slightly hot or cold, I would definitely be totally in love with this, even for this time of year. Like the other two shades, this is super pigmented and lasts forever.

Thanks for reading! I’m really surprised about how much I love this- particularly Chantilly! Have you tried this palette, or any of the Sleek Blush By 3 Palettes?

Sleek ‘Lace’ is £9.99 and available at Superdrug.


Sleek Oh So Special


I’ve just been sitting here looking at my keyboard for about seven minutes trying to decide what to write here.


I’ve had my eye on the Oh So Special palette for about six months, and I have no idea why I’ve only just picked it up but I’m so happy I did! It’s wonderful and the colours are beautiful; it’s basically a neutral palette which isn’t boring, containing pinks, bronze-y browns and a few very dark plummy shades.


I have to talk about the names. Ribbon, Celebrate, Wrapped Up- they’re pure festive adorableness. I can’t.

 Anyway:) I’ll try and write a coherent review now I promise.

The formula of the eye shadows in this palette are even better than in the Vintage Romance palette, I think that might have something to do that this palette isn’t limited edition..? I’ll just have to buy another one to find out. But they’re all really soft and blendable, with no fall out or chalkiness, which makes them so easy to use! I’m even tempted to test this theory by handing this palette to my seven year old sister and seeing what she can come up with, I just need a willing model.


These are all, literally, barely swatched. And they look like this- they’re so amazing! I think the very best ones are probably Pamper, Gateau, Ribbon, Gift Basket, Glitz and Wrapped up, purely for pigmentation. The only slight problem I have with the colour selection in this palette is that there are a few shades (The Mail, Ribbon and Pamper) which are really beautiful but I just can’t imagine I’ll wear them. I wish there was a shimmery white highlight in this palette instead, that would make it perfect for a complete everyday look.

What do you think of these colours? I think they’re really beautiful and I’ll get quite a bit of wear out of them- right now I’m wearing Organza, Boxed and Celebrate as a liner and it looks quite pretty:)

Sleek Oh So Special is £7.99 and available at Superdrug.


Sleek Vintage Romance


Quite a while ago, I reviewed Sleek’s Lagoon palette. I was totally in love with the colours, but they’re pretty outrageous and mermaid-esque so the palette kind of got pushed to the back of my makeup drawer. I forgot about Sleek for a while, but then reviews of the Vintage Romance palette started popping up everywhere and it just looks so beautiful- I decided that with my new obsession to use eyeshadow, it would only be fair if I tried this one out too.


Aren’t the names just the cutest things ever?!?

The colours in this palette are all really dark- much darker than I’m used to wearing. I do love the purple and gold tone though, so I’m going to have  to start playing around with it to make it work. I also love the formula of these shadows so much more than Lagoon- they’re much more powdery so they’re easier to apply and blend, but they’re not chalky so you don’t get too much fall out.


Pretty in Paris- shimmery silver

Meet in Madrid- pale, shimmery gold

Court in Cannes- sparkly bronze

Lust in LA- shimmery greige/ bronze

Romance in Rome- slightly shimmery dark blue

Propose in Prague- matte terracotta

A Vow in Venice- slightly shimmery plum

Marry in Monte Carlo- sparkly purple

Honeymoon in Hollywood- dark slightly shimmery purple

Bliss in Barcelona- shimmery purple/ blue

Forever in Florence- very dark sparkly purple

Love in London- sparkly black

Look how pretty they are! Some of these shades are quite built up, but most of them are so pigmented that I barely touched them and they swatched completely opaque. I did these swatches yesterday, but I believe it was Court in Cannes, Lust in LA, Honeymoon in Hollywood, Forever in Florence, A Vow in Venice, Marry in Monte Carlo  and Love in London that had the amazing formula. I think the worst two were probably Romance in Rome and Bliss in Barcelona- I really couldn’t get those two to look as pretty swatched as they do in the pan.

Overall, I am really loving this palette. I’ve only used it a few times and I’m still trying to decide on my favourite colour combinations, but they last really well and are pretty easy to apply. This palette would be perfect for the Christmas and New Years party time of year, but hopefully I’ll be able to work out a nice everyday look for Project Use Eyeshadow!

Have you tried this, or any of the Sleek palettes?

Sleek Vintage Romance is £7.99 and available at Superdrug.


NOTD | Essie Sole Mate




Available for £7.99 at Boots and Superdrug.

Essie Nail Polish Purchases!

I may have gone a teeny tiny bit overboard at the Superdrug 3-for-2 sale. I ended up crossing quite a few  Essie nail polishes off my wishlist, which is pretty awesome. They’re all really nice Autumn shades which I think I’ll be wearing exclusively for the next few weeks.



Over the Edge // Midnight Cami // Bordeaux // Liquorice // Decadent Dish // Wicked // Thigh High // Sole Mate // Angora Cardi


*by ‘Essie A/W13 Collection’ I mean it’s my collection for A/W13, not the Essie collection.*



I really can’t wait to try all these out! I love Essie nail polishes, they’re so easy to apply, the brush is amazing and I love the shade selection.

Have you tried any of these? What’s your favourite nail polish for this time of year?


OPI and Essie | Wishlist

I’ve put together some pictures of the nail polishes I like the look of for Autumn/ Winter 2013- they’re so beautiful! All photos are from and, let me know what you think of these shades, or if there are any others you’re planning on buying!


Peace, Love & OPI // Sprung // OPI Ink // Muir Muir On The Wall // Lincoln Park After Dark // Vampsterdam // Every Month is Oktoberfest // Danke-Shiny Red // Romeo & Joliet // Dulce de Leche // Sleigh Ride for Two // My Private Jet


Angora Cardi // Bahama Mama // Bordeaux // Chinchilly // Decadent Dish // Eternal Optimist // Liquorice // Luxedo // Midnight Cami // Over the Edge // Sole Mate // Tea & Crumpets // Thigh High // Wicked

Urban Decay Naked 2

Have you heard that Urban Decay have officially confirmed the existence of a Naked 3 palette?

The rumours started quite a while ago, but then a few days ago a very lucky person managed to get hold of one that had been accidentally put on the shelves in Sephora in France.

Doesn’t it look beautiful?!

Then there was the denial and the arguing and the claims that it was fake, but now Urban Decay have released a video proving it is real and I am very very happy.

All the hype has kind of reminded me how much I love the Naked palettes, so I decided to use Naked 2 for the second instalment of Project Use Eyeshadow. It’s taken me a long time, but I think I’ve finally chosen that this is my favourite Naked palette. That is a very scary claim, but it just has such beautiful, light shimmery shades, which I think are far easier to apply than the slightly more dark, matte tones of the first palette.


I’m still trying to learn how to apply eye shadow, so I’ve been sticking to a very basic everyday look which isn’t all that noticeable unless I close my eyes. I was going to try and put a picture in but the light is awful because it’s all rainy and dark and England.


I’ve been using the brush that comes with this palette for my eye makeup for the past few days. It’s really perfect- you can use one side to apply the colour and the other to blend it out. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you might want to have a quick look at my original review?

So, anyway, i’ve basically been applying either Bootycall or Foxy across my eyelid right up to my eyebrow, and then just using Chopper from the lashline to the crease. Next, I put a little bit of Snakebite right at the outer corner and kind of wing it out a little bit.


Then I either use Pistol or Busted in the crease, and as they’re both pretty dark I literally dab my brush in them and then use it to lightly blend everything out. Finally, I’ve been dabbing Verve right on the centre of my eyelids to keep everything really pretty and light, and then using it as an inner corner and brow bone highlight too.

And that’s it! It actually sounds much more complicated than it is, I literally just throw a few colours together, get a bit carried away and hope for the best:). These shadows are all really easy to work with, and they last at least six or seven hours on me without a primer.

Have you tried the Naked palettes? Are you planning on buying Naked 3? I think it’s supposed to be released in December, so it’s going to sell out pretty fast in the Christmas rush:)



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Just because I like trying to be difficult;) I really don’t like the url I have at the moment, I made it ages ago and it’s supposed to be a play on ‘label’ and the french word for ‘beautiful’ but I had to put the 1 at the end and it ruined it and argh asdfghj

I was going to do the fancy re-directing thing, but that’s just too complicated and I was hoping you’d maybe pop over to and follow and stuff? Please?

I’ll be posting the same stuff on both of the blogs for the next few weeks, just to see how well this is going to work- I’ll probably end up staying with the url I have now so I don’t end up alone on the internet- but it would mean a lot if you could help me out:)


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