Ok, this idea might be a massive fail but I thought I’d let you know anyway- I’m trying to move this blog to a different url (eeeeeeeeeeeeek).

Just because I like trying to be difficult;) I really don’t like the url I have at the moment, I made it ages ago and it’s supposed to be a play on ‘label’ and the french word for ‘beautiful’ but I had to put the 1 at the end and it ruined it and argh asdfghj

I was going to do the fancy re-directing thing, but that’s just too complicated and I was hoping you’d maybe pop over to and follow and stuff? Please?

I’ll be posting the same stuff on both of the blogs for the next few weeks, just to see how well this is going to work- I’ll probably end up staying with the url I have now so I don’t end up alone on the internet- but it would mean a lot if you could help me out:)



penny for your thoughts?

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