Barry M | Flawless Matte Foundation

This foundation is quite a new addition to Boots and Superdrug, I think it was released in October, at the same time as their Shadow and Blush Palettes? It’s also one of Barry M’s first foundations (aside from their foundation creme which doesn’t seem to exist on the internet) which is really exciting because I’m such a huge fan of their nail polishes.


 This foundation is a matte-liquid, and I’m not sure that any other high street brand has made one of these. It’s definitely the first I’ve ever tried, and I have to say I’m pretty impressed. It isn’t completely matte, especially if you have oily/ combination skin, but it’s definitely not full-on shiny after a full day of wear like some foundations I’ve tried. Now I’ve written this, I’m kind of thinking that I wouldn’t call it a matte foundation, I’d call it oil free. It doesn’t add shine to your face but it doesn’t take any away either- I’ve been using translucent powder just on my nose and it’s lasted amazingly. I’ve found that the best way to apply it is with fingers, because it’s fairly thick and I prefer a very low coverage finish (I use half a pump), however you can definitely build it up with a buffing brush. The only thing to bear in mind though is that I wear the palest shade, and if I build it up it does become a little too dark for my very pale skin. I also think that the more you wear, the more it oxidises. It’s not awful, but even the tiny amount I wear does get the teeniest bit orange after a while. It smells quite nice too, it’s kind of soap-y but not at all offensive.


The packaging is pretty cute too- it’s matte, with bright pink lettering (which is in a font dangerously similar to Comic Sans, at least that’s what it reminds me of). I love the pump which lets you see how much of the 30-ml of foundation is left. That is awesome, it’s definitely something that’s missing from even my more expensive foundations.

This foundation is currently only available in five shades (Ivory, Nude, Beige, Sand and Tan) but they cater really well for very pale skin which is a nice change.All the shades, as far as I can tell, are very neutral toned too, none are too pink or too yellow so hopefully you’ll be able to find a shade that’s a good match for you.

This foundation is only £5.99 and definitely worth a try. Even though it’s ‘matte’, I think it would work great for any skin type because it’s not drying, apparently it contains a moisturiser which helps heal the skin. That’s particularly great for this time of year, I find that when it’s cold, I have very oily and very dry skin at the same time so this has been utterly perfect.

Let me know if you’ve tried this, or if it’s on your wishlist! Are there any other matte liquid foundations available on the high street, by the way? I’d love to try them out.

Barry M Flawless Matte Foundation is available at Boots and Superdrug.



2 responses to “Barry M | Flawless Matte Foundation

  1. blushingbeauty9

    These reminds me of the Benefit Oxygen foundation in terms of packaging, first review I’ve seen on this and it’s been helpful thanks x

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