Urban Decay Naked Basics

I finally bought the Naked Basics palette! This teeny tiny, almost completely matte palette has been on my wishlist for ages- pretty much since I bought Naked and Naked 2 in May. The only thing that was stopping me from buying it is that before my little eye shadow-wearing-project, I didn’t realise I could wear matte eye shadows. I know that sounds ridiculous, but I have very pale skin so I always thought that warm, matte eye shadows would look too natural, but too dark. Basically I was worried about looking like I’d broken my nose or something. I have, however, found myself reaching for my matte Soap&Glory quad and shades like Urban Decay’s Naked, Foxy and Tease recently, so I decided it was time to try out Naked Basics. This might also have a lot to do with being really really psyched about Naked 3 too. I’ve become a little bit of an Urban Decay junkie.






Naked Basics contains 6 eyeshadows (of which five are matte, and one is a satin, semi-matte kind of finish) which is half as many as in the original palettes but still enough to create a full (and very pretty) eye make-up look. It’s also great for the base for more colourful eyeshadows because they can look so natural. All shadows are 1.3 grams or 0.05 US oz, the same as in the other Naked palettes.


The formula is exceptional, as always, and all the shadows last hours without the need for a primer. They apply beautifully and are easy to blend while still staying put, which is absolutely perfect if, like me, you’re pretty useless at applying eye shadow:).


Venus is the only shadow in the palette which isn’t matte. It’s a satin finish, which means it’s just shimmery enough to work as a highlight, but still natural enough to use all over the lid. It’s a pale, creamy neutral shade which doesn’t seem to be either yellow or pink toned.

Foxy has already made an appearance in Naked 2. It’s a very pale yellow which is beautiful as an all-over-the-lid base (particularly if the rest of your make-up is pink). Matte.

Walk of Shame is one of my favourites. It’s pink the way Foxy is yellow and it’s pigmented enough to cover veins or discolouration on your eyelid. Matte.

Naked 2 is a lovely pale taupe which I use from my lash line to my crease. It’s lighter and much more cool toned than Naked (from the Naked palette) and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Matte.

Faint is a cool, medium/ dark brown and perfect for my eyebrows. I wear this blended into my crease and it looks absolutely gorgeous- my most worn out of this palette.

Crave is a strange one; I thought it was completely black until I compared it to Blackout from Naked 2. Turns out Crave is a very, very dark brown. I wear it as a liner which is just slightly more subtle than using Creep or Blackout but still very pretty. *It’s one of those that now I know it’s brown, I can’t believe I ever thought it was black.*





The only thing I’m not completely in love with about this little palette is the packaging. It looks beautiful and it’s really strong and functional, but it chips my nail polish like crazy when I try to open it! That’s kind of annoying, but apart from that it’s perfect. It’s only slightly longer than a credit card and it’s the same width, so it’s absolutely perfect for travelling. It’s literally pocket sized, has a full sized mirror and doesn’t contain a brush or any crappy applicators. The packaging feels kind of like Sleek’s (and what I imagine Nars’ like), but it doesn’t seem to get as dirty because it’s not black.



If you want to try out Urban Decay’s shadows but don’t want to hand over £36 (or twice that if you can’t decide which Naked palette is prettiest!), then this is the perfect solution. It’s £20 and it’s just lovely- try it out. I can guarantee you’ll be hooked on Urban Decay before you know it.

Available at DebenhamsHouse of FraserBeauty Bay and Look Fantastic. You can also get hold of it on Amazon and Ebay, but you’ll gave to pay quite a bit more.



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  4. You almost have the entire collection. Are you getting Naked3?

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