Urban Decay Naked 3 | Swatches, Comparison & Review

I think it’s official- I am addicted to Urban Decay’s palettes. Not the worst thing to be addicted to, but definitely not the best thing for my bank account. When this lovely little rose gold palette turned up on my doorstep yesterday, the very fist thing I did was take about 374 pictures so I could do a quick blog post (this one) but now I’ve finally finished swatching so I think it’s about time I did a real review (is this the 100th review of the Naked 3 palette you’ve read?) with some pictures that are possibly slightly more useful:).




Naked 3 comes with four primer potion samples (Original, Sin, Eden and Anti Ageing) which is alright if you’re looking for a new primer, but personally I’m a little upset that it doesn’t come with a mini product. I feel like you should get free primer samples with these sort of products anyway, so it would be nice if it came with a little eye pencil or something.




Naked 3’s brush is dual ended, one side for application and one for blending, and it’s rose gold like the tin- so pretty! I think I prefer this brush to the other two, the application side for applying colour is the same (see below) but the blending side is awesome for getting a defined-but-still-blended look.


The brushes from Naked, Naked 2 and Naked 3.


The packaging is very similar to Naked 2- it feels pretty strong and contains a full sized mirror which I love. This one is meant to look like an art tin, apparently, which is a cute idea but I kind of just think it looks ‘rippled’..? What do you think? I am, however, absolutely loving the colour of the tin- I have a bit of a thing for rose gold. It matches the colour scheme of the eyeshadows so beautifully!


The swatches! So bloody beautiful:

Strange is a very pale, matte baby pink.

Dust is a light metallic pink.

Burnout is a shimmery, rosy peach.

Limit is a pale, matte dusty pink.

Buzz is a metallic, almost purple toned rose gold.

Trick is a metallic peachy-bronze.

Nooner is a matte, brown-toned medium pink.

Liar is a very rosy shade with metallic gold.

Factory is a shimmery, cool taupe.

Mugshot is a light, shimmery slightly grey brown.

Darkside is a matte, dark grey toned taupe.

Blackheart is almost black with red shimmer.

I think the rose gold theme in this palette is so beautiful. I’m absolutely loving Burnout, Limit, Trick and Liar but Blackheart is the most insanely beautiful colour I have ever seen. I think the combination of finishes in this palette is even better than in the previous two- there are three mattes, and few metallics and the rest are either slightly shimmery or satin. No crazy glitters this time!

I don’t think I really have to say anything about the formula or staying power of these eyeshadows other than it’s as perfect as all of Urban Decay’s. They’re lovely:)!



Strange, Dust, Burnout, Limit.


Buzz, Trick, Nooner, Liar.


Factory, Mugshot, Darkside, Blackheart.


Ok, this is the real question surrounding this palette- do you need to buy it?  Honestly, out of all the palettes this one is definitely the most unique. I think that with the first two you can kind of pick one or the other (I personally think Naked is better if you have a warmer skin tone, and Naked 2 is nice if you have a cool skin tone if you’re wondering:D) but Naked 3 is something else altogether. If it wasn’t for the packaging, I’m not sure I would even know it was a Naked palette and I mean that in the best way possible. I can’t think of a skin tone or eye colour that wouldn’t be able to pull this palette off- though I do think that if you have green eyes and a tan this would look stunning.


Naked vs. Naked 2- very old post of those here!


Naked vs. Naked 3- the only somewhat similar colours here are Strange (N3) & Virgin (N), Dust (N3) & Sin (N), Liar (N3) & Tease (N), Mugshot (N3) & Sidecar (N) and Blackheart (N3) & Creep (N).


Naked 2 vs. Naked 3- a few similarities in these palettes, mainly Trick (N3) & Chopper (N2), Nooner (N3) & Tease (N2) and Darkside (N3) & Pistol (N2).

All the shades in Naked 3 are new and (for now) exclusive. They’re absolutely stunning and I actually love this palette just as much as I love Naked 2. The colours, even though some of them look a little bit scary, are totally wearable for everyday and evening eye make-up. I’m completely in love.

Are you thinking of buying Naked 3? Actually, I think the better question is ‘are you strong enough to resist it’? :).

It’s being released in the UK tomorrow, for £37 (£1 more expensive than the last two, of course) at Debenhams, House of Fraser, Beauty Bay and Look Fantastic.

What do you think?:)

8 responses to “Urban Decay Naked 3 | Swatches, Comparison & Review

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  5. I wish it came with a liner or a lippie like the first two I am not a fan of the primer samples.. but it is a lovley pallets non the less!

  6. I really like the look of the Naked 3 palette but due to christmas think I’ll have to wait till January to get one…..unless someone has been nice enough to buy me one of course!

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