Lush & The Body Shop Haul

I’ve done a little bit of sale shopping recently, and every year I find that the most rewarding places to stock up at are Lush and The Body Shop. Lush almost never cut their prices so I love making the most of it when they do, and The Body Shop have a sale going on as well as their normal deals. It’s awesome.



Prepare yourselves- I did a Lush order which included absolutely no bath bombs, bubble bars or soap! I’m actually really proud of myself for that because I’ve literally picked up all new things that I’ve never tried before.

Most of what I bought is skin care, actually, with a couple of little shower gels thrown in. I’ve never really been wowed by Lush shower gels and I’ve never even tried their skincare so I thought it was about time I gave them ago.


Happy Hippy, Dirty, Rose Jam (LE), Ponche (LE)

*These have been oh-so-casually organised into Spring (HH), Summer (D), Autumn (RJ) and Winter (P). Ahem*


Happy Hippy- My new all time favourite gel. There, I said it. It’s perfectly grapefruity- not too sour, not too sweet and the scent lasts forever.


Dirty- This one is intensely menthol. It’s lovely, but it literally smells like tooth paste. It’s a bit much for this time of year but I can’t wait to use it when the weather warms up a little.


Rose Jam- I love this scent so much. It’s my favourite bubble bar and one of the nicest shower gels I’ve tried too, I actually reviewed this a while ago. It’s limited edition and I think it’s gone (for now) but go and pick up the bubble bar!


Ponche- This one’s released every year at Christmas and I can’t believe I never tried it before now! It’s smells delicious, it’s kind of a warm citrus scent.


Angels On Bare Skin- Ok, I’ve only used this three times but I think I might be a little bit in love with it. I’ll do a better review soon (probably) but I’ve found that it leaves my sensitive/ oily (nightmare) skin feeling soothed, hydrated and ever so slightly less oily. It smells quite nice too, very floral and nature-y.


Aqua Marina- I’ll admit it, I bought this because there were only love/ hate reviews. It’s a seaweed cleanser that claims to soak up excess oils and soothe the skin, which I thought sounded perfect for me. I have used this one once already as well and it seems to work quite nicely- but the smell. Oh my god, stay away from it. I don’t know why I find it so offensive because I love Lush’s seaweed soap, but to me this cleanser looks and smells like tuna. I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to continue to use it, but if you think you can stand the smell then definitely give it a try because it’s a really lovely cleanser.


Mask of Magnaminty- I’VE FINALLY TRIED A LUSH FACE MASK OMG. This one smells like peppermint and is supposed to be great for breakouts and spots (of which I have had many, recently). I’ve only used it once but I really loved it and I reallyreallyreally want to try it out again.


Cupcake- The face mask designed for teenage skin. I haven’t used this one yet but I’m so exited to! It smells like ever so slightly soapy chocolate cake- that’s a good thing, by the way. I’m currently debating whether I really do have to keep it in the fridge. The little black tub looks so pretty on my make-up cabinet!


Grease Lightning- Again, I haven’t this yet but I thought it looked really interesting. I’ve only ever come across a couple of reviews but I seem to remember that they were very positive. I’ll hopefully have this in a review soon, too!

The Body Shop

*Currently 30% off everything online*

I logged onto The Body Shop the other day to order one item. ONE ITEM. And then I see a lovely little ‘Spend £50, get £25 Off’ sign on the homepage and it’s like I have absolutely no will power. NONE.


Honey Bronzer- So here is the lovely item which I was originally going to buy. I’ve seen this featured in so many  ‘Favourite of 2013’ videos, and I can already see why. It’s the lightest matte bronzer I have ever found and I AM SO HAPPY.


Lip Balms- Oh look at that, I bought ten new lip balms. What a surprise. I now own 37 lip balms (not including ones which I refuse to believe are lost). This is a genuine problem and I am worried for my own health- somebody comfort me.

*UPDATE- my mom just asked me to order her all these lip balms because she loves them. It’s nice to understand but also worrying because it’s clearly a hereditary disease.*


Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel and Body Mist- And so begins my obsession with the Body Shop Pink Grapefruit. With Grapefruit scented things in general. Did you notice the Pink Grapefruit Lip Butter? Happy Hippy? They all smell beautiful.


Tea Tree Lotion & Muslin Cloth- Finally, a few little boring things. My favourite moisturiser (if you have oily skin you simply have to try this) and a muslin cloth which is great for removing cleansers. Actually, it’s great with the Lush cleansers I was talking about.

And that’s everything! I’m actually really pleased with my sale shopping so far, I’m still waiting for some other things I’ve bought to arrive but this stuff is all awesome. Have you picked up anything good?

Also, I have to mention- this is the first time I’ve ordered from both Lush and The Body Shop (there are real shops literally seven minutes away from where I live) and I’ve been seriously impressed with them. With Lush I’m mainly just impressed with the super careful packaging- but they do charge a ridiculous amount for delivery which is slow and still ended up being to delivered in two parcels. The Body Shop, however, comes in a Body Shop Bag in a box, and literally arrives within the next two days with free shipping. A* to The Body Shop.


15 responses to “Lush & The Body Shop Haul

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  6. Have the red grapefruit body butter and I absolutely love it!!!

  7. I am exactly the same with lip balms! I love the Body Shop lip pots 🙂 And I also can’t use Aqua Marina because it smells like tuna – my Lush friends suggested using Eau Roma to mix it with, rather than water, and that makes it smell a lot more fresh, but I still didn’t repurchase it….

  8. Loved this post! I totally LOL’ed about your comment on Aqua Marine. I haven’t smelled it, but now I am really curious. HAHAHA.


  9. Grease Lightning is very good is used constantly on pimples! 😉 GREAT haul!!!!

  10. Love this review! Since last year I kinda become a body shop & lush freak. I’m looking forward for the better review of angels on bare skin. I recently bought the whole tea tree series of the bodyshop (oops). But I love it, especially the foam wash & tea tree lotion.

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