Too Faced Natural Eye Palette

Introducing what may be the prettiest little palette in my collection-

The Too Faced Natural Eye Kit.

This beautiful set of nine shadows arrived on my doorstep this morning, so I thought I’d snap a few pictures and write a little review while it’s still on sale at Escentual.




Isn’t it lovely?! I’m a little bit obsessed with the way the shadows are organised- the top row features three very neutral ‘Day’ shades, the middle row has metallic, rosy ‘Classic’ shades and the bottom row of ‘Fashion’ shades is glittery and dark with a little more colour.


The kit also comes with three little cards explaining how to use each row of colours. I think they’re really cute and they actually make sense, unlike some of the other colour charts I’ve seen on eyeshadow palettes.





These little cards tuck neatly into the packaging- thank god, because otherwise I would have lost them in temper by now. Speaking of packaging, what do you think? I really like this decorative little cardboard box. It feels pretty durable but it is quite boxy, maybe not the best thing to throw in your handbag or travel with. That’s kind of a shame really, because I think the colour selection is perfect for those occasions when you need an all-events-covered palette.


Ok, I have to be honest- these are not the best quality eye shadows I’ve ever used. They’re not very pigmented and a few of them are quite powdery and have a bit of fall out. Overall, thought, I’d say they’re definitely good enough- blendable, long-wearing, and generally quite easy to apply.

Heaven- DAY- a nice enough base colour. Not too pigmented but my very light skin tone might have something to do with that. It’s a neutral off-white that maybe leans just a little bit yellow.

Velvet Revolver- DAY- lovely crease colour. It’s very, very similar to Naked 2 from the Naked Basics palette. It’s fairly pigmented and is a nice everyday neutral.

Sexpresso- DAY- wonderful as a very subtle eyeliner and very, very similar to Urban Decay’s Crave (again from Naked Basics). This shade has pretty poor pigmentation though, to be honest, as you might be able to tell from my swatches.

Silk Teddy- CLASSIC- the formulation of this one is perfect. It’s peachy-pink, metallic and beautiful.

Push Up- CLASSIC- another one with perfect formulation! This one’s a pretty coppery bronze.

Erotica- CLASSIC- not wonderful pigmentation, but this one’s a nice enough cool toned, slightly shimmery brown.

Nude Beach- FASHION- although the colour of this one is simply lovely (pale, very shimmery pink) the formula is kind of chunky and has a lot of fall out. It can be worked with and has good enough pigmentation, but compared to the quality of some of the shadows in this palette I have to say I’m a little disappointed.

Honey Pot- FASHION- perfect formula, stunning colour. Love love love. It’s a slightly coppery peach which manages to still be neutral (not too warm or cool) which is very impressive for this kind of shade.

Cocoa Puff- FASHION- not amazing pigmentation, but it’s still better than the other two dark shades. It’s difficult to apply evenly, but it’s a very nice neutral dark brown with just a hint of shimmer.

Although 1/3 of these shadows could use a little work, I don’t think that any of them are completely unusable. The quality of these eye shadows reminds me a lot of Sleek’s eye palettes, which I would be absolutely fine with except that the Too Faced Natural palette contains less shadows and costs more money. Not amazing. I will, however, be getting a lot of use out of this palette because I absolutely adore the colour selection. It’s super pretty and perfect for everyday wear- as you may have guessed by the amount of times I’ve already said ‘neutral’ in this post.

The Too Faced eye kits are £26 (but currently on sale, see link at the top of this post) and there are quite a few to choose from. I definitely think I’ll be trying out another one at some point because even though this one isn’t perfect, I can’t get over the gorgeous packaging and the super organised eye shadows.

Thanks for reading! X

*By the way, I thought now might be a good time to mention that on my other blog (which is almost identical to this except I prefer the url) I have a gallery of make-up swatches just like these which might be interesting? I’d love it if you had a look:)! X*


6 responses to “Too Faced Natural Eye Palette

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  2. hello! i love your blog iv been reading sice the start! i was wondering if you wanted to do a collab post or something? if you do please email me at 🙂

    • No way! That’s really sweet, thankyou:) I’m kind of busy with planning posts at the moment so I don’t really have time to do a collab but it’s definitely something to think about in the future!
      Your blog is lovely, by the way:)x

  3. This palette is on my wishlist since 2009, I think.I never had the courage to get it! 😛

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