Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette

I wasn’t actually going to do this post, but I just found that Urban Decay’s Vice 2 palette is still available to buy (and it’s discounted!) at beautybay.co.uk for £33.60.

This palette contains twenty new and exclusive shades, ranging from everyday neutrals to vivid jewel tones- it’s quite a pretty selection of colours which I think will look particularly beautiful if you have brown eyes.

Most of the shadows are shimmery (of course) but there are three satin/ matte shades and three which look like they are borderline full-on glitter which, for Urban Decay, is really quite varied.

Also, the packaging is totally perfect. That obviously has absolutely nothing to do with why this palette was on my Christmas wish list, though. Nothing at all.





Smokeout, Lovesick, Shellshock, Coax, X-Rated, Prank, Madness, Strike, Stash, Poison


Radar, Damaged, Voodoo, Betrayal, Derailed, Dope, Toxic, Habit, Ambush, Rewind

Smokeout- slightly shimmery black. It looks a little bit like it has a plummy-red tone to it in the pan and in the swatch, but on the eyes that’s almost completely undetectable. The formula’s pretty good, it could be a little more buttery but it’s definitely good enough.

Lovesick- this is actually the worst UD eyeshadow I have ever tried. In the pan, it looks black with silver sparkles but when it’s swatched it barely looks grey. I’m not entirely sure what UD are doing wrong with their very dark black-variation shadows, but even their best ones (Blackheart and Crave, I think) aren’t as good as the rest of their eyeshadows.

Shellshock- in comparison, this pretty, pure silver is crazy pigmented without too much fall-out. I’m not sure exactly when I’ll be able to get away with wearing it, but I can’t wait too because it’s sososo pretty.

Coax- lovely, slightly purple toned shimmery pink. The formula is great- blend able, buttery and still slightly powdery, which is exactly how I like my eyeshadows.

X-Rated- baby pink with a satin/ matte finish. Not the most wearable, but it’s a seriously cute colour. Maybe with loads of black liner and a matching pink lipstick?

Prank- darkish greenish blue (what) which is slightly shimmery but not as pretty as I was hoping it would be. It’s nice enough, but the formula is just a teeny bit too powdery. This would probably look stunning as a crease/ outer-v colour if you have brown eyes, though. 

Madness- bright, shimmery blue. This is probably one of my all time favourite colours (not for eyeshadow, just in general) and I seriously need to work out how to wear it. The formula’s good- again, it’s ever so slightly too powdery but I can deal with that.

Strike- shimmery yellow gold which is absolutely beautiful. I’m tempted to say I’d wear this all over the lid with a matte brown crease colour- it’s beautiful! Lovely pigmentation and formula.

Stash- this is a strange one, because in the pan the colour is absolutely awesome- it’s like a shimmery, khaki green. But then when it’s swatches, it turns into this muddy looking, slightly greenish shimmery brown which is not so pretty and actually far too similar to my eye colour for me to really wear. On the bright side, the pigmentation and formula is great.

Poison- green toned black. Not the best colour, not the best formula, not too impressed. 

Radar- the quality of this eyeshadow is amazing. The swatch looks incredible and the colour’s a pretty, shimmery, slightly reddish bronze. Love.

Damaged- another one with amazing formula, only this time I actually reallyreally love this colour. It’s a definite emerald green, it’s kind of sparkly and it’s very beautiful.

Voodoo- this one is a lovely grey/ purple/ blue mix with pale blue shimmer. It does lean a little bit more grey in the swatch than it looks in the pan, which is kind of a shame but at least that means it’s easier to wear. The formula is slightly too powdery but it’s good enough.

Betrayal- this is the most beautiful eyeshadow shade ever. It’s lilac with iridescent blue shimmer, and I think it looks exactly like Elsa’s eyeshadow shade in the first half of Frozen. I’m so sorry if that reference means absolutely nothing to you.

Derailed- shimmery, taupe-y brown. Awesome pigmentation, great formula and a really pretty crease colour.

Dope- light peachy pink with a satin/ matte finish. This one’s lovely quality and super pretty for all over the lid.

Toxic- I love this colour so much, it reminds me of a really intense version of Chopper. It’s a really vibrant, shimmery coral pink with little gold flecks. Great pigmentation and formula. 

Habit- nothing too special about this one, but it is a nice yellow/ peach all-over-lid shade. 

Ambush- dark, shimmery bronze. Great quality but not quite as blend able as I’d like.

Rewind- cool toned, medium matte brown. It’s only slightly different to Faint from Naked Basics, but somehow the quality is so much worse. It’s pigmented, but it’s kind of streaky and patchy and doesn’t blend well, and it almost sheers out to look a tiny bit red? I’m a little bit confused. 

This palette is limited edition and won’t be available for much longer, so if you like the look of these shades, I’d buy them asap. This review has been pretty critical but I really do think this palette is worthwhile, some of the colours are so pretty! I kind of wish they’d spent a little more time on a colour scheme, though, it all feels a little mix-and-match.

What do you think? Do you have a favourite shade?



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