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Is anyone else a teeny bit obsessed with Elsa’s makeup in Frozen? I think it’s beautiful. The eyeshadow and the lip colour in particular are stunning, and while I’ve been a little scared to try and recreate them, I did end up creating a kind of Frozen-esque nail art. I’m not sure it counts as nail art, actually. It looks so much fancier than it is, and I thought I might as well upload a couple of pictures.





This is basically just two coats of Essie’s Lapiz of Luxury (reviewand then a little bit of blue glitter. It’s not that obvious in the photos, but the glitter is mainly on the ends of my nails in a kind of ombre effect. I think it looks so pretty, and considering I am less than useless when it comes to fancy nail art designs, I think this turned out pretty well. And it took the same amount of time as a normal manicure.

If you don’t have any glitter lying around, you could do the same effect with a glittery nail polish, by the way, but I kind of like the textured effect of pure glitter under one top coat. Speaking of top coats, I’m desperately searching for a new one. The Maybelline one I’m using at the moment does prevent chipping (for about 48 hours longer than without a top coat) but it doesn’t speed up the drying time or anything. Any recommendations welcome!:)

What do you think of this nail-look? I really hope it doesn’t chip too badly because I am not looking forward to battling with the nail polish remover on this one.


5 responses to “‘Frozen’ Nails | NOTD

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  2. It’s so so pretty ❤ as Elsa's dress from the frozen castle 😀

  3. I loved frozen and the whole way through the film I kept staring at the makeup of the characters, so you’re not alone! 🙂
    I love the nails by the way. x

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