Lush Skincare Review

I mentioned a while ago in a Lush Haul that I’d picked up some new skincare, and it’s been a couple of weeks now, so I thought I’d write a quick review of my thoughts on what I’ve tried.  I’ve pretty much fallen in love with Lush again at the moment, so I’d love it if you let me know what your current favourites are!

*I have ‘combination’ skin. I have a super oily t-zone, but the edges of my face can be very dry. I generally have quite a few small spots on either side of my nose and on my chin, but apart from that my I don’t get too many breakouts. My skin is also quite sensitive and it can look very red.*


Alright, starting out with the one that I don’t like, just to get it out of the way- Aqua Marina contains aloe vera, sea salt and seaweed and claims to cool and soothe the skin. Sounds great but it smells so awful that I can’t use it. I’ve tried it twice in a kind of desperate hope that the effects would outweigh the tuna like scent, but it didn’t seem to do anything for my skin. Maybe long term use would have a better effect but honestly, for me, it’s not worth it.


Angels on Bare Skin contains rose absolute, lavender and chamomile blue to even out skin tone and give a natural glow. This one smells really nice actually, it’s very herbal and a teeny bit overpowering, but as Lush scents go it’s quite un-offensive. Lush recommend you take a small piece of this, mix it with water to create a paste and then use it as you would any cleanser. That doesn’t really work for me, I’ve found that it doesn’t form a paste- it’s more like a crumbly mess. I like to take a pound coin size amount, warm it between my fingertips, apply it like a mask, and scrub off with a muslin cloth. This face is wash is very gentle and moisturising, but it seems to leave a slightly oily residue on my skin.  It’s not too bad,  but I think next time I’ll be trying out Dark Angels.  


Grease Lightning contains tea tree and witch hazel and promises ‘zap zits before they show themselves’. The packaging comes with a pump, which keeps the application really hygienic. I usually put about half a pump onto the back of my hand, and then use a q-tip to dab the clear gel straight onto any spots. Like it says, it works better on spots that haven’t full appeared, and within three or four applications the spot will pretty much have completely cleared. I do like this product, and I’m a big tea tree/ witch hazel fan, but you do have to catch the spot before it appears to have any kind of effect. Also, the formula feels kind of drying (like PVA glue) when it’s on your skin. It’s not the most comfortable feeling and you definitely can’t use this under makeup, because it will just peel off. If you have a lot of no-makeup days, though, and you feel like you’ll remember to keep applying this, I think it’s pretty great.


Oh my god, this face mask is amazing. Mask of Magnaminty is peppermint-flavoured, doesn’t have to be kept in the fridge, and seriously helps with break outs. If, like me, you get lots of little spots that are actually more like bumps underneath your skin, then I am pretty sure you will love this. It feels really cool and refreshing, it’s a little bit exfoliatey and I find that it just heals my skin, calms the redness and makes me look really healthy. I’ll definitely be repurchasing this one when it runs out, but you only need a small amount every couple of days so I’m thinking this tub will last a while.


Cupcake is a fresh face mask for oily and teenage skin. It smells utterly delicious (think chocolate cake batter and a little bit of fresh mint) and it actually does wonders for my skin. It controls the oil levels, clears my pores and really helps with redness and spots. It has to be kept in the fridge (which is kind of a pain) but that does make it really refreshing to apply. The only downside to this face mask is the use by date. I don’t like to use face masks more than twice a week, and for some reason this tiny pot seems to last forever so I’m a little bit worried about it going off. I reckon you can get a good 8 uses out of this tub, probably more like 10 if you only use it on your t-zone. I’ll definitely be repurchasing this one, too!

Have you tried any of these? Do you have any recommendations for me (particularly in the fresh face mask department) because I’m really liking Lush’s skincare but I find their online shop incredible overwhelming.


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  3. hello! i was woundering what camera do you use as your pictures are so good love your blog keep up the good work! x

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