Urban Decay Ammo 2 Palette | Review & Swatches

It’s back in stock! I was going to write this post forever ago (Christmas was forever ago, yes?) but I couldn’t find a link to anywhere you could buy it. ‘It’ being Urban Decay’s Ammo 2 Palette, which is now available at Beautybay.com, House Of Fraser and Feelunique.com for £24.




I’m beginning to really really hate photographing shiny packaging.




This palette contains ten 0.8g eyeshadows, all of which are shimmery. It contains a short handled, synthetic applicator brush (similar in shape to Naked’s brush) which is great for pushing shimmery shadows onto the lid. The eye shadows are great quality (of course), long lasting and have lovely pigmentation.


Smog- dark bronze (seen in the Naked palette). Incredible pigmentation with this one, the swatch above is one swipe.

Mildew- medium mossy green, good colour payoff. This colour would look stunning against medium skin tones and dark eyes.

Oil Slick- black with silver sparkle. Not Urban Decay’s best or worst black- the pigmentation is good but you do get a little fall out. 

Last Call- plummy cranberry shade- my absolute favourite in this palette! I have a serious weakness for purple toned eyeshadows and this one is utterly lovely.

Chopper- dark coppery peach (seen in the Naked 2 palette). Great colour payoff.

Maui Wowie- light champagne gold. Not the best pigmentation and it does have a slight fall out, but it’s still easy to use and blendable.

Shattered- pale blue (the colour can be built to medium blue). Amazing pigmentation and formula.

Polyester Bride- stark white. Very similar quality as Maui Wowie.

Grifter- lilac with pale blue shimmer. Great quality and lovely colour pay off.

Sin- pale baby pink (seen in the Naked palette). Good quality and nice colour payoff.

I’m so in love with these colours! It’s not often that Urban Decay release a colourful palette in which all of the shades are actually wearable, but that’s what this is. There are actually four neutral shades in this one (not including Polyester Bride, that colour’s not the easiest to wear), but three have them have already been seen in the Naked palettes. I did notice that they looked slightly different in the pans, though, so I swatched them against the originals-


The shades are quite intensely different in the different palettes. I’m not complaining, because that means that I don’t have two of the same eye shadows to get through, but it is something to bear in mind.


Look how little it is! Ammo 2 is definitely travel size, but there’s no way you could travel with this palette alone. There are no matte transitional shades or even a brow bone highlighter- which led me to thinking about the Naked Basics palette (review). Basics is completely matte (apart from the satin ‘Venus’ shade but shush) with a couple of really great browns, a highlight and a liner shade. It’s travel sized, too, so I’ve pretty much decided that these palettes were created to be together.



Look how pretty! That little primer comes with the Ammo palette, by the way. Forgot to mention that.

I think that if you’re searching for a couple of good travel palettes that you can use for everyday-to-evening looks, these are definitely worth taking a look at. Actually, if you’re just getting into makeup and you don’t have many eyeshadows, then you could buy these two little palettes (£24 for Ammo 2, £20 for Basics), which are beautiful and incredible quality, and you’d pretty much be set (for now).

Thanks for reading this far! I didn’t mean for this post to be quite so long, but I hope this was useful! By the way, who’s super exited for the new ‘Electric’ palette?! It looks beautiful, but I really don’t know if I can justify buying it. Thoughts?


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  1. Looks like a nice palette 🙂

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