Forgotten Favourites


I realised the other day that I’ve gotten into the habit of using the exact same makeup every single day, and so I was looking through my collection (‘shopping my stash’- is that the term for it? Never really understood that) and remembered about all of these! They’re all the products I used when I was first getting into makeup- just over a year ago- but since then I’ve kind of pushed them to the back of my makeup drawers and been discovering new things. Anyway, I thought they deserved some love so ‘Forgotten Favourites’ is now a thing on this blog. I’m going to have to come up with a better name.

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation– the first foundation I ever tried and still one of the best. It’s very similar to the lovely Rimmel Match Perfection (another favourite) in a lot of ways, because they’re both medium coverage, satin finish and last a good eight hours.

Clinique Anti-Redness Powder– a great setting powder with the added benefit of keeping my skins natural redness at bay. I’ve kind of abandoned this since discovering concealer, but I’m looking forward to using it again because, you know, the less coverage I can get away with, the better.

Urban Decay Naked 2– a classic. I used to use this all the time and though I’m a little worried about how it probably used to look (who needs mattes when you can just use all the glitter?!? Eeeeek) I really feel like I need to try it out again. The colours are so lovely and it’s pretty rare to come across a completely cool toned neutral palette- I just wish there was maybe one more matte brown…

Maybelline Dream Touch Soft Blush– I love cream blushers, and the Maybelline ones are just so pretty. I used this such a long time ago that I can’t even really remember enough about it to review it, but I’m going to re-test it and get back to you.

Maybelline Baby Lips– I’ve not been using these for quite as long as the other things in this post, but I do keep forgetting about them- I don’t know why because they’re the nicest tinted lip balms ever. ‘Cherry Me’ in particular is one that I used to always reach for as an everyday colour, but ‘Mint Fresh’ is a lovely non-tinted option.

Zoya Nail Polish– Zoya is the first ‘high-end’ nail polish brand I tried, and it’s definitely the brand that started my nail polish obsession. Let me know what your favourite shades are because I definitely need to try out more- pictured above is ‘Zuza’.


2 responses to “Forgotten Favourites

  1. Zoya Zuza is so pretty! 🙂 I love stash shopping posts 🙂 Hope you enjoy rediscovering these!

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