Makeup Revolution Haul


 Makeup Revolution is a shiny new makeup brand that was released at Superdrug just the other day, and the reviews I’ve seen so far were all really great so I though I’d place an order! What do you think of what I bought? I went a little overboard because it’s such a cheap brand- think MUA prices- but I’m already thinking it’s much better quality. I’m going to try everything out and have some reviews and swatches up on the blog soon, so keep an eye out if you’re interested!

Image Image

Makeup Revolution is available at Superdrug, and on their website (which ships wold wide!).


9 responses to “Makeup Revolution Haul

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  2. axeliaaa

    The pigments look lovely! They have a really nice lipstick colour range too! Meaningto get a few things from them!

  3. Super haul! I would love to know your thoughts on “The One” foundation? x

  4. Looks like some pretty stuff 🙂

  5. ooh ive never heard of this brand but that products look great i may give it a try! id love it if youd comment back xx

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