Makeup Revolution Lipsticks | Review and Swatches

I’m a terrible, useless blogger and I took these photos back in May, but I’m pretty sure they’re still relevant, even with Makeup Revolution releasing new products every other day. Have I missed anything good? Do I need to do another excessive haul?



The One, Bliss, Divine


Mystify, Luscious, Crime


Fusion, Rebel, 100% Vamp

I’m going to let the swatches do most of the talking here, because I’m pretty damn impressed with that colour payoff. The formula of the Makeup Revolution Lipsticks seems to be, mostly, pretty great. They’re very creamy and have a satin finish on the lips, and without lip liner or primer I get about one hour of wear out of them. That’s normal for me though, and isn’t really a reflection on the quality of these lipsticks, and the darker shades do wear away very nicely- like lip stains, not lip liner. Some are better than others, though. Fusion, for some reason, doesn’t have a very good payoff at all, and the formula seems much more plastic-y, but for a £1 lipstick I think I can live with that.

My favourite is The One, by a mile; I’m a big fan of nude lipstick at the moment, and this one is surprisingly lovely. I was worried it would look like concealer actually, but it does seem to change on the lips to a (wait for it) my-lips-but-better shade.

Have you tried any of these? Let me know if there are any other shades I should try! Makeup Revolution lipsticks are available on their website and at Superdrug for £1 each.


Soap&Glory Sexy Mother Blusher | Review and Swatches

I’m utterly useless when it comes to resisting new Soap&Glory products. These little beauties were released over two months ago now ( I think?) but then they got wrapped up for Christmas and I almost forgot about them. They’re now back in my life and my makeup bag, though, so it seemed like a good time to get back into the swing of actually reviewing things on my blog, rather than just throwing together apprehensive wishlist posts (which you can read here, if that sold it for you).



Soap&Glory Sexy Mother Blusher Sticks in Onamatopeacha, Berry Jamm and Pinker Belle


Pinker Belle, Berry Jamm and Onomatopeacha

These blush sticks might be the cutest things currently in my collection. I think that’s down to the names to be honest (apart from Onomatopeacha, which shall henceforth be referred to as Peach, because bloody hell I’m not typing that again). They’re a creamy enough formula to blend easily, but not so soft that they get all melty in the tube- I’ve been applying them with a Real Techniques Contour Brush which works perfectly, because you can really build up the colour intensity or just leave it quite soft and natural. They’re a cream to powder formula and they wear kind of like a stain, so on bare skin they’re going to stick around for a while, but otherwise they’ll just last for as long as your foundation does. For me, without powdering or using a primer, thats about eight hours, but I reckon if you have drier skin you could easily push that a bit.

I think my favourite shade would have to be Pinker Belle- it looks so pretty and quite natural when it’s applied very lightly which I’m all about, blush-wise. The Peach shade is quite warm, but still wearable even on my (very pale, quite cool toned) skin and Berry Jamm is perfect with very natural eye and lip looks. Pretty excellent all round, I’d say. The Soap&Glory Sexy Mother Blushers are available at Boots for £9 each, and are currently buy one get one half price.

*Sorry about the photo quality- technical difficulties! The colours are true to the actual products, though I promise you they’re not blurry in real life.*

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