I went shopping again…

This post comes to you from my bedroom, where I am sitting, in my pyjamas, eating ben&jerry’s cookie dough ice cream, a disney movie I haven’t seen yet paused at the titles on lovefilm, blogging about shopping and make-up. And it’s friday tomorrow. Life does not get much better.

You know how in one of my posts about a week ago I said I wouldn’t buy more jewellery? I lied. I got another 20 pairs of earrings. And I’m not even a tiny bit sorry, because they are beautiful. Like seriously beautiful. I also got more nail varnish. And make-up. And books, bringing my total of un-read books on my book shelf up to a respectable 41. I’m so happy:)



<3. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3. These were £10 from Claires (which is only 50p a pair, so it’s not too bad) and I literally love every single pair (apart from the weird pink spike and the eye. Ew) and I’ve wanted a pair of crosses for ageees. I can change my second piercing tomorrow so this is my little celebration. I’m still trying to decide if I should have my thirds or my cartilage done next. My trivial little problems;)

My new nail varnishes-


barry m 299 blue moon 17 rock hard nail effects 399 maybelline colour show 299 182 solar flare

I got the Barry M Blue Moon shade that I’ve wanted since I got Mint Green! Happy days;) these are my holiday colours, I just need to think of a funky nail art pattern to include both of them now. The bright orange one on the right is Maybelline Color (gosh people, colour has a ‘u’) Show in 182 Solar Flare (£2.99). I’ve seen quite a few magazine ads for these and I love the range of colours. Super cheap too so I think I’ll be obsessing over those for a while. On the left is Seventeen (honestly, it’s not a number anymore apparently. Well gosh) Rock Hard Nail Effects (£3.99) in Blue and Black. They’re supposed to be matte, but they actually just look like I’ve sprinkled sand on my nails and painted them black. But that’s cool, because I like it.


Not sure how well you can see on this picture, but it’s pretty cool. I always cut my nails this short when I paint my them a dark colour by the way, it just looks better;) but anyway, I saw an advert for these nail varnishes a while ago, but I wasn’t exactly in love with the finished look. I picked up these today because I liked the colours, and then I realised they were textured, but I thought I’d give it a go anyway. I really like them. Really really. Sometimes it’s nice to have perfectly neat nails, but these are kinda edgy. It’s really difficult and messy to apply to be honest, it gets everywhere and it doesn’t really look vaguely neat until the second coat is dry (takes a while) but it’s worth it. If you have a helpful person near you, get them to apply this for you, because I had some serious trouble. Normally I’m fine with painting my right hand, but what I can only assume is sand in the formula makes it difficult to apply. There’s a orange-y colour aswell, I WANT IT. 

New skincare stuff!-



That’s another tea tree/witch hazel stick (lovelovelovelovelovelovelove) because I go though one of those every month, and that’s a little book of oil-absorbing paper. Sounds weird. My face gets quite oily on my nose and forehead and my mum was talking about these a while ago, saying that she had them when she was my age, but she didn’t know what they were called or if you could still get them. So when we found these, I was like OMG I HAVE TO HAVE THEM. I haven’t tried them yet, but they seem like a really good idea. You basically wipe your face with them when it feels oily and it, ahem, absorbs oil. I think they were about £3.99.

Eye make-up-



This is a purple Bourjois eye palette for my mum and a bright blue eye pencil, for me. I know what you’re thinking. I already have two blue eye pencils. You would be right, but this one is like turquoise and it’s more like an eye shadow crayon than an eye liner pencil. It’s pretty:D



This is, without out a doubt, my favourite lip product EVER. It’s so perfect. It tints your lips, but not in the felt-tip way a lip stain does, and it doesn’t just leave a brightly coloured line around your lips. It feels like you’re wearing nothing, non sticky, feels like a lip balm for about five minutes and then you can’t even remember you’re wearing it, and it makes you look like you have a naturally amazing lip colour. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. I’m definitely going to be getting the other colours, it’s perfect.



Yes, I know, not a real foundation, but I thought I’d tell you about my very surreal experience in Boots today. Me and my mum we’re just looking at nail varnish when we were approached by a very peppy looking Clinique lady. My and my mum are both very similar in that we hate people. People scare us. We believe it is socially unnacceptable to approach strangers, so we’re both just standing there, concentrating on nail varnishes, very much hoping that peppy Clinique lady is actually looking at someone behind us. She wasn’t. She walks over to us, hands us two little jars and says ‘come and get your perfect foundation match tested! You’ll get a free five day sample!’ Until she said ‘free five day sample’ I was thinking NO PLEASE LEAVE US ALONE, WE’RE GOOD PEOPLE but the idea of free make-up over powered my people phobias. My mum was, at this point, too terrified to speak, so I was all ‘Aw, thanks, what a lovely idea, we’ll be over in a minute!’ with a fake smile that was probably terrifying. We waited about five minutes (so as to not look like we just wanted free stuff) and then walked over, were we were questioned about our skin types. It was pretty mortifying, I’m pretty sure I went bright red as soon as I said ‘I have quite red skin’ as if I needed to demonstrate. Awkward. Anyway, after about ten minutes of foundation application and several ‘you’re so pale!’ comments (thanks love-.-) we were handed our little pots (now filled with our ‘perfect’ foundation). Mum’s was a pretty good match, but the pales shade was about three shades to dark for me. Peppy Clinique Lady tried to convince me it wasn’t, while my mum stood behind her with one eyebrow raised. It was fun. Anyway, this is going on for the next few days, so if you’re not a pale freak, go and see what your perfect shade is. I think this is pretty much Clinique trying to fight back against the No7 Perfect Match Foundation thing a while ago. Also, if you buy two Clinique products you get a free make-up set, which is cool;) 

I realise that isn’t a very dramatic story, but it was pretty overwhelming for someone like me;)

And finally, I can’t do a shopping post without showing you my new books.Image

AHHHH, FANCY. And still in their plastic, classy. This is the Maze Runner series which I’ve heard mixed reviews about but I’m still exited to read, and a ‘best of paranormal YA’ set which I think is the four first-in-the-series books. I’ve been exited to read Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick for a while now, so YAY:D



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