The Makeup Removing Trio



Boots Simply Sensitive Cleansing Lotion Incredible gentle, and does a pretty awesome job of removing makeup. This one’s particularly great for removing your base makeup and eyeshadow, and all you have to do is massage it into your skin with your fingertips. And because it’s a lotion, it hydrates and moisturises the skin while removing makeup yet doesn’t leave it feeling greasy- perfect for all skin types.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water This micellar water has pretty much replaced my love for Bioderma and the L’Oreal Micellar Water. It’s strong enough to remove any eye makeup (including waterproof eyeliner on the tight line- very impressive!) but gentle enough that it doesn’t sting or burn your eyelids. I also love that it comes in a 400ml bottle because I go through makeup remover like I go through oxygen.

The Body Shop Chamomile Silky Cleansing Oil– This is a pretty new discovery of mine, and after just a few uses I can already honestly say it’s awesome. This is the first actual oil that I’ve used on my skin- I’ve always avoided them before because of my combination/ oily skin- and though using it is a little scary, it really is incredible for removing makeup. I tend to use this on days when I’m wearing a blush that stains or a higher coverage foundation. *I’ve used this to remove eye makeup a couple of times now, and though it removes, it also leaves my eyesight a little blurry. So, note to self, getting makeup removing oils in your eyes doesn’t hurt, but it is rather uncomfortable being visually impaired.*

Honorary Mention- The Body Shop Chamomile Cleansing Butter– This cleansing butter is basically a solid version of the Cleansing Oil- it does pretty much the same job, but works best when used more like a face wash. As with all of these makeup removers, though it’s is best to still use another face wash afterwards, though, just to get rid of any traces of, well, makeup remover.


Sleek Oh So Special


I’ve just been sitting here looking at my keyboard for about seven minutes trying to decide what to write here.


I’ve had my eye on the Oh So Special palette for about six months, and I have no idea why I’ve only just picked it up but I’m so happy I did! It’s wonderful and the colours are beautiful; it’s basically a neutral palette which isn’t boring, containing pinks, bronze-y browns and a few very dark plummy shades.


I have to talk about the names. Ribbon, Celebrate, Wrapped Up- they’re pure festive adorableness. I can’t.

 Anyway:) I’ll try and write a coherent review now I promise.

The formula of the eye shadows in this palette are even better than in the Vintage Romance palette, I think that might have something to do that this palette isn’t limited edition..? I’ll just have to buy another one to find out. But they’re all really soft and blendable, with no fall out or chalkiness, which makes them so easy to use! I’m even tempted to test this theory by handing this palette to my seven year old sister and seeing what she can come up with, I just need a willing model.


These are all, literally, barely swatched. And they look like this- they’re so amazing! I think the very best ones are probably Pamper, Gateau, Ribbon, Gift Basket, Glitz and Wrapped up, purely for pigmentation. The only slight problem I have with the colour selection in this palette is that there are a few shades (The Mail, Ribbon and Pamper) which are really beautiful but I just can’t imagine I’ll wear them. I wish there was a shimmery white highlight in this palette instead, that would make it perfect for a complete everyday look.

What do you think of these colours? I think they’re really beautiful and I’ll get quite a bit of wear out of them- right now I’m wearing Organza, Boxed and Celebrate as a liner and it looks quite pretty:)

Sleek Oh So Special is £7.99 and available at Superdrug.


Sleek Vintage Romance


Quite a while ago, I reviewed Sleek’s Lagoon palette. I was totally in love with the colours, but they’re pretty outrageous and mermaid-esque so the palette kind of got pushed to the back of my makeup drawer. I forgot about Sleek for a while, but then reviews of the Vintage Romance palette started popping up everywhere and it just looks so beautiful- I decided that with my new obsession to use eyeshadow, it would only be fair if I tried this one out too.


Aren’t the names just the cutest things ever?!?

The colours in this palette are all really dark- much darker than I’m used to wearing. I do love the purple and gold tone though, so I’m going to have  to start playing around with it to make it work. I also love the formula of these shadows so much more than Lagoon- they’re much more powdery so they’re easier to apply and blend, but they’re not chalky so you don’t get too much fall out.


Pretty in Paris- shimmery silver

Meet in Madrid- pale, shimmery gold

Court in Cannes- sparkly bronze

Lust in LA- shimmery greige/ bronze

Romance in Rome- slightly shimmery dark blue

Propose in Prague- matte terracotta

A Vow in Venice- slightly shimmery plum

Marry in Monte Carlo- sparkly purple

Honeymoon in Hollywood- dark slightly shimmery purple

Bliss in Barcelona- shimmery purple/ blue

Forever in Florence- very dark sparkly purple

Love in London- sparkly black

Look how pretty they are! Some of these shades are quite built up, but most of them are so pigmented that I barely touched them and they swatched completely opaque. I did these swatches yesterday, but I believe it was Court in Cannes, Lust in LA, Honeymoon in Hollywood, Forever in Florence, A Vow in Venice, Marry in Monte Carlo  and Love in London that had the amazing formula. I think the worst two were probably Romance in Rome and Bliss in Barcelona- I really couldn’t get those two to look as pretty swatched as they do in the pan.

Overall, I am really loving this palette. I’ve only used it a few times and I’m still trying to decide on my favourite colour combinations, but they last really well and are pretty easy to apply. This palette would be perfect for the Christmas and New Years party time of year, but hopefully I’ll be able to work out a nice everyday look for Project Use Eyeshadow!

Have you tried this, or any of the Sleek palettes?

Sleek Vintage Romance is £7.99 and available at Superdrug.


Essie Nail Polish Purchases!

I may have gone a teeny tiny bit overboard at the Superdrug 3-for-2 sale. I ended up crossing quite a few  Essie nail polishes off my wishlist, which is pretty awesome. They’re all really nice Autumn shades which I think I’ll be wearing exclusively for the next few weeks.



Over the Edge // Midnight Cami // Bordeaux // Liquorice // Decadent Dish // Wicked // Thigh High // Sole Mate // Angora Cardi


*by ‘Essie A/W13 Collection’ I mean it’s my collection for A/W13, not the Essie collection.*



I really can’t wait to try all these out! I love Essie nail polishes, they’re so easy to apply, the brush is amazing and I love the shade selection.

Have you tried any of these? What’s your favourite nail polish for this time of year?


Barry M | Shadow and Blush Palette




I get a little obsessive, if any of you have noticed, so when I saw that Barry M had released a pretty, organised make-up palette I decided I had to have at least one of them. Barry M has been one of my favourite nail polish brands for almost a year now, but I’d never really tried their make-up so a palette seemed like a good investment. Right? Right.

Three palettes have been released- Natural Glow, Glamour Puss and Smokin’ Hot. I decided to buy Natural Glow (a pretty neutral palette) and Glamour Puss (because it was limited edition and the glittery, colourful shades looked awesome). I’m not a huge fan of dark smokey eye looks, so I didn’t bother with Smokin’ Hot, but only having 2 of the 3 new releases is slightly stressful so I might have to go and buy that one too. Saying that, I wouldn’t be surprised if Barry M released more of these next year, so maybe I can wait…

The first thing that I thought when I picked these up was how damn cute the packaging was. It’s not the most hand-bag-proof, but I love the Soap&Glory-esque cardboard palette. The names and the Barry M logo is printed on the front in pretty metallic lettering too which I love. It’s got a little magnet to keep it closed, which seems to work fine. It’s pretty and functional, and you can’t really ask for more from a £6.49 palette.

Though these are advertised as Shadow and Blush palettes, the main feature is definitely the eyeshadows. I’d almost prefer it if they’d swap the blush for another two shadows. Blush is a kind of personal thing, I think. It’s difficult to get your perfect blush shade and there are probably only a few people who would genuinely wear the blush shades in these palettes. The eye shadow colour range, however, is genuinely lovely and worth putting up with the blush for.

Natural Glow




One of the first things I noticed about this palette was that some of the shades were very Urban Decay. They aren’t quite dupes, but they’re close enough. They all look pretty and natural, with two matte shades and four super shimmery shades.

The formula for the eyeshadows is really soft and not at all chalky, but I do find that they really blend themselves together when applied. You can’t get any definite lines and sections of colour with these, but they make a pretty, natural eye make-up look.

“Enhance your natural glow with these 6 subtle eyeshadows in natural hues and pastel pink blush.”


Shade 1- lovely shimmery, slightly sliver pink. This reminds me of a mix of Sin and Toasted from the Naked palette, or Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24HR in Pink Gold.

Shade 2- peachy-cream shade- I believe this might be pretty similar to one of the colours in the Naked Basics palette? But it’s also a lot like a pale version of Bootycall from Naked 2.

Shade 3- this is really just a medium brown, which is matte so I reckon a lot of people will be able to use this for their eyebrows. it’s like a mix of Naked and Buck from the Naked palette.


Shade 4- shimmery grey/brown, almost like a pale version of Pistol from Naked. This is probably my favourite of the shades, it’s very pretty.

Shade 5- this is a lovely dark bronze, another of my favourites in this palette. Carrying on with the Urban Decay comparisons, this is quite similar to Smog but slightly less…bronze?

Shade 6- dark, shimmery, almost-slightly-plum-toned brown. If you were going to mix Darkhorse and Hustle, this is what you’d get.


 Blush- baby pink and shimmery. Despite being fairly pigmented (like all of these shades) this blush barely shows up on my super-pale skin, and all it does is make imperfections (of which I have many) look even worse. Because it’s shimmery, it might look pretty as a highlighter on darker skin tones but for me it’s pretty useless. 

Glamour Puss




This is the only palette out of the three which is limited edition. I can’t decide whether it’s supposed to be Halloween or Christmas themed, but it’s filled with some dark, glittery, colourful eyeshadows which look simply gorgeous.

The formula for these is very similar to the Natural Glow palette- they aren’t too chalky and they aren’t too creamy, but they blend almost too well.

“Bring out your inner glamour puss with these 6 shimmering party eyeshadows and hot pink blush.”


Shade 1- this looks just like a shimmery version of Shade 2 from Natural Glow. Pretty highlight colour.

Shade 2- this is a really pretty, super shimmery grey blue colour which would look gorgeous with loads of black eye liner, I think.

Shade 3- shimmery, plum- purple. This is absolutely gorgeous, but I’m still trying to work out how to wear it. Maybe as a liner? I’d love it as a lip colour.


Shade 4- shimmery medium grey. This would probably look stunning with green eyes, even as an all-over lid colour.

Shade 5- dark shimmery brown- this is like a glittery version of Naked’s Darkhorse. Yes, I’m back to the Urban Decay comparisons.

Shade 6- dark shimmery grey, like a glittery mix of Creep and Gunmetal from Naked. 


Blush- bright hot pink. I’m still too scared to try this, but it’s a really amazing colour.

So that’s it! I’ve come to the conclusion that for the price, these palettes are awesome. Have you tried them?

Available at Boots and Superdrug for £6.49.


Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24HR | Timeless Black, Everlasting Navy, Metallic Pomegranate

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24HR | Timeless Black, Everlasting Navy, Metallic Pomegranate

I bought these the other day on 3 for 2 at Boots! I really want to use them to do a Halloween make-up look- have you tried these shades? You can read my full Colour Tattoo review here-

July shopping:)

Ok, I have literally gone makeup and cosmetic shopping insane, this month, so I thought I’d do a *quick* post, with mainly pictures and not much of me rambling so you can decide if there’s anything you want me to review:)

Here’s most of what I bought this month-


Nail Polish! If you’re new here, you should know I have a small problem. Just scroll through some of my previous posts, you’ll understand.

Left-right= Essie Mint Candy Apple, Maybelline Color Show in 130 Winter Baby, 150 Mauve Kiss, 465 Brick Shimmer and 661 Ocean Blue, Revlon Nail Enamel in 770 Heavenly and 580 Eclectic.



I bought Apocaliptic pretty much in the week these lip lacquers came out because I’d seen so many bloggers go crazy for them, but I was actually really unimpressed, mainly because of the colour. I decided to pick a few more up the other day and give them a second chance. To be honest, I’m still not in love, but I’m still planning on getting more colours. By the way, this swatches? Real love. These things stain.


Can’t do a ridiculously expensive Boots order without skincare! Love both of those, I am actually planning a skincare post soon if anyone’s interested?




LOVING all of these. So pretty, you know how I love my Natural Collection lipsticks, and I’m thinking I’m gonna be pretty obsessive over these Rimmel Lasting Finish lipsticks now:D


I’ve got 6 of these now, but there are 4 or 5 more I want, so when I have them I’ll do swatches and a real review and stuff:) These were actually in one of my very first reviews. All cringe:L




More about all these in my next post:)


Free nail polish (I got Electric Dream which is sooo pretttyyy) when you spend over £4 on Collection- of course I got another Lasting Perfection Concealer:)


My sister asked me to order her some Natural Collection makeup, so I decided I’d try out their blush in Peach Melba, which so far I am loving.


Little bit more Soap&Glory makeup (another post in the making, I think) which are both amazing!!

This isn’t including the ridiculous amount of hair dye I stocked up on  this month, but I didn’t think anyone was interested in that:)

Let me know if there’s anything here you want a review for, or any recommendations and stuff in the comments;)


Soap&Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub-REVIEW

Another review! It’s like I can’t think of anything to write about or something cough cough. I’ve been a bit lazy with the whole post writing thing at the moment. I love writing them, but then I have to take the stupid photos and upload them and then edit everything and it’s just bleh-.- I hate taking the photos for this blog, seriously. I’m actually considering paying someone to take them for me, mine always look weird;O When I first got my camera, I was all like ‘Yay, photography! Woo!’ and now I’m just like, no.

But I’ve got a couple of posts planned that I’m pretty exited about, so they should be fun;D

On a completely different subject, if you want to leave me a comment letting me know what sort of posts you want to see, I’d love you forever;)

&also, before I forget, I’ve almost got 400 followers which is completely amazing, and I love all 393 of you;D 

Anyway, into the review!

*Spends two minutes watching the photos upload*




I thought I’d review this product mainly because I think Soap&Glory is amazing, but so under-hyped! I have no idea why either, because they smell amazing, aren’t too overpriced and you can buy it at Boots, so you hardly have to look around for it. 

You just don’t see enough love for Soap&Glory;) so I thought I’d start a little review series, if you’re interested? I did a post ages ago, so I’d love it if you had a look at that and told me which of the products you’d like a review for;) 


Ah, Soap&Glory packaging. I’ve just got to mention how brilliant the Sugar Crush packaging is. I love the really girly, retro British theme. I’ll just quote the how-to-use paragraph, because it made me smile-

“Use Sugar Crush in the shower once, twice or three times weekly, depending on the level of scaliness you struggle with. (Four times- even- if you’ve ever been labelled ‘old lizard legs.)”


On the tub, it says ‘with smashed brown sugar & sweet lime, almond oil & macadamia grains’

Ok, so, I don’t know what most of those smell like, but apparently, together, they smell good. It’s like the classically Soap&Glory (henceforth known as S&G, because I’m getting bored of typing it) scent, which is sweet and fruity, except it’s kind of citrus scented too. It’s almost edible.

Actually, saying it’s almost edible has just reminded me- DO NOT TASTE IT. Just don’t. I know some products taste good (Lush lip scrubs, anybody?) but this isn’t one of them. And no, before you rush off to the comments box to laugh at me, I didn’t ‘eat it’. I used it as a face scrub and it got in my mouth, but it’s really salty and gross-.- ew, k? Don’t.


It’s just a typical S&G scrub, it looks like brown sugar. It looks yummy, which is deceptive. I won’t tell the story again. It doesn’t look like anything particularly special (apart from the cute packaging) but it’s nice all the same.

Word for how well it works..?

Ok, so, if you’re a S&G lover, you’ll know that the scrubs are all the same except for the packaging and the scent. But it works really well, it exfoliates well, but you do need quite a lot of the product because it’s really thick.


And that’s it! I love Soap&Glory, and Sugar Crush smells great so you should give it a go! I love the range of scrubs Soap&Glory do, I think they’re the best of the whole range and I don’t think there’s any other products that compare to them.

Thanks for reading!


Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer-REVIEW(:


Finally doing an actual review! Whoo:)!

There’s been so much hype around this concealer for so long now! I’ve wanted to try it out for ages, but Boots and Superdrug had this seriously irritation habit of only stocking Light, Medium and Deep, so when I saw that they had Fair the other day I completely freaked and had to stop myself from buying, like, twelve of them.

I hardly ever wear concealer- I only started wearing foundation about six months ago so that’s normally enough coverage. But for the past couple of days, I’ve been using my Clinique Anti-Redness Powder and a little bit of the concealer applied with my beauty blender, and it’s worked really well. The formula has insanely high coverage, but it’s really blendable, and it doesn’t look fake and cakey.

This concealer only comes in four shades (Fair, Light, Medium, Deep) so I was kind of worried they’d be too dark for me because I’m really pale, but Fair is actually really perfect. I don’t know about the other three shades, but it’s a really wearable neutral-colour, which isn’t too pink or too yellow like most concealers I’ve tried before.

OK, also, I can’t not mention the packaging because I actually think it’s really nice. It’s simple and modern and doesn’t look and feel cheap at all;) It comes with one of those doe-foot applicators, which isn’t great, but it’s fine for applying the product to where you need concealer and then I use a beauty blender to blend it in.


And the best part is, it costs £4.19. That. Is. Amazing. It’s something that I’ll absolutely be re-purchasing and using every day:D Let me know if you want to try this, or if you have tried it and what you think;)

You can buy this concealer at Superdrug and Boots


Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipsticks- Review:)

 I haven’t done a review in ages!

This is following on from my last ‘New Things’ post. If you had a look at that, you might have noticed some of these Natural Collection Lipsticks, in Cranberry and Raspberry. I completely fell in love with them, so earlier today, I went into Boots and picked up a few more. And so did my mom. Apparently, I can be fairly persuasive.


The new colours I picked up are-

Cherry Red- dark, crimson, almost matte finish red. It looks a lot brighter on the lips, though. It’s  a kind of berry, Autumn/ Winter red, and absolutely gorgeous.

Rose Bud- I’d call this one a kind of caramel-pink, which is probably the pinkest neutral you can have. It would be a gorgeous Spring colour for people who don’t want to wear bright colours.

Coral Shimmer- very bronze, shimmery, pink-toned colour, so pretty and summery! I wouldn’t really say it’s coral, though, it’s coppery and bronze, but still beautiful.

Caramel- This is like a slightly darker, more grown-up version of Coral Shimmer. It’s gorgeous and almost sparkly, love!




Not the best swatches, but you get the idea:)!


These lipsticks are so worth the £1.99 from Boots. They’re so amazingly pigmented, they last at least two hours, but it’s a really lovely formula that I can apply without a mirror, so that’s not awful. I’ve read a lot of reviews saying the packaging is too cheap, which, yeah, it is. This is the one of the cheapest of the cheap drugstore brands, but I think you get more than you pay for. You buy makeup for the product, and it’s nice when there’s pretty packaging, too, but I’d rather be paying £2 for a great lipstick, than £5 for a great lipstick and good packaging.

Annoyingly, these aren’t on the Boots website, you can only buy them in store, but they’re so worth the trip. The colour range is fantastic- mainly nudes, pinks and reds but I wish they’d bring a nice coral into the collection. They’re not all glittery and disgusting either- and they don’t have that worrying, cheap lipstick smell (play dough. They smell like play dough. I don’t want play dough on my lips, thanks, MUA). So, yeah, loving these, and I can’t wait to get my hands on some more.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these or other shades that you think I should try, and if you like them or not, and if you want to give these a try!


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