Sleek Blush Trio- Lace

This is my last Sleek post for now, I promise!

The Blush Trio in Lace is something I’ve been debating buying for ages. I go through phases of not  wanting to leave the house without a pretty blush shade on my face, and then absolutely hating the stuff and swearing to never use it again. You can see why the £9.99 blush palette was a slight problem. But the colours look absolutely gorgeous, all peachy and summery and lovely. Summery. I’m so good with timing.


I’ve got to say, when this arrived at my house the other day, I was kind of horrified at how bright the colours looked. I was expecting pale pastels but instead I had these shocking, vivid blushes and that scared me. I’m very pale and my skin can be horrifically red, so when I do wear blush I normally go for something like Bourjois Volute de Peche or Maybelline Dream Touch in Peach.


I started out by trying Guipure, which is a rosey pink with gold shimmer, because it looks the least scary. The shimmer isn’t really the most flattering, it highlights imperfections and can look a little iffy, but the colour is pretty and it genuinely lasted all day. It might have even out-lasted my foundation, which is crazy! I might be more tempted to reach for it when the weather gets warmer on days where my skin looks okay, but for now I think it will get a little neglected.

I then decided to try out Crochet- prettiest name ever! It’s a bright, matte orange which is a little alarming, but when it’s applied and blended out I think it looks absolutely gorgeous. It becomes a kind of vibrant peach shade which is lovely and, again, very Spring-y. It lasted just as well as Guipure, and was even more pigmented so you could probably wear it every day and never run out.

Finally, I decided I kind of had to at least try Chantilly. I really genuinely didn’t want to, It’s a very violently bright, matte orange-pink-red and even though it looks beautiful in the pan, I just thought it would look awful on my super pale skin. Anyway, I had to try it, so I literally barely used any product and still put most of it on the back of my hand before applying it. It turns out I was being really over dramatic with my fear though, because it’s so pretty! It looked kind of dark pink, sort of naturally blushed but still noticeably wearing makeup. If my skin would stay pale without going bright red whenever it’s slightly hot or cold, I would definitely be totally in love with this, even for this time of year. Like the other two shades, this is super pigmented and lasts forever.

Thanks for reading! I’m really surprised about how much I love this- particularly Chantilly! Have you tried this palette, or any of the Sleek Blush By 3 Palettes?

Sleek ‘Lace’ is £9.99 and available at Superdrug.



Essie Nail Polish Purchases!

I may have gone a teeny tiny bit overboard at the Superdrug 3-for-2 sale. I ended up crossing quite a few  Essie nail polishes off my wishlist, which is pretty awesome. They’re all really nice Autumn shades which I think I’ll be wearing exclusively for the next few weeks.



Over the Edge // Midnight Cami // Bordeaux // Liquorice // Decadent Dish // Wicked // Thigh High // Sole Mate // Angora Cardi


*by ‘Essie A/W13 Collection’ I mean it’s my collection for A/W13, not the Essie collection.*



I really can’t wait to try all these out! I love Essie nail polishes, they’re so easy to apply, the brush is amazing and I love the shade selection.

Have you tried any of these? What’s your favourite nail polish for this time of year?


OPI and Essie | Wishlist

I’ve put together some pictures of the nail polishes I like the look of for Autumn/ Winter 2013- they’re so beautiful! All photos are from and, let me know what you think of these shades, or if there are any others you’re planning on buying!


Peace, Love & OPI // Sprung // OPI Ink // Muir Muir On The Wall // Lincoln Park After Dark // Vampsterdam // Every Month is Oktoberfest // Danke-Shiny Red // Romeo & Joliet // Dulce de Leche // Sleigh Ride for Two // My Private Jet


Angora Cardi // Bahama Mama // Bordeaux // Chinchilly // Decadent Dish // Eternal Optimist // Liquorice // Luxedo // Midnight Cami // Over the Edge // Sole Mate // Tea & Crumpets // Thigh High // Wicked

Barry M | Shadow and Blush Palette




I get a little obsessive, if any of you have noticed, so when I saw that Barry M had released a pretty, organised make-up palette I decided I had to have at least one of them. Barry M has been one of my favourite nail polish brands for almost a year now, but I’d never really tried their make-up so a palette seemed like a good investment. Right? Right.

Three palettes have been released- Natural Glow, Glamour Puss and Smokin’ Hot. I decided to buy Natural Glow (a pretty neutral palette) and Glamour Puss (because it was limited edition and the glittery, colourful shades looked awesome). I’m not a huge fan of dark smokey eye looks, so I didn’t bother with Smokin’ Hot, but only having 2 of the 3 new releases is slightly stressful so I might have to go and buy that one too. Saying that, I wouldn’t be surprised if Barry M released more of these next year, so maybe I can wait…

The first thing that I thought when I picked these up was how damn cute the packaging was. It’s not the most hand-bag-proof, but I love the Soap&Glory-esque cardboard palette. The names and the Barry M logo is printed on the front in pretty metallic lettering too which I love. It’s got a little magnet to keep it closed, which seems to work fine. It’s pretty and functional, and you can’t really ask for more from a £6.49 palette.

Though these are advertised as Shadow and Blush palettes, the main feature is definitely the eyeshadows. I’d almost prefer it if they’d swap the blush for another two shadows. Blush is a kind of personal thing, I think. It’s difficult to get your perfect blush shade and there are probably only a few people who would genuinely wear the blush shades in these palettes. The eye shadow colour range, however, is genuinely lovely and worth putting up with the blush for.

Natural Glow




One of the first things I noticed about this palette was that some of the shades were very Urban Decay. They aren’t quite dupes, but they’re close enough. They all look pretty and natural, with two matte shades and four super shimmery shades.

The formula for the eyeshadows is really soft and not at all chalky, but I do find that they really blend themselves together when applied. You can’t get any definite lines and sections of colour with these, but they make a pretty, natural eye make-up look.

“Enhance your natural glow with these 6 subtle eyeshadows in natural hues and pastel pink blush.”


Shade 1- lovely shimmery, slightly sliver pink. This reminds me of a mix of Sin and Toasted from the Naked palette, or Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24HR in Pink Gold.

Shade 2- peachy-cream shade- I believe this might be pretty similar to one of the colours in the Naked Basics palette? But it’s also a lot like a pale version of Bootycall from Naked 2.

Shade 3- this is really just a medium brown, which is matte so I reckon a lot of people will be able to use this for their eyebrows. it’s like a mix of Naked and Buck from the Naked palette.


Shade 4- shimmery grey/brown, almost like a pale version of Pistol from Naked. This is probably my favourite of the shades, it’s very pretty.

Shade 5- this is a lovely dark bronze, another of my favourites in this palette. Carrying on with the Urban Decay comparisons, this is quite similar to Smog but slightly less…bronze?

Shade 6- dark, shimmery, almost-slightly-plum-toned brown. If you were going to mix Darkhorse and Hustle, this is what you’d get.


 Blush- baby pink and shimmery. Despite being fairly pigmented (like all of these shades) this blush barely shows up on my super-pale skin, and all it does is make imperfections (of which I have many) look even worse. Because it’s shimmery, it might look pretty as a highlighter on darker skin tones but for me it’s pretty useless. 

Glamour Puss




This is the only palette out of the three which is limited edition. I can’t decide whether it’s supposed to be Halloween or Christmas themed, but it’s filled with some dark, glittery, colourful eyeshadows which look simply gorgeous.

The formula for these is very similar to the Natural Glow palette- they aren’t too chalky and they aren’t too creamy, but they blend almost too well.

“Bring out your inner glamour puss with these 6 shimmering party eyeshadows and hot pink blush.”


Shade 1- this looks just like a shimmery version of Shade 2 from Natural Glow. Pretty highlight colour.

Shade 2- this is a really pretty, super shimmery grey blue colour which would look gorgeous with loads of black eye liner, I think.

Shade 3- shimmery, plum- purple. This is absolutely gorgeous, but I’m still trying to work out how to wear it. Maybe as a liner? I’d love it as a lip colour.


Shade 4- shimmery medium grey. This would probably look stunning with green eyes, even as an all-over lid colour.

Shade 5- dark shimmery brown- this is like a glittery version of Naked’s Darkhorse. Yes, I’m back to the Urban Decay comparisons.

Shade 6- dark shimmery grey, like a glittery mix of Creep and Gunmetal from Naked. 


Blush- bright hot pink. I’m still too scared to try this, but it’s a really amazing colour.

So that’s it! I’ve come to the conclusion that for the price, these palettes are awesome. Have you tried them?

Available at Boots and Superdrug for £6.49.


Sleek Lagoon Palette!

I can’t believe my last post was week ago:O I use to do a blog post every day, I’ve just been watching too many Disney movies recently;) But school starts again tomorrow (die) so I’ll probably be blogging more often because I can talk about make-up instead of doing homework! YAY!

I’ve bought quite a bit of make-up recently, and I can’t be bothered to take a million photos and do one big post, because I’m thinking about possibly doing a makeup collection/storage post soon? But I thought that since this is my first Sleek product ever, I’d do a little review:) So, Sleek Lagoon-



The packaging is probably my favourite thing about this product. I love the ‘Aqua Collection Limited Edition’ box because it’s so so pretty! It irritates me that Sleek have used an adjective for their brand name though, because that just makes bloggers sound ridiculous. The packaging is, essentially, sleek. The mirror inside the palette is awesome, too. It takes up the whole top half of the packaging, and it’s actually big enough to do your make-up in. 



It’s so difficult to take photos of products with mirrors;)

Since this is part of Sleek’s Aqua Collection, all of the eye shadows are kind of sea-themed and have really cute names. I literally bought this because I love The Little Mermaid.  The colours of these eyeshadows are all really pretty:) Some of them are almost everyday-wearable (almost) and the rest are really shimmery sparkly bright blues, greens, pinks and purples. And a yellow and a fluorescent coral. 





Top, left to right: EMERALD, OYSTER, BLACK PEARL

Bottom, left to right: SEA SHELL, NIGHT SKY, ARIEL


The formula for these eye shadows is really interesting, they aren’t like any other shadows I’ve tried- they’re almost like a cream-to-powder sort of thing, which is weird and pretty cool. Because they aren’t powders, the swatches on my arm weren’t brilliant, they’re fairly built up in the picture above- but on the plus side, you don’t get any fall out at all. Also, it only took about three seconds to remove the swatches. I’m not entirely sure whether that’s good or bad. But anyway, I like them, and the colours are stunning and more than make up for slightly lacking pigmentation.

Sassea- bright shimmery teal

Pink Jewel- bright shimmery pink

Deep Water- dark matte purple

Sand Dollar- bright shimmery yellow

Reflection- shimmery pale lilac

Underworld- bright shimmery blue

Emerald- bright shimmery green

Sea Shell- very shimmery bronze

Oyster- shimmery white highlight

Night Sky- medium matte purple

Black Pearl- matte black

Ariel- bright matte coral (beautiful)

I’ll probably end up doing an update on this post later with some better pictures of the colours in an actual eye-make-up look:) Or possibly a video soon with Cass, but either way I can’t wait to use these!:)


Natural Collection Lipsticks- Updated Review/Swatches&upcoming giveaway?

I did a post about these really recently, but I looked at it the other day and realised the swatches were virtually non existent, so I decided that because I’ve picked up a few more anyway, I might as well re-do the whole post with real swatches and everything:)!



Quick review before the swatches- if you read the last post, feel free to skip this part because it’ll basically be the same thing:)

First of all, I just want to mention the packaging. I’ve seen reviews for these lipsticks saying that the packaging is too cheap-feeling, and looks breakable. I completely disagree- it’s a £1.99 lipstick! I’m glad that Natural Collection choose to spend their money on the product not the packaging. It’s not the prettiest looking lipstick, but it’s far from the worst packaging I’ve seen and it does the job. When I was 8, I had one of these lipsticks (long since lost) and I kept it for years before I threw it away and it never broke. And I love the little flower logo!

The colour range for these lipsticks is pretty great, too. It’s definitely much better than you’d expect it to be for such a cheap brand. I own nine of these, and there are still two or three more I’d consider buying. The rest of the collection is mainly baby-pinks,  deep browns, and the occasional tacky-glittery one. I can’t wear pale pinks or nudes because my natural lip colour is very dark, browns look awful against my skin tone and the glittery ones are pretty crappy, to be honest. My sister has one called Pink Orchid, which is bright, sparkly, and has barely any pigment. I think she uses it on her barbie dolls or something:) I’d love them to attempt a bright purple or orange like some of the other high street brands. I also love that the names actually make sense to the colour! I’m looking at you, Revlon Lip Butters.

The quality of these lipsticks is incredible for the £1.99 price tag. They come in two ranges- Moisture Shine, pretty self explanatory, and Sheer Natural. Sheer Natural is obviously less pigmented, but you can still build it to a fairly good colour. The Moisture Shine’s can be almost opaque, particularly the darker shades, but they still stay shiny and pretty.

The one thing that isn’t amazing about these lipsticks is that they don’t last very long. I don’t know if that’s because they’re shiny, but they do fade to nothing after maybe two hours, maximum. But they fade nicely, not in that disgusting lip-liner way, and most of the colours are natural enough that you can re-apply them without thinking (or even using a mirror).

The swatches!



Removing^ these swatches proved very difficult. I now look like someone’s hurting me.



Cherry Red, Crimson, Cranberry, Raspberry, Berry Blush, Rose Bud, Pink Mallow, Coral Shimmer, Sorbet.

Most wearable: Cranberry, Raspberry, Rose Bud

Prettiest colour: Sorbet, Berry Blush

Most pigmented: Cherry Red, Crimson, Cranberry

Favourites: Raspberry, Crimson, Berry Blush, Rose Bud

Shades I want to buy: Caramel (I lost mine…)

I hope this was helpful! Natural Collection is available at Boots, and unfortunately you can’t stalk them over the internet. But if you do see these, pick one up and let me know what you think of it! Which colours do you like?

Also, I just wanted to mention that I’m planning on doing a giveaway, possibly including one or two of these;) It’ll either be 500-follower thing (currently on 407 so tell your friends) or maybe a views one? Currently on 5,997 views so it could be soon:)


Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipsticks- Review:)

 I haven’t done a review in ages!

This is following on from my last ‘New Things’ post. If you had a look at that, you might have noticed some of these Natural Collection Lipsticks, in Cranberry and Raspberry. I completely fell in love with them, so earlier today, I went into Boots and picked up a few more. And so did my mom. Apparently, I can be fairly persuasive.


The new colours I picked up are-

Cherry Red- dark, crimson, almost matte finish red. It looks a lot brighter on the lips, though. It’s  a kind of berry, Autumn/ Winter red, and absolutely gorgeous.

Rose Bud- I’d call this one a kind of caramel-pink, which is probably the pinkest neutral you can have. It would be a gorgeous Spring colour for people who don’t want to wear bright colours.

Coral Shimmer- very bronze, shimmery, pink-toned colour, so pretty and summery! I wouldn’t really say it’s coral, though, it’s coppery and bronze, but still beautiful.

Caramel- This is like a slightly darker, more grown-up version of Coral Shimmer. It’s gorgeous and almost sparkly, love!




Not the best swatches, but you get the idea:)!


These lipsticks are so worth the £1.99 from Boots. They’re so amazingly pigmented, they last at least two hours, but it’s a really lovely formula that I can apply without a mirror, so that’s not awful. I’ve read a lot of reviews saying the packaging is too cheap, which, yeah, it is. This is the one of the cheapest of the cheap drugstore brands, but I think you get more than you pay for. You buy makeup for the product, and it’s nice when there’s pretty packaging, too, but I’d rather be paying £2 for a great lipstick, than £5 for a great lipstick and good packaging.

Annoyingly, these aren’t on the Boots website, you can only buy them in store, but they’re so worth the trip. The colour range is fantastic- mainly nudes, pinks and reds but I wish they’d bring a nice coral into the collection. They’re not all glittery and disgusting either- and they don’t have that worrying, cheap lipstick smell (play dough. They smell like play dough. I don’t want play dough on my lips, thanks, MUA). So, yeah, loving these, and I can’t wait to get my hands on some more.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these or other shades that you think I should try, and if you like them or not, and if you want to give these a try!


The Lush Post no.4- SOAP:)


When I decided to do a ‘Lush Post’ series, I had already kind of decided that soap would be last. Lush soap, it’s just perfect. It’s beautiful. Bath bombs and bubble bars, for all their loveliness, last one, maybe two baths- soap is bloody immortal. As you can see in my talented photography above, I went through a phase of having to chop my soap into smaller pieces so it lasted longer. Needless to say, this was before I realised Lush soap is immortal.

I can’t believe I’m actually writing the last in a series of posts! So weird:) Kind of like an almost-two- months-of-blogging anniversary, I guess:) Well, it’s the last Lush Post for now, one day if I have more than two shower gels and I try the face masks and makeup, maybe they’ll be another one. Let me know if there are any of the above I should try!


Here are my top-8 Lush soaps (Yup. Eight. I couldn’t narrow it down)-

1)      OK, number one Lush soap is and always will be Honey I Washed the Kids. Always. Alwaysalwaysalways.

Honey I Washed the Kids

I’ve rambled about it in practically every Lush/ Soap and Glory post I’ve ever written, as you may have noticed;) It smells bloody amazing, it’s really sweet without being overpowering and it’s almost kind of got an earthy undertone. I really can’t describe smells, meh. And it totally looks beautiful, if you’re lucky, you get a piece with an exfoliating honey comb side on it.

2)      Ice Blue.

I totally completely love the smell of mint. I’m really varied with this sort of stuff, most people only like sweet or minty or earthy or whatever, but I just love anything:) Anyway, this smells amazing. It’s really refreshing and I used to love using it in Summer, you know, when we used to have Summer in England. This one is one of my favourite colours too, which is actually what made me want it in the first place:)

3)      Porridge.


If you have a quick look at the picture above, you might be able to see the neatly wrapped up cube labelled ‘Porridge’. I know this sounds so weird, because it’s really a love/hate smell, but I love the smell of porridge. Hate eating it, but LOVELOVELOVE the smell. Is that weird? Let me know:) But anyway, this one has little exfoliating grains in it, and it can be a bit too scrubby, but I love it anyway. It smells really sweet- It’s a bit like Honey I Washed the Kids actually. I love using this soap with Think Pink bath bomb, they go together so well. Is it weird to melt soap into your bath to make it smell nice?

4)      Sea Vegetable.

Sea Vegetable

Hell yes. Seaweed in a soap. I did warn you that my sense of smell is very varied. We can add salty to the list now, woohooooo:) But seriously, this soap. OMG. It smells gorgeous and it looks gorgeous and there are two huge, still wrapped pieces of it in my picture.

5)      Sultana of Soap.

Sultana of Soap

Yeah, I know, it creeped me out too. Fruit? Actual, real fruit, rather than the flavour of? REAL FRUIT IN A SOAP. DANGER. DANGER. But no, it smells lovely:) the consistency and texture and look of it actually reminds me a lot of Porridge, but I’m not sure if that’s because I got them at around the same time. Anyway, still smells, pardon the pun, lush.

6)      Miranda.

And not just because series 1 and 2 or Miranda are bloody brilliant (although I was slightly let down by series 3, there was one episode which was hilarious). I was talking Miranda Hart the sitcom, not Miranda the soap just them. AND NOW I AM BACK TO MIRANDA THE SOAP. Sorry about that short burst of insanity just there, I just had four desserts. It’s a buffet. In case you’re wondering, I generally type my posts in the evening, and then post them in the morning. GOD, ANYWAY. This soap looks proper gorgeous. It’s so pretty! And it smells all fruity and stuff:) I love all the coloured chunks in it. There’s a wrapped piece of it in my picture.

7)      The Godmother- Smells ridiculously yummy.

The Godmother

Like strawberry laces, but a bit more grown up, kind of. UGH, CAN’T DESCRIBE SCENTS. It’s dark pink and lovely, and covered in gold glitter. So pretty:) I always thought this was a Christmas soap, but clearly not.

8)      Karma-


because I’ve talked about it so many times, and it’s so fundamentally ‘Lush’ to me, that it can’t not be included. It smells really earthy and cinnamony, which isn’t the best smell in the world, but I still like it. If you like Karma soap, try Karma solid perfume, which I talked about in The Lush Post 3.

And that’s my top 8 soaps! Let me know what yours are, especially if it’s one of these:

Figs and Leaves, Snowglobe, Dirty, Mud Flats or Sexy Peel:) which are, of course, the ones I still want to try:)

If there are any other Lush products you think I should try and do a Lush Post about, prettyplease let me know, I love having a reason to go shopping!:)

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