Top 5 Under £5


I tried to narrow it down to five things- I really, really did.

Maybelline Baby Lips£2.99– photo:Cherry Me- The Baby Lips lip balms have been the buzz of the drugstore beauty world for a while now, so if you haven’t had a hundred reviews of them shoved down your throat then where have you been hiding? The tinted balms in particular are wonderful, and they’re almost always on three-for-two at Boots and Superdrug. It’s not a question of ‘have you tried them?’, it’s more of a ‘how many of them are kicking around in your handbag?’. 

Natural Collection Lipsticks– £1.99- photo:Raspberry- I’ve written about these quite a few times before, but I honestly cannot get over the quality of these lipsticks. The colour, the lasting powder, the price tag- it’s all good.

Natural Collection Blush- £1.99– photo:Peach Melba- I love this blush so much- it’s the only shade I’ve tried but it’s really pretty, easy to wear and goes with everything. It’s surprisingly pigmented, too, and another one with a double-take price tag.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder- £3.99photo:Transparent- I’m not normally one to go crazy over powders, but this one is pretty damn good. It sets everything nicely, controls oils and I don’t think I’ve ever heard a bad review.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer- £4.19photo:Fair- This concealer is truly incredible, and it’s one of the few items I actually own a  back up of. It’s incredibly pigmented and long lasting and the lightest shade actually matches my skin tone *screams*! The packaging and shade range of these has very recently been changed, so I’m going to have to do some Superdrug swatching very soon.

Rimmel Scandeleyes Waterproof Kohl Liner- £3.99photo:Black- Easily the best eye liner pencil I’ve ever tried. Enough said. I definitely need to get my hands on some of the other colours, because so far I’ve only used Black.

Maybelline Color Tattoo£4.99– photo:On & On Bronze, Metallic Pomegranate- These cream eyeshadows are truly incredible. They’re easy to use and the colours are oh-so pretty! I just wish the UK shade range was a little bit better. I really want to try Barely Branded and the new nude collection, preferably without Ebay’s painful shipping rates.

Barry M Nail Polish£2.99/£3.99photo:Pomegranate, Nude Vanilla- At this point on my blog I feel like I should mention that I am not sponsored by Barry M. I seem to be crying over the perfection of their nail polishes every other week, though, so I would understand if there was some confusion. Pretty much every single nail polish of theirs that I’ve tried has been stunning, and if you type ‘Barry M’ into the little search bar on my blog then there will be more than enough nail polish swatching goodness to keep you mildly entertained for at least a few hours.

What are your under £5 favourites? I’ll be doing a £5-£10 favourites post soon-ish, too, so any recommendations in that price zone are definitely necessary at the moment for, ahem, research.


Urban Decay Ammo 2 Palette | Review & Swatches

It’s back in stock! I was going to write this post forever ago (Christmas was forever ago, yes?) but I couldn’t find a link to anywhere you could buy it. ‘It’ being Urban Decay’s Ammo 2 Palette, which is now available at, House Of Fraser and for £24.




I’m beginning to really really hate photographing shiny packaging.




This palette contains ten 0.8g eyeshadows, all of which are shimmery. It contains a short handled, synthetic applicator brush (similar in shape to Naked’s brush) which is great for pushing shimmery shadows onto the lid. The eye shadows are great quality (of course), long lasting and have lovely pigmentation.


Smog- dark bronze (seen in the Naked palette). Incredible pigmentation with this one, the swatch above is one swipe.

Mildew- medium mossy green, good colour payoff. This colour would look stunning against medium skin tones and dark eyes.

Oil Slick- black with silver sparkle. Not Urban Decay’s best or worst black- the pigmentation is good but you do get a little fall out. 

Last Call- plummy cranberry shade- my absolute favourite in this palette! I have a serious weakness for purple toned eyeshadows and this one is utterly lovely.

Chopper- dark coppery peach (seen in the Naked 2 palette). Great colour payoff.

Maui Wowie- light champagne gold. Not the best pigmentation and it does have a slight fall out, but it’s still easy to use and blendable.

Shattered- pale blue (the colour can be built to medium blue). Amazing pigmentation and formula.

Polyester Bride- stark white. Very similar quality as Maui Wowie.

Grifter- lilac with pale blue shimmer. Great quality and lovely colour pay off.

Sin- pale baby pink (seen in the Naked palette). Good quality and nice colour payoff.

I’m so in love with these colours! It’s not often that Urban Decay release a colourful palette in which all of the shades are actually wearable, but that’s what this is. There are actually four neutral shades in this one (not including Polyester Bride, that colour’s not the easiest to wear), but three have them have already been seen in the Naked palettes. I did notice that they looked slightly different in the pans, though, so I swatched them against the originals-


The shades are quite intensely different in the different palettes. I’m not complaining, because that means that I don’t have two of the same eye shadows to get through, but it is something to bear in mind.


Look how little it is! Ammo 2 is definitely travel size, but there’s no way you could travel with this palette alone. There are no matte transitional shades or even a brow bone highlighter- which led me to thinking about the Naked Basics palette (review). Basics is completely matte (apart from the satin ‘Venus’ shade but shush) with a couple of really great browns, a highlight and a liner shade. It’s travel sized, too, so I’ve pretty much decided that these palettes were created to be together.



Look how pretty! That little primer comes with the Ammo palette, by the way. Forgot to mention that.

I think that if you’re searching for a couple of good travel palettes that you can use for everyday-to-evening looks, these are definitely worth taking a look at. Actually, if you’re just getting into makeup and you don’t have many eyeshadows, then you could buy these two little palettes (£24 for Ammo 2, £20 for Basics), which are beautiful and incredible quality, and you’d pretty much be set (for now).

Thanks for reading this far! I didn’t mean for this post to be quite so long, but I hope this was useful! By the way, who’s super exited for the new ‘Electric’ palette?! It looks beautiful, but I really don’t know if I can justify buying it. Thoughts?

Urban Decay Naked Basics

I finally bought the Naked Basics palette! This teeny tiny, almost completely matte palette has been on my wishlist for ages- pretty much since I bought Naked and Naked 2 in May. The only thing that was stopping me from buying it is that before my little eye shadow-wearing-project, I didn’t realise I could wear matte eye shadows. I know that sounds ridiculous, but I have very pale skin so I always thought that warm, matte eye shadows would look too natural, but too dark. Basically I was worried about looking like I’d broken my nose or something. I have, however, found myself reaching for my matte Soap&Glory quad and shades like Urban Decay’s Naked, Foxy and Tease recently, so I decided it was time to try out Naked Basics. This might also have a lot to do with being really really psyched about Naked 3 too. I’ve become a little bit of an Urban Decay junkie.






Naked Basics contains 6 eyeshadows (of which five are matte, and one is a satin, semi-matte kind of finish) which is half as many as in the original palettes but still enough to create a full (and very pretty) eye make-up look. It’s also great for the base for more colourful eyeshadows because they can look so natural. All shadows are 1.3 grams or 0.05 US oz, the same as in the other Naked palettes.


The formula is exceptional, as always, and all the shadows last hours without the need for a primer. They apply beautifully and are easy to blend while still staying put, which is absolutely perfect if, like me, you’re pretty useless at applying eye shadow:).


Venus is the only shadow in the palette which isn’t matte. It’s a satin finish, which means it’s just shimmery enough to work as a highlight, but still natural enough to use all over the lid. It’s a pale, creamy neutral shade which doesn’t seem to be either yellow or pink toned.

Foxy has already made an appearance in Naked 2. It’s a very pale yellow which is beautiful as an all-over-the-lid base (particularly if the rest of your make-up is pink). Matte.

Walk of Shame is one of my favourites. It’s pink the way Foxy is yellow and it’s pigmented enough to cover veins or discolouration on your eyelid. Matte.

Naked 2 is a lovely pale taupe which I use from my lash line to my crease. It’s lighter and much more cool toned than Naked (from the Naked palette) and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Matte.

Faint is a cool, medium/ dark brown and perfect for my eyebrows. I wear this blended into my crease and it looks absolutely gorgeous- my most worn out of this palette.

Crave is a strange one; I thought it was completely black until I compared it to Blackout from Naked 2. Turns out Crave is a very, very dark brown. I wear it as a liner which is just slightly more subtle than using Creep or Blackout but still very pretty. *It’s one of those that now I know it’s brown, I can’t believe I ever thought it was black.*





The only thing I’m not completely in love with about this little palette is the packaging. It looks beautiful and it’s really strong and functional, but it chips my nail polish like crazy when I try to open it! That’s kind of annoying, but apart from that it’s perfect. It’s only slightly longer than a credit card and it’s the same width, so it’s absolutely perfect for travelling. It’s literally pocket sized, has a full sized mirror and doesn’t contain a brush or any crappy applicators. The packaging feels kind of like Sleek’s (and what I imagine Nars’ like), but it doesn’t seem to get as dirty because it’s not black.



If you want to try out Urban Decay’s shadows but don’t want to hand over £36 (or twice that if you can’t decide which Naked palette is prettiest!), then this is the perfect solution. It’s £20 and it’s just lovely- try it out. I can guarantee you’ll be hooked on Urban Decay before you know it.

Available at DebenhamsHouse of FraserBeauty Bay and Look Fantastic. You can also get hold of it on Amazon and Ebay, but you’ll gave to pay quite a bit more.


Sleek Oh So Special


I’ve just been sitting here looking at my keyboard for about seven minutes trying to decide what to write here.


I’ve had my eye on the Oh So Special palette for about six months, and I have no idea why I’ve only just picked it up but I’m so happy I did! It’s wonderful and the colours are beautiful; it’s basically a neutral palette which isn’t boring, containing pinks, bronze-y browns and a few very dark plummy shades.


I have to talk about the names. Ribbon, Celebrate, Wrapped Up- they’re pure festive adorableness. I can’t.

 Anyway:) I’ll try and write a coherent review now I promise.

The formula of the eye shadows in this palette are even better than in the Vintage Romance palette, I think that might have something to do that this palette isn’t limited edition..? I’ll just have to buy another one to find out. But they’re all really soft and blendable, with no fall out or chalkiness, which makes them so easy to use! I’m even tempted to test this theory by handing this palette to my seven year old sister and seeing what she can come up with, I just need a willing model.


These are all, literally, barely swatched. And they look like this- they’re so amazing! I think the very best ones are probably Pamper, Gateau, Ribbon, Gift Basket, Glitz and Wrapped up, purely for pigmentation. The only slight problem I have with the colour selection in this palette is that there are a few shades (The Mail, Ribbon and Pamper) which are really beautiful but I just can’t imagine I’ll wear them. I wish there was a shimmery white highlight in this palette instead, that would make it perfect for a complete everyday look.

What do you think of these colours? I think they’re really beautiful and I’ll get quite a bit of wear out of them- right now I’m wearing Organza, Boxed and Celebrate as a liner and it looks quite pretty:)

Sleek Oh So Special is £7.99 and available at Superdrug.


Sleek Vintage Romance


Quite a while ago, I reviewed Sleek’s Lagoon palette. I was totally in love with the colours, but they’re pretty outrageous and mermaid-esque so the palette kind of got pushed to the back of my makeup drawer. I forgot about Sleek for a while, but then reviews of the Vintage Romance palette started popping up everywhere and it just looks so beautiful- I decided that with my new obsession to use eyeshadow, it would only be fair if I tried this one out too.


Aren’t the names just the cutest things ever?!?

The colours in this palette are all really dark- much darker than I’m used to wearing. I do love the purple and gold tone though, so I’m going to have  to start playing around with it to make it work. I also love the formula of these shadows so much more than Lagoon- they’re much more powdery so they’re easier to apply and blend, but they’re not chalky so you don’t get too much fall out.


Pretty in Paris- shimmery silver

Meet in Madrid- pale, shimmery gold

Court in Cannes- sparkly bronze

Lust in LA- shimmery greige/ bronze

Romance in Rome- slightly shimmery dark blue

Propose in Prague- matte terracotta

A Vow in Venice- slightly shimmery plum

Marry in Monte Carlo- sparkly purple

Honeymoon in Hollywood- dark slightly shimmery purple

Bliss in Barcelona- shimmery purple/ blue

Forever in Florence- very dark sparkly purple

Love in London- sparkly black

Look how pretty they are! Some of these shades are quite built up, but most of them are so pigmented that I barely touched them and they swatched completely opaque. I did these swatches yesterday, but I believe it was Court in Cannes, Lust in LA, Honeymoon in Hollywood, Forever in Florence, A Vow in Venice, Marry in Monte Carlo  and Love in London that had the amazing formula. I think the worst two were probably Romance in Rome and Bliss in Barcelona- I really couldn’t get those two to look as pretty swatched as they do in the pan.

Overall, I am really loving this palette. I’ve only used it a few times and I’m still trying to decide on my favourite colour combinations, but they last really well and are pretty easy to apply. This palette would be perfect for the Christmas and New Years party time of year, but hopefully I’ll be able to work out a nice everyday look for Project Use Eyeshadow!

Have you tried this, or any of the Sleek palettes?

Sleek Vintage Romance is £7.99 and available at Superdrug.


Soap&Glory Lid Stuff

This little quad of eye shadows has been sitting neglected in my eye makeup drawer since July, how awful. I’ve gotten into a bad habit recently of buying eye shadows because they look pretty- but then never getting round to actually wearing them. Enter: Project Use Eyeshadow. Very creatively named, I think, and I also think that this quad needs to be used first. I’ve been wearing this for the past few weeks and I’ve really grown to love it.



Ok, so, I’m pretty useless at doing my own eye makeup. I can do other peoples alright, but I have a really awkward eye shape so applying eye shadow is pretty difficult. Soap&Glory’s Lid Stuff is definitely the easiest to apply of all the eyeshadows I’ve tried, though, so I can kind of make it work. What I do, is press Vanilla all over my eye lid, right up to my eyebrow. It’s enough to cover the veins on my eye lids, but not too much to look unnatural. Then I apply Pink T over the lower part of my eyelid (with one of those eyeshadow sponge things) but no higher than the crease. Then I put Mudhoney on the outer corner, a little bit of Aubersheen along the crease and blend it all with a fluffy brush. These eye shadows are so powdery, that as soon as you’ve blinked a few times they almost blend themselves. It’s very difficult to go wrong, and the colours are really pretty and natural. I can hardly even tell I’ve got eyeshadow on, it’s awesome. 





I have a few other Soap&Glory shadows (which you can buy now in the Crazy Sexy Kohl Christmas Gift Set!) which I normally use with those other four, too. I use an angled brush to apply Smokin’ along my upper lash line, and then use a teeny bit of Dandy Plum along my lower lash line. It’s such a pretty purple!

And that’s it! It’s really simple but I’ve been loving  it for quite a while. Just as a side note, the formula of these is very powdery. I actually prefer that to creamy shadows because I think it’s easier to control, but if you have very dry skin these might not even stick to your eye lids. They last about six hours on me without a primer, and you can buy Lid Stuff for £10 at Boots.

Have you tried this? What do you think? I think I’ll be buying the other two quads at some point. 


Barry M | Shadow and Blush Palette




I get a little obsessive, if any of you have noticed, so when I saw that Barry M had released a pretty, organised make-up palette I decided I had to have at least one of them. Barry M has been one of my favourite nail polish brands for almost a year now, but I’d never really tried their make-up so a palette seemed like a good investment. Right? Right.

Three palettes have been released- Natural Glow, Glamour Puss and Smokin’ Hot. I decided to buy Natural Glow (a pretty neutral palette) and Glamour Puss (because it was limited edition and the glittery, colourful shades looked awesome). I’m not a huge fan of dark smokey eye looks, so I didn’t bother with Smokin’ Hot, but only having 2 of the 3 new releases is slightly stressful so I might have to go and buy that one too. Saying that, I wouldn’t be surprised if Barry M released more of these next year, so maybe I can wait…

The first thing that I thought when I picked these up was how damn cute the packaging was. It’s not the most hand-bag-proof, but I love the Soap&Glory-esque cardboard palette. The names and the Barry M logo is printed on the front in pretty metallic lettering too which I love. It’s got a little magnet to keep it closed, which seems to work fine. It’s pretty and functional, and you can’t really ask for more from a £6.49 palette.

Though these are advertised as Shadow and Blush palettes, the main feature is definitely the eyeshadows. I’d almost prefer it if they’d swap the blush for another two shadows. Blush is a kind of personal thing, I think. It’s difficult to get your perfect blush shade and there are probably only a few people who would genuinely wear the blush shades in these palettes. The eye shadow colour range, however, is genuinely lovely and worth putting up with the blush for.

Natural Glow




One of the first things I noticed about this palette was that some of the shades were very Urban Decay. They aren’t quite dupes, but they’re close enough. They all look pretty and natural, with two matte shades and four super shimmery shades.

The formula for the eyeshadows is really soft and not at all chalky, but I do find that they really blend themselves together when applied. You can’t get any definite lines and sections of colour with these, but they make a pretty, natural eye make-up look.

“Enhance your natural glow with these 6 subtle eyeshadows in natural hues and pastel pink blush.”


Shade 1- lovely shimmery, slightly sliver pink. This reminds me of a mix of Sin and Toasted from the Naked palette, or Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24HR in Pink Gold.

Shade 2- peachy-cream shade- I believe this might be pretty similar to one of the colours in the Naked Basics palette? But it’s also a lot like a pale version of Bootycall from Naked 2.

Shade 3- this is really just a medium brown, which is matte so I reckon a lot of people will be able to use this for their eyebrows. it’s like a mix of Naked and Buck from the Naked palette.


Shade 4- shimmery grey/brown, almost like a pale version of Pistol from Naked. This is probably my favourite of the shades, it’s very pretty.

Shade 5- this is a lovely dark bronze, another of my favourites in this palette. Carrying on with the Urban Decay comparisons, this is quite similar to Smog but slightly less…bronze?

Shade 6- dark, shimmery, almost-slightly-plum-toned brown. If you were going to mix Darkhorse and Hustle, this is what you’d get.


 Blush- baby pink and shimmery. Despite being fairly pigmented (like all of these shades) this blush barely shows up on my super-pale skin, and all it does is make imperfections (of which I have many) look even worse. Because it’s shimmery, it might look pretty as a highlighter on darker skin tones but for me it’s pretty useless. 

Glamour Puss




This is the only palette out of the three which is limited edition. I can’t decide whether it’s supposed to be Halloween or Christmas themed, but it’s filled with some dark, glittery, colourful eyeshadows which look simply gorgeous.

The formula for these is very similar to the Natural Glow palette- they aren’t too chalky and they aren’t too creamy, but they blend almost too well.

“Bring out your inner glamour puss with these 6 shimmering party eyeshadows and hot pink blush.”


Shade 1- this looks just like a shimmery version of Shade 2 from Natural Glow. Pretty highlight colour.

Shade 2- this is a really pretty, super shimmery grey blue colour which would look gorgeous with loads of black eye liner, I think.

Shade 3- shimmery, plum- purple. This is absolutely gorgeous, but I’m still trying to work out how to wear it. Maybe as a liner? I’d love it as a lip colour.


Shade 4- shimmery medium grey. This would probably look stunning with green eyes, even as an all-over lid colour.

Shade 5- dark shimmery brown- this is like a glittery version of Naked’s Darkhorse. Yes, I’m back to the Urban Decay comparisons.

Shade 6- dark shimmery grey, like a glittery mix of Creep and Gunmetal from Naked. 


Blush- bright hot pink. I’m still too scared to try this, but it’s a really amazing colour.

So that’s it! I’ve come to the conclusion that for the price, these palettes are awesome. Have you tried them?

Available at Boots and Superdrug for £6.49.


Urban Decay: Naked and Naked 2

I mentioned this review in yesterdays post, and it’s majorly exciting because I have wanted these palettes for so long. I ordered Naked 2 first, and I was actually only thinking about wanting one, and then I realised how much only having the second in a series stressed me out, so I ordered the first one as soon as Naked 2 arrived. It’s probably the most expensive order I have ever placed. 

You can buy the palettes here, for £36 each. Eek:O


Lets do this in chronological order shall we;) OK, the Naked palette. 



From bottom to top:

Virgin- an almost peachy-cream. Very sheer, works well as a base.

Sin- a kind of rose-gold glitter, that’s the best way I can think of two describe it. Really well pigmented.

Naked- really nice basic taupe colour, really gorgeous for a brown toned smokey eye. Matte.

Sidecar- one of my favourite colours in this palette, really beautiful glittery brown.

Buck- medium brown with an almost red tone. Matte.

Half Baked- amazing gold glitter. Beautiful used just on it’s own. This is actually in both palettes;)

Smog- glittery brown. Another favourite.

Darkhouse- shimmery dark brown- not nice on it’s own, but in a smokey eye it’s great.

Toasted- mauve-y shimmer. Really pretty:)

Hustle- almost plum coloured shimmer. Reallyreally gorgeous but not as wearable as some of the other shades.

Creep- sparkly black, quite powdery but really pretty.

Gunmetal- gorgeous sparkly grey, totally love it.

This whole palette has a really nice warm tone to it. The colours are generally really wearable, and, obviously, really great quality. 


Onto the packaging- this is the cardboard that came around the palette’s outer packaging, which is what holds the primer sample (amazing). It’s more flimsy that Naked 2’s outer packaging, but this is just the card with the colour swatches on, so that’s not a problem. The casing the palette came is purple velvet and really flimsy, but again, not much of a problem. The palette is brown velvet with ‘NAKED’ written in gold across the front. It snaps shut magnetically, and the mirrors quite small inside, but still big enough to do eye makeup. It’s really gorgeous packaging, and maybe not as damagable, although flimsy-er, than Naked 2.


This^ is the outer packaging.

Naked 2-


Lovely camera reflection there;)



From bottom to top:

Foxy- yellow-ish cream. Matte. Great base.

Half Baked- see review above.

Bootycall- pretty similar to Virgin, but more yellowy. Slightly shimmery.

Chopper- probably my absolute favourite, gorgeous rose-gold copper. Glitter.

Tease- a purpley mauve- matte.

Snakebite- a glittery brown, really pretty as an eyeliner.

Suspect- very pale shimmery bronzey gold.

Pistol- shimmery dark grey, another favee:)

Verve- slightly bronze silver, shimmery.

YDK- glittery mauve ish purple. Very, very pigmented. Love it. What does YDK stand for, by the way?

Busted- dark shimmery purple. Love it!:)

Blackout- matte black, which is amazing as an eyeliner or an eyeshadow, I’ve never come across a black matte before.

I think I actually prefer these shades to Naked:) they’re absolutely lovely, and I love the selection of matte and glitters. Even though I love these, I think I will use the slightly warmer tones or Naked more…maybe:) 



The outer packaging of this one is so much more sturdy. These colour swatches are on the back of the box (not the palette) rather than a flimsy piece of card tucked around the back of the box.


You can tell just but looking that the packaging on this is wayyy more sturdy. The actual palette snaps shut, rather than relying on magnets, but it is metallic, so if you’re throwing it in your handbag, it’d gona get scratched and probably a bit dented. Also, the lipgloss, which a lot of people have said is kinda so-so, I actual LOVE. I will actually be repurchasing this as soon as my sample runs out, mainly because it smells amazing. Minty and vanillery, mmm(: 

To the comparison!:

Colours: I prefer the colours in Naked 2, but I think I’ll be wearing Naked more often.

Packaging: Naked looks prettier, but Naked 2 is so much better.

Samples: LOVE them both and will be re-purchasing.

Brushes: I’ve read a lot of ‘Naked brush is better!’ posts, but I actually prefer Naked 2’s brush. It’s softer, and more useful, and double ended.


Price- they’re obviously the same price, mine were £36 each, which is insane and you can get cheaper versions and dupes of a lot of these shadows which I’ll be looking out for.

Overall: I am completely in love with both of these palettes. I think I’m edging slightly more towards Naked 2, but I think you can do pretty similar looks with either palette. In each palette there’s a colour that’s similar, so you can work with just one. 

So, yeah. I love these. Completely. And when they run out, I will be buying replacements. Let me know what you think of them, and what colours you like and don’t like and stuff:) I’d love Urban Decay to make a Naked 3 palette and include some olive and silver tones, which I kinda think are lacking. I know they aren’t really the ‘naked’ look, but if I’m honest, a lot of them don’t look at all natural;)

I went shopping again…

This post comes to you from my bedroom, where I am sitting, in my pyjamas, eating ben&jerry’s cookie dough ice cream, a disney movie I haven’t seen yet paused at the titles on lovefilm, blogging about shopping and make-up. And it’s friday tomorrow. Life does not get much better.

You know how in one of my posts about a week ago I said I wouldn’t buy more jewellery? I lied. I got another 20 pairs of earrings. And I’m not even a tiny bit sorry, because they are beautiful. Like seriously beautiful. I also got more nail varnish. And make-up. And books, bringing my total of un-read books on my book shelf up to a respectable 41. I’m so happy:)



<3. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3. These were £10 from Claires (which is only 50p a pair, so it’s not too bad) and I literally love every single pair (apart from the weird pink spike and the eye. Ew) and I’ve wanted a pair of crosses for ageees. I can change my second piercing tomorrow so this is my little celebration. I’m still trying to decide if I should have my thirds or my cartilage done next. My trivial little problems;)

My new nail varnishes-


barry m 299 blue moon 17 rock hard nail effects 399 maybelline colour show 299 182 solar flare

I got the Barry M Blue Moon shade that I’ve wanted since I got Mint Green! Happy days;) these are my holiday colours, I just need to think of a funky nail art pattern to include both of them now. The bright orange one on the right is Maybelline Color (gosh people, colour has a ‘u’) Show in 182 Solar Flare (£2.99). I’ve seen quite a few magazine ads for these and I love the range of colours. Super cheap too so I think I’ll be obsessing over those for a while. On the left is Seventeen (honestly, it’s not a number anymore apparently. Well gosh) Rock Hard Nail Effects (£3.99) in Blue and Black. They’re supposed to be matte, but they actually just look like I’ve sprinkled sand on my nails and painted them black. But that’s cool, because I like it.


Not sure how well you can see on this picture, but it’s pretty cool. I always cut my nails this short when I paint my them a dark colour by the way, it just looks better;) but anyway, I saw an advert for these nail varnishes a while ago, but I wasn’t exactly in love with the finished look. I picked up these today because I liked the colours, and then I realised they were textured, but I thought I’d give it a go anyway. I really like them. Really really. Sometimes it’s nice to have perfectly neat nails, but these are kinda edgy. It’s really difficult and messy to apply to be honest, it gets everywhere and it doesn’t really look vaguely neat until the second coat is dry (takes a while) but it’s worth it. If you have a helpful person near you, get them to apply this for you, because I had some serious trouble. Normally I’m fine with painting my right hand, but what I can only assume is sand in the formula makes it difficult to apply. There’s a orange-y colour aswell, I WANT IT. 

New skincare stuff!-



That’s another tea tree/witch hazel stick (lovelovelovelovelovelovelove) because I go though one of those every month, and that’s a little book of oil-absorbing paper. Sounds weird. My face gets quite oily on my nose and forehead and my mum was talking about these a while ago, saying that she had them when she was my age, but she didn’t know what they were called or if you could still get them. So when we found these, I was like OMG I HAVE TO HAVE THEM. I haven’t tried them yet, but they seem like a really good idea. You basically wipe your face with them when it feels oily and it, ahem, absorbs oil. I think they were about £3.99.

Eye make-up-



This is a purple Bourjois eye palette for my mum and a bright blue eye pencil, for me. I know what you’re thinking. I already have two blue eye pencils. You would be right, but this one is like turquoise and it’s more like an eye shadow crayon than an eye liner pencil. It’s pretty:D



This is, without out a doubt, my favourite lip product EVER. It’s so perfect. It tints your lips, but not in the felt-tip way a lip stain does, and it doesn’t just leave a brightly coloured line around your lips. It feels like you’re wearing nothing, non sticky, feels like a lip balm for about five minutes and then you can’t even remember you’re wearing it, and it makes you look like you have a naturally amazing lip colour. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. I’m definitely going to be getting the other colours, it’s perfect.



Yes, I know, not a real foundation, but I thought I’d tell you about my very surreal experience in Boots today. Me and my mum we’re just looking at nail varnish when we were approached by a very peppy looking Clinique lady. My and my mum are both very similar in that we hate people. People scare us. We believe it is socially unnacceptable to approach strangers, so we’re both just standing there, concentrating on nail varnishes, very much hoping that peppy Clinique lady is actually looking at someone behind us. She wasn’t. She walks over to us, hands us two little jars and says ‘come and get your perfect foundation match tested! You’ll get a free five day sample!’ Until she said ‘free five day sample’ I was thinking NO PLEASE LEAVE US ALONE, WE’RE GOOD PEOPLE but the idea of free make-up over powered my people phobias. My mum was, at this point, too terrified to speak, so I was all ‘Aw, thanks, what a lovely idea, we’ll be over in a minute!’ with a fake smile that was probably terrifying. We waited about five minutes (so as to not look like we just wanted free stuff) and then walked over, were we were questioned about our skin types. It was pretty mortifying, I’m pretty sure I went bright red as soon as I said ‘I have quite red skin’ as if I needed to demonstrate. Awkward. Anyway, after about ten minutes of foundation application and several ‘you’re so pale!’ comments (thanks love-.-) we were handed our little pots (now filled with our ‘perfect’ foundation). Mum’s was a pretty good match, but the pales shade was about three shades to dark for me. Peppy Clinique Lady tried to convince me it wasn’t, while my mum stood behind her with one eyebrow raised. It was fun. Anyway, this is going on for the next few days, so if you’re not a pale freak, go and see what your perfect shade is. I think this is pretty much Clinique trying to fight back against the No7 Perfect Match Foundation thing a while ago. Also, if you buy two Clinique products you get a free make-up set, which is cool;) 

I realise that isn’t a very dramatic story, but it was pretty overwhelming for someone like me;)

And finally, I can’t do a shopping post without showing you my new books.Image

AHHHH, FANCY. And still in their plastic, classy. This is the Maze Runner series which I’ve heard mixed reviews about but I’m still exited to read, and a ‘best of paranormal YA’ set which I think is the four first-in-the-series books. I’ve been exited to read Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick for a while now, so YAY:D


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