Makeup Revolution Romantic Smoked Palette | Review & Swatches




Makeup Revolution’s Romantic Smoked Palette contains 6 shimmer shadows and 6 mattes, all of which fit into a kind of purple-brown-khaki theme. This is the palette from Makeup Revolutions line that I was the most excited about- the shades are completely different from any other eyeshadow palette I own (more on that later), and I think the quality and pigmentation of these shadows is even better than in the other Makeup Revolution Palette’s I’ve tried- Iconic 3 and Essential Mattes.


 The shimmer shades


 The matte shades


Isn’t the colour scheme pretty? I love Shade 6 (shimmery, khaki green) and both of the purples, and I’m really happy that this palette actually contains a couple of matte blending shades. As far as pigmentation goes, these shadows are definitely better than those in the Matte palette, and they’re possibly a little better than in Iconic 3, too. The shimmer shades are really lovely- a few are slightly gritty, but nothing too difficult to work with, and the matte shades are, though slightly chalky, very easy to apply and blend.

This eyeshadow palette is £4 from Superdrug and from the Makeup Revolution website, and seriously, I love it a lot- I’ve never come across anything like it (though I think I did mention a while ago that I’d love a Naked palette with green, gold and purple tones, kind similar to this) and I’m having a pretty hard time coming up with any dupes. It reminds me a teeny bit of the Laura Mercier palette from this year:


See? There are no completely matching shades, but they have the same neutral-cool toned shades with lots of purple and brown. Still, I think that if you missed the Laura Mercier palette (which is incredible, by the way), Makeup Revolutions Romantic Smoked Palette is definitely worth taking a look at.

What do you think? Have you tried this one, or any of the others?


Makeup Revolution Essential Mattes Palette | Review, Swatches & Comparison


What? An all matte palette? For £4? Yeah, this is totally what Naked Basics should have looked like, don’t you think? This palette is another gem from Makeup Revolution (a brand which I am now ever so slightly obsessed with, by the way) which I’ve been testing out for a couple of days now so I thought it was about time I wrote a little review! *Or tried to. I apologise in advance for this post, it’s kind of a mess*




I’m so happy with the colour selection! I think it would have been pretty easy for Makeup Revolution to have filled up this palette with various shades of brown, but there are actual, wearable colours here. Including purples. I have such a thing for purple eye shadows. 

The only thing I don’t love about the shades are that the first four are actually very, very similar (see swatches below), and I feel like one or two of them are only there so this can be a Naked Basics dupe- see what I mean?!


‘Foxy’ and Shade 2 are very similar in the pan, and so are ‘Naked 2’ and Shade 5- but anyway, swatches!


The first four shades are incredibly similar when they’re swatched, because, to be honest, the pigmentation isn’t great. My super pale skin definitely doesn’t help, but those four are quite built up in the picture and they’re still barely visible. The rest of the shades, however, are pretty awesome. The pigmentation is much better, and you can really see the colour intensity when they’re swatched. They are all quite chalky, but applied over a good primer they’re all really easy to apply and blend- and they last pretty well too, some of the lighter shades are only about four hours but for the more intense colours I can get at least six hours of wear out of them.

Overall, I think for a £4 palette, this is pretty incredible. I’m so happy that there’s finally a good drugstore, all-matte eyeshadow palette, and one that has a really pretty shade selection. What do you think of the swatches? Have you tried any of the Makeup Revolution palettes?

Available at Superdrug and Makeup Revolution.

Urban Decay Naked 3 vs. Makeup Revolution Iconic 3


Introducing- the first Naked 3 dupe! Isn’t it beautiful? This is ‘Iconic 3’ by Makeup Revolution (a new brand which just launched at Superdrug) and I’ve been looking forward to comparing these two since I bought it, so I’m not even going to try and write a better into.

The Naked 3 Palette- £37


‘Naked 3’ contains 12 neutral-warm toned shadows (9 shimmer, 3 matte). This palette of rosy-toned wonderfulness was only released a few months ago, and it’s been a pretty firm favourite in my collection since then. It’s incredibly easy to wear- despite some of the slightly scary looking pinks- because I find that the whole colour scheme sits quite nicely between warm and neutral and the matte shades included are much better transition shades than in previous palettes. There are fewer full-on glitter shades than in Naked 1 and 2, so that helps with the whole wearability thing. I can’t think of a skin tone or eye colour that wouldn’t suit the shades in this palette, to be honest, and the quality of the shadows are absolutely wonderful. The only thing I have against the palette is the price, but as this is my favourite of the Naked palettes I can almost not cringe about it.

The Iconic 3 Palette- £4


‘Iconic 3’ contains 12 neutral-warm shadows (9 shimmer, 3 matte). The shades in this palette are almost completely identical to Naked 3’s shadows, but for a fraction of the price. If I’m dividing correctly (probably not), then I think you get slightly less eyeshadow in this palette than in Urban Decays, but there’s only 0.3 grams in it, so that’s not a problem. Iconic 3 comes with a dual ended sponge tip applicator (surprisingly useful for applying the glitter shades) and the packaging, though a little cheap and already slightly scratched, is pretty sturdy and quite simple, so it looks a lot more expensive than it is. The quality of the shadows aren’t as good as Urban Decay’s, but honestly, for the price, they’re absolutely incredible. There are a few slightly chalky shades, and a few that need to be built up a little, but most of them have great pigmentation, are easy to blend and last at least as long as the rest of my makeup.


 There are a couple of shades in Iconic 3 that look slightly paler than Naked 3’s, but apart from that I think they’re pretty incredible copies.   I love 4, 6 and 9- they’re all amazingly close to the pigmentation of their Urban Decay counter parts.

I’m seriously impressed with Makeup Revolution. I’ll be doing a few posts about some of there other eye shadow palettes very soon, but for now, what do you think of Iconic 3?

Urban Decay Naked vs. MUA Undressed

Urban Decay Naked 2 vs. MUA Undress Me Too

Urban Decay Naked 3 Swatches, Comparison & Review

Makeup Revolution Haul

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette vs. MUA Undress Me Too Palette


 Time for part 2 of the Naked palette comparisons! There are a couple of good dupes for Naked 2, (the new Makeup Revolution one has caught my eye recently), but I think the MUA Undress Me Too Palette is the most popular one, so I thought it wold be fun to compare them.

The Naked 2 Palette- £37


 ‘Naked 2’ contains 12 cool toned shadows (9 shimmer, 3 matte). I used to use this palette almost everyday when I first started using makeup (and probably used one too many super shimmery shades, eeek) but recently I’ve kind of neglected it due to it’s lack of matte blending shades. The closest thing to a crease colour is Tease, which on my super pale skin can look kind of muddy. I honestly love all the shades in this palette- it’s one of the few completely cool palettes out there- I just wish there was a matte brown. When I want to use ‘Naked 2’ I generally have to reach for another palette as well to blend everything out which is kind of inconvenient, so I tend to forget about it. These Urban Decay shadows, as with pretty much all others, are incredible quality, long lasting and easy to use. The only downside, like I mentioned in Naked vs. Undressed, is the fact that it costs £37.

The Undress Me Too Palette- £4


 ‘Undress Me Too’ contains 12 neutral-cool shadows (9 shimmer, 3 matte). The shades in this palette are slightly less cool than in ‘Naked 2’, and the colours are slightly less intense so they’re slightly easier to wear. These shadows are pretty much exact dupes for ‘Naked 2’, and the quality of them is really incredibly. Most of the shadows are as pigmented as Urban Decays, they’re very easy to blend and on me, with a primer, they last just as long as other eyeshadows.


 These are pretty much identical in colour, I think, and the only differences are that some of the Urban Decay shades are slightly more pigmented. Honestly though, I think that most of Urban Decay’s shimmers are more like pressed glitters rather than eyeshadows, so I don’t really expect a £4 palette to live up to that.

What do you think? Do you have either of these, or both? Let me know which you prefer the look of!

Urban Decay Naked Palette vs. MUA Undressed Palette


There have been dozens of copies of the Naked palette created since it’s release, and none of them ever really appealed to me until I came across MUA’s Undressed Palette in Superdrug. These shades look almost identical, and I thought it would be interesting to do a little comparison- mainly because of the rather insane price difference between the two. I’m planning a post like this for the other Naked palettes too, so let me know if you have any good dupes!

The Naked Palette- £37


‘Naked’ contains twelve very warm toned shadows (10 shimmer, 2 matte). I’ve had this palette for almost a year now, and though I don’t reach for it often (purely because I find warm colours and lots of shimmer a little difficult to work with) it’s still one of my favourites. The quality of these eyeshadows- pigmentation, the colour payoff, the lasting power, you name it- is incredible. Urban Decay is definitely my favourite brand for shadows (closely followed by Too Faced, if you’re wondering) and the only thing I don’t love about them is the price. This palette used to be £36, which is painful enough, but then it was raised to £37 upon the release of Naked 3. I know, I know, it’s £1, but I still think that’s kind of ridiculous. Stop it, Urban Decay, you don’t need to keep raising your prices. Just stop it.

The Undressed Palette- £4


‘Undressed’ contains twelve neutral-warm toned shadows (9 shimmer, 3 matte). I bought this purely out of curiosity, and I’m so glad I did because it’s awesome. Though the colours are almost exact dupes for Urban Decay’s, but they lean a lot more neutral and I personally find them a lot easier to wear. ‘Undressed’ even has that one extra matte shade- the copy of UD ‘Virgin’, a satin/ shimmer, which in the MUA palette is just named ‘1’, and is more of a matte/shimmer. Just that one extra matte shade makes a huge difference to the palette, I think, because it’s a nice all-over-lid shade for pale skin and a highlighter that isn’t too frosty on darker skin tones. Obviously, the quality of these eyeshadows isn’t as fantastic as Urban Decay. They’re a lot sheerer and often need building up, but that also means that they need less blending and you won’t be left with any harsh lines (always a risk with Urban Decays dark, super pigmented shadows). I don’t have any issues with the wear time of these, either. They seem to last as well as any other shadows, but I always use a primer and I rarely wear makeup for more than six hours, so I can’t really say for sure which would last longer.


Some of these shades are crazy similar! I think the only slight differences I can see between these two palettes are that ‘Undressed’ is more neutral than ‘Naked’, and that the shadows in the ‘Naked’ palette (particularly the shimmery ones) are much more pigmented and have a slightly more true-to-the-colour-in-the-pan colour payoff.

What do you think of this comparison? Are you tempted to buy either of these palettes, or have you already tried them?

Top 10 Under £10


And, once again, I have failed to narrow it down to the number in the title.

Soap&Glory Eyeshadow Quad in ‘What’s Nude?’- £10review– this quad is simply beautiful, definitely a favourite and one that I reach for pretty much everyday- mainly because ‘Mudhoney’ is a great brow colour for me.

Sleek Blush By Three in ‘Lace’- £9.99– you can read my far-too-rambly review of this here, if you’d like, because this is honestly the best blush formulation I’ve ever tried. The colours are so beautiful, and you can really customise the intensity of them with different application methods.

Sleek Eyeshadow Palette in ‘Vintage Romance’- £7.99– another one that has it’s own post dedicated to it (with swatches!)- this palette is stunning, and the horribly over exposed picture above (sorry!) really doesn’t do those purple shades justice.

Revlon Lip Butter in ‘Wild Watermelon’- £7.99– I could honestly have put any one of the lip butters in this post. They’re all incredible, and you can take a look at my collection swatches here. Wild Watermelon is one of my ultimate favourites, though, because it’s a really cool toned red that can be applied quite sheer making it wonderfully easy to wear.

Soap&Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in ‘Nudist’- £8review– I love the finish of the Soap&Glory lip crayons. They’re much more like a gloss than others I’ve tried, they smell like vanilla, and this colour is a pretty-but-natural shade that actually (surprisingly) works with my skin tone.

Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon in ‘Red Sunrise’- £7.99review– super glossy, incredibly lightweight and available in some really gorgeous colours. I love these so much! This shade especially is really gorgeous, it’s kind of a cool toned pink-red.

Rimmel Colour Rush Balm in ‘Keep Mauving’- £7.99review this shade is just really pretty. It’s kind of plum toned but still very natural, and it’s one I reach for quite often. Smells like vanilla, too! Anyone else see a theme, here?

Topshop Lips in ‘Hazard’- £8–  the only Topshop lipstick I own, actually, for whatever reason. This lipstick creates the most beautiful berry red stain ever. Do you have a favourite Topshop lipstick? I really want to try some other colours.

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer- £5.99– mattifying but not drying, shine reducing but not dull-looking. This is wonderful for everyday wear because it doesn’t feel too silicone based, and it makes whatever makeup I wear on top of it last a lot longer.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in ‘010 Porcelain’- £6.99– my favourite foundation ever. Can I say that? I think I can, because this foundation is what I reach for when I don’t want to have to think about what makeup I’m wearing. The coverage of this can go from light to somewhere in between medium and full, and it leaves a really beautiful satin finish. And it’s actually pale enough for me.

L’Oreal Nude Magique Eau de Teint Foundation in ‘100 Porcelain’- £9.99– this is showing up much darker on camera than it is in person, sorry about that. I rambled about this foundation in my last post, in case you’re interested in a brief description of it’s wonderfulness. This foundation isso incredibly different to anything else I’ve been using it pretty much non stop since I bought it.

What are your under £10 favourites? Or, more specifically, your between-£5-and-£10 favourites, though that really doesn’t have the same ring to it. There are so many I had to cut out of the final post, so if you like this kind of thing I might do another Under £10 post (and this time I might be able to include makeup brushes and nail polish, too…).

Top 5 Under £5

*I wish I’d thought of something creatively April-fools-y for todays post. Damn*

Currently Loving #3

No- Makeup Makeup

Real Techniques Blush Brush £9.99

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush £9.99

Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush (part of the Starter Set) £21.99

L’Oreal Nude Magique Eau de Teint Foundation in Porcelain £9.99

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair £4.19

Bourjois Happy Light Primer in Matte £10.99

Revlon Lip Butter in Macaroon £7.99

MAC Lipstick in Syrup £15

Bourjois Java Rice Powder £9.99

Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder £6.99

Urban Decay Naked Basics £20

I’ve been wearing very natural looking makeup at the moment- so not the most exciting of posts but I have been loving all of the products I’ve been using. A lot of these are new (which you might remember from one of my more recent haul posts?) and I’ve been using them pretty much every single day since I bought them. *I’ll be updating my favourites soon for a more Spring-esque look, so if pastel colours are your thing then stick around for my next ‘Currently Loving’ post.*

I’ve been starting out with the Bourjois Happy Light Matte Primer, which is lovely because it’s not too intense but it keeps most of my natural oiliness at bay. I’ve then been buffing on some Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer with the Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush on just the areas where I tend to have redness and spots- using this brush with the Collection concealer gives a really natural looking but full coverage finish, which makes a perfect base for the L’Oreal Nude Magique Eau de Teint Foundation. This foundation is very light coverage but it’s so easy to build, and it literally will not go cakey. When this was first released I was adamant that I didn’t want it, but now I’ve tried it it’s definitely one of my favourite foundations. It feels like a very light powder on the skin, but looks like absolutely nothing while still giving me a little bit of coverage. I’ve even looked at this in natural sunlight with one of those horribly unflattering magnifying mirrors and it’s honestly invisible. My only problem with this is that it’s ever so slightly too dark, but I can get away with it because I normally only use one or two drops. I blend this foundation in with my fingertips, but I like to just double check that everything is blended with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. 

At this point in the makeup application, everything looks a little bit too matte, so I’ve been using just a teeny, tiny bit of the Bourjois Java Rice Powder on the high points of my face. It leaves a really pretty, natural looking sheen- nothing too sparkly. Next, I’ve been using the Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder very lightly around the outside of my face with a Real Techniques Blush Brush, just to put a little bit of colour back in my face after using the high coverage concealer. I love this blush for bronzer, you can read all about that here, if you want.

For eyes, I have literally just been dabbing W.O.S from the Urban Decay Naked Basics (review) palette all over my eyelid to hide the redness or veins, and then I’ve been using Venus to highlight my brow bone and inner corner. Very lazy, but it just makes everything look that teeny bit more perfected. For my lips, I either use MAC Syrup which is a beautiful, neutral plum colour or a Revlon Lip Butter (reviewin Macaroon. Both are really pretty natural colours, which just give a little bit more than most my-lips-but-better shades.

What do you use for no-makeup makeup looks?

Currently Loving

Currently Loving #2

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette | Review & Swatches

Just give me a minute to compose myself.

This palette is honestly the most beautiful thing I’ve bought this year. I mean, it’s only March, but holy crap, this is literally a combination of two of my favourite things (eyeshadow palettes and chocolate, how empty does my life sound?) and just look how stunning it is.



Even the box that this palette comes in is ridiculously beautiful.


The back of the box shows little pictures and the names of the eyeshadow shades- I love it when they do that.



The palette (which looks like a chocolate bar, obviously, but more on that in a minute) comes packaged in the lovely pink box and with a little eyeshadow-inspiration booklet. It’s actually quite helpful, I’m not sure I’d follow it word for word but their colour combination suggestions are lovely.


 What do you think? I’m particularly in love with the ‘Haute Chocolate’ look, with the tulip effect and everything. Might have to try that one out at some point.



Best. Packaging. Ever. It has a metallic clasp and it’s made of tin, so it feels pretty sturdy but I’m not sure it’s the kind of palette I’d want to throw in my handbag. I’m a little worried about getting scratches on it to be honest, it’s not the most durable material. But hey, it looks like a chocolate bar, so I can deal with wanting to wrap it in bubble wrap every time I put it in my makeup cabinet.









The colours are so beautiful, don’t you think? And the names, argh! So perfect! And have I mentioned that these eyeshadows are made from ‘antioxidant rich cocoa powder’, so the whole palette smells like chocolate?



Gilded Ganache- Shimmer. Dark khaki toned (pan only, swatches less green) brown with gold shimmer.

White Chocolate- Matte. Muted, creamy pale yellow.

Milk Chocolate- Matte. Medium neutral brown.

Black Forest Truffle- Shimmer. Dark brown with purple/ red tones and gold shimmer.

Triple Fudge- Matte. Dark neutral brown.

Salted Caramel- Matte. Peachy, orange-brown.

Marzipan- Shimmer. Pale, peachy gold.

Semi-Sweet- Matte. Medium brown with red tones.

Strawberry Bon Bon- Matte. Pale bubblegum pink.

Candied Violet- Shimmer. Lavender with pink shimmer.

Amaretto- Shimmer. Medium burgundy with fine gold shimmer.

Hazelnut- Shimmer. Medium cool brown with fine gold shimmer.

Creme Brûlée- Shimmer. Medium Gold. *My apologies for the pretentious autocorrect on ‘Brûlée’. Brûlée. Brûlée. GOD.

Haute Chocolate- Shimmer. Cool dark brown with fine gold shimmer.

Cherry Cordial- Matte. Burgundy.

Champagne Truffle- Shimmer. Palest pale pink ever, closer to off white.

 I think that most of these eyeshadows are pretty damn close to perfect. There are a few (Triple Fudge, Candied Violet and Cherry Cordial) which were a little bit dry and powdery and could be a lot better quality, but apart from that I love the pigmentation, the lasting-power and how wonderfully blend able these shadows are. I also wish that Gilded Ganache and White Chocolate would swap places in the palette so that the bigger highlight shades (so clever!) would be at either corner. But that is just me being a little bit OCD about it.

Another thing I love about this palette is that most of the shades are pretty much impossible to dupe (not including possible MAC dupes). I’ve actually got a page long list of notes in front of me with the closest colour comparisons I can think of, but to be honest I don’t think any of them are close enough for me to even bother typing. Let me know in the comments if you want to know what eyeshadows are similar!

You can buy the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette at Beauty Bay for £40.50 and at Debenhams for £39.50, both reduced from £45. I have to be honest, I think this the only time I have every seriously considered buying a ‘spare’ eyeshadow palette. This is my new ultimate favourite- it’s not to warm toned or too cool toned, there are a couple of lovely transitional matte shades, some wearable colours, some neutrals, beautiful highlight shades, it smells like chocolate… It’s stunning, and I’m a little bit obsessed.

Have you tried this, or are you planning on trying it?

Too Faced Natural Eye Palette Review

Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood Palette

Alright. I don’t know if I can do this. Before I really start writing, take a look at some beautiful pictures of this very aesthetically pleasing eyeshadow palette.





I have to start out by saying that I love these colours. The whole shade selection is exactly the sort of thing I would wear, and the name ‘Old Hollywood’ fits so perfectly because this whole palette just looks so goddamn glamourous. 

Then there are the swatches.


Colours? Still gorgeous. But these shadows are sheer. I’m talking, built-up-five-layers-of-swatching-on-my-super-pale-skin, sheer. The pigmentation is awful, they’re chalky, they don’t blend, and 1/3 of the eyeshadow palette is almost invisible.

I then decided to swatch them wet, to see if that made any difference-


And they look okay. This, again, is reaaally built up. The matte shades didn’t even want to try to cooperate with the water (I may have ruined Ivory) but at least you can see the actual colour of the shimmery ones now.

I don’t really know what else to say *exceptthatthispalettewas£59ahem*, because I am so, so disappointed. I expect better quality from drugstore eyeshadows than I got from this, and I actually genuinely can’t believe that they can even get away with selling this. Was it tested?! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love Bobbi Brown. It’s definitely one of my all time favourite brands, but I don’t think I’ll be rushing to try out any more of their eyeshadows soon.

Have any of you been able to make this work? Just so you know, I won’t be doing ‘negative reviews’ very often at all. I was actually really hesitant to publish this one, but since this palette is so very expensive and it just came back into stock on Bobbi Brown’s website, I thought somebody might benefit from reading it.

*I have a gallery of eyeshadow swatches at if you’re looking for your perfect eyeshadow palette!:) *

Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette

I wasn’t actually going to do this post, but I just found that Urban Decay’s Vice 2 palette is still available to buy (and it’s discounted!) at for £33.60.

This palette contains twenty new and exclusive shades, ranging from everyday neutrals to vivid jewel tones- it’s quite a pretty selection of colours which I think will look particularly beautiful if you have brown eyes.

Most of the shadows are shimmery (of course) but there are three satin/ matte shades and three which look like they are borderline full-on glitter which, for Urban Decay, is really quite varied.

Also, the packaging is totally perfect. That obviously has absolutely nothing to do with why this palette was on my Christmas wish list, though. Nothing at all.





Smokeout, Lovesick, Shellshock, Coax, X-Rated, Prank, Madness, Strike, Stash, Poison


Radar, Damaged, Voodoo, Betrayal, Derailed, Dope, Toxic, Habit, Ambush, Rewind

Smokeout- slightly shimmery black. It looks a little bit like it has a plummy-red tone to it in the pan and in the swatch, but on the eyes that’s almost completely undetectable. The formula’s pretty good, it could be a little more buttery but it’s definitely good enough.

Lovesick- this is actually the worst UD eyeshadow I have ever tried. In the pan, it looks black with silver sparkles but when it’s swatched it barely looks grey. I’m not entirely sure what UD are doing wrong with their very dark black-variation shadows, but even their best ones (Blackheart and Crave, I think) aren’t as good as the rest of their eyeshadows.

Shellshock- in comparison, this pretty, pure silver is crazy pigmented without too much fall-out. I’m not sure exactly when I’ll be able to get away with wearing it, but I can’t wait too because it’s sososo pretty.

Coax- lovely, slightly purple toned shimmery pink. The formula is great- blend able, buttery and still slightly powdery, which is exactly how I like my eyeshadows.

X-Rated- baby pink with a satin/ matte finish. Not the most wearable, but it’s a seriously cute colour. Maybe with loads of black liner and a matching pink lipstick?

Prank- darkish greenish blue (what) which is slightly shimmery but not as pretty as I was hoping it would be. It’s nice enough, but the formula is just a teeny bit too powdery. This would probably look stunning as a crease/ outer-v colour if you have brown eyes, though. 

Madness- bright, shimmery blue. This is probably one of my all time favourite colours (not for eyeshadow, just in general) and I seriously need to work out how to wear it. The formula’s good- again, it’s ever so slightly too powdery but I can deal with that.

Strike- shimmery yellow gold which is absolutely beautiful. I’m tempted to say I’d wear this all over the lid with a matte brown crease colour- it’s beautiful! Lovely pigmentation and formula.

Stash- this is a strange one, because in the pan the colour is absolutely awesome- it’s like a shimmery, khaki green. But then when it’s swatches, it turns into this muddy looking, slightly greenish shimmery brown which is not so pretty and actually far too similar to my eye colour for me to really wear. On the bright side, the pigmentation and formula is great.

Poison- green toned black. Not the best colour, not the best formula, not too impressed. 

Radar- the quality of this eyeshadow is amazing. The swatch looks incredible and the colour’s a pretty, shimmery, slightly reddish bronze. Love.

Damaged- another one with amazing formula, only this time I actually reallyreally love this colour. It’s a definite emerald green, it’s kind of sparkly and it’s very beautiful.

Voodoo- this one is a lovely grey/ purple/ blue mix with pale blue shimmer. It does lean a little bit more grey in the swatch than it looks in the pan, which is kind of a shame but at least that means it’s easier to wear. The formula is slightly too powdery but it’s good enough.

Betrayal- this is the most beautiful eyeshadow shade ever. It’s lilac with iridescent blue shimmer, and I think it looks exactly like Elsa’s eyeshadow shade in the first half of Frozen. I’m so sorry if that reference means absolutely nothing to you.

Derailed- shimmery, taupe-y brown. Awesome pigmentation, great formula and a really pretty crease colour.

Dope- light peachy pink with a satin/ matte finish. This one’s lovely quality and super pretty for all over the lid.

Toxic- I love this colour so much, it reminds me of a really intense version of Chopper. It’s a really vibrant, shimmery coral pink with little gold flecks. Great pigmentation and formula. 

Habit- nothing too special about this one, but it is a nice yellow/ peach all-over-lid shade. 

Ambush- dark, shimmery bronze. Great quality but not quite as blend able as I’d like.

Rewind- cool toned, medium matte brown. It’s only slightly different to Faint from Naked Basics, but somehow the quality is so much worse. It’s pigmented, but it’s kind of streaky and patchy and doesn’t blend well, and it almost sheers out to look a tiny bit red? I’m a little bit confused. 

This palette is limited edition and won’t be available for much longer, so if you like the look of these shades, I’d buy them asap. This review has been pretty critical but I really do think this palette is worthwhile, some of the colours are so pretty! I kind of wish they’d spent a little more time on a colour scheme, though, it all feels a little mix-and-match.

What do you think? Do you have a favourite shade?


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