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I’m not sure how many of you are completely obsessed with Lush, and how many of you freak out when something new is released, but I am definitely one of those people, so when I saw that Rose Jam (one of my very favourite Bubble Bars ever) had been made into a shower gel, I absolutely had to have it. I think it’s been re-released actually, but oh well.


“Lather this sweet scented shower gel onto your skin. With lemon to bring clarity and rose to lift the spirits.”


“For a fruity lather with a floral fragrance. With Turkish rose absolute, geranium oil and a hint of lemon, this delicious bouquet will keep you smelling of roses.”

I’ve never really been crazy about Lush shower gels, having only ever used Snow Fairy and Flying Fox. I always found the bottles really annoying and the scents never blew me away. But this shiny new one seems completely different and it smells so, so good. It’s a slightly grown up raspberry jam scent, which is only slightly floral. The scent lasts forever on your skin too- which is a first for Lush shower gels, I think..?  And I love the colour. I’m normally not a fan of pink, but this shade gorgeous. I just had to mention that. 

The main, natural ingredients in this are: Water, Vanilla Pod Infusion, Cypress Leaf Infusion, Goji Berry Juice, Argan Oil, Organic Rose Absolute, Rose Oil, Egyptian Geranium Oil and Lemon Oil. So, basically, it’s fruity and floral and yummy:) Also, I’ve used Lush Shower Gels to wash my hair before and they work really well, but this contains argan oil so it’s particularly awesome for your hair. 

Rose Jam Shower Gel is limited edition, so go and buy a bottle now. Like, right this second. My 100ml bottle which I bought about two weeks ago is almost completely gone, so I’m going to have to pick up at least one 500ml bottle- and maybe put five or six on my Christmas list. That’s just reminded me about all the beautiful Halloween/ Christmas stuff Lush have just released that I need to get my hands on. SO MUCH TO BE OBSESSED WITH AT THIS TIME OF YEAR ARGHH

Thanks for reading:) and sorry about the lack of posts recently, but I’ve got a couple of things to talk about really soon!:)


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